This article is about the sword. For the cinematic of the same name, see N [60] The First Move.

Kingsmourne in Anduin's grasp.

Kingsmourne[1] is a mourneblade wielded by Anduin Wrynn. It was forged from his father's legendary sword Shalamayne.[2]


The Jailer had Kingsmourne created from Shalamayne[2] by his Mawsworn shortly after the defeat of Sire Denathrius. It was engraved with Domination runes, and the Jailer inserted a blue crystal of unknown origin into the weapon as it neared completion.[3] Far away in Oribos, Bolvar Fordragon sensed the creation of the blade in the form of visions of a terrible darkness rising within Torghast.[4] The Jailer told his ally Sylvanas that they had to take a more direct approach with forging Anduin into their next weapon, and Sylvanas subsequently revealed the mourneblade to Anduin after telling him that he had the choice between joining her and the Jailer willingly or being made to serve. Anduin was not fazed, and told Sylvanas to make her choice.[3]

Ultimately, Anduin was enslaved by the Jailer and was sent to Elysian Hold in Bastion with Kingsmourne disguised as Shalamayne. After he was revealed to be under the Jailer's control, Anduin plunged Kingsmourne into the ground to create a shockwave that stunned the nearby Paragons before using the blade to stab the Archon herself and extract her sigil, the second of five needed by the Jailer.[5] After the Battle of Ardenweald, he used Kingsmourne to absorb the Winter Queen's sigil from the Heart of the Forest.[6] During the battle between the Jailer and the Primus in the Runecarver's Oubliette, Anduin used the mourneblade to extract the Primus' sigil from his body and—rather than absorb it into the sword like the previous two—launch it toward the Jailer to allow him to absorb it directly.[7]


  • Before its actual name was revealed, some fans jokingly referred to Kingsmourne as "Shalamourne" (a portmanteau of "Shalamayne" and "Frostmourne"). In their publicized work, Blizzard artists refer to it as simply "Shalamayne".[8][9][10]



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