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Kingsmourne in Sylvanas' hands.

Kingsmourne[1] is a mourneblade forged in the fires of Torghast[2] and wielded by Anduin Wrynn. The blade looks like Shalamayne, but it's unclear if it was actually made from Shalamayne or if it is a separate sword.


Kingsmourne was completed by a Mawsworn forgemaster under the supervision of the Jailer shortly after the defeat of Sire Denathrius. Its crafting involved a blue crystal of unknown origin.[2] Far away in Oribos, Bolvar Fordragon sensed the creation of the blade in the form of visions of a terrible darkness rising within Torghast.[3] The Jailer told his ally Sylvanas that they had to take a more direct approach with forging Anduin into their next weapon, and Sylvanas subsequently revealed the mourneblade to Anduin after telling him that he had the choice between joining her and the Jailer willingly or being made to serve. Anduin was not fazed, replied that Sylvanas held all the power and told her to make her choice.[2] Ultimately, Anduin was enslaved by the Jailer and was sent to Elysian Hold in Bastion with Kingsmourne disguised as Shalamayne. After he was revealed to be under the Jailer's control, Anduin plunged Kingsmourne into the ground to create a shockwave that stunned the nearby Paragons before using the blade to stab the Archon herself and extract one of the keys desired by the Jailer.[4]


"Kingsmourne" is also the name of the cinematic where the events above play out:

The cinematic starts by recapping the "Sylvanas' Choice" cinematic: Somewhere inside Torghast, Anduin stares down Sylvanas from inside his runescribed prison.
Anduin Wrynn: Look around you!
The camera flashes back to the Mawsworn blacksmith forging the weapon under the direction of the Jailer with Sylvanas looking on.
Anduin Wrynn: What makes you believe you're not just a weapon to achieve his ends?
Sylvanas Windrunner: Enough!
At her temper's end, Sylvanas yells to interrupt Anduin, revealing her weapon as Kingsmourne, and draws it on him.
Sylvanas Windrunner: Join our cause... or be made to serve.
Anduin Wrynn: Right now, you hold all the power. Make your choice... Sylvanas Windrunner.
An establishing shot of the exterior of Elysian Hold, as Thenios gives a status report:
Thenios: Despite all our efforts, the Maw continues to grow.
Inside the Sanctum of Binding, Kyrestia the Firstborne is holding court with her four remaining paragons.
Thenios: What if Denathrius's treachery is irreparable? The Primus is lost, and Bastion cannot save the Shadowlands alone.
Archon: None of this should have happened.
Thenios: Perhaps the Winter Queen could...
Thenios is interrupted by the sound of wings flapping as Kleia lands with a kneel, before getting to her feet.
Kleia: My Archon... a living soul seeks an audience.
Archon: A mortal?
Kleia: A king.
Up at the Eternal Watch, Anduin Wrynn walks north, as Uther is escorted the other direction.
Kleia: By all our measures... one who has spent his life striving for justive.
Uther looks at Anduin, involuntarily stopping in his tracks.
Kleia: One who would give anything to serve his people.
Uther reaches to the wound on his chest before the guard coming up from behind shoves him forward.
Kleia: One whose heart... is true.
Archon: Very well. He may approach.
Anduin climbs the stairs to Archon's Rise, where the court awaits.
Archon: Step forward. My Ascended have spoken of you. The king held captive in the Maw.
Anduin speaks with restrained rage.
Anduin: That prison could not hold me forever.
Archon: Why have you come to Bastion?
Anduin: You have a key that I need.
Realizing, the Archon bares her teeth and draws her spear.
Archon: You... will release this soul from your grasp!
Anduin's voice begins to change...
Anduin: No.
The four paragons also draw their weapons on Anduin.
Anduin/Jailer: He is bound to me... just as you once sought to bind your own brother!
Anduin summons Kingsmourne, tip down, and smashes it into the ground. The shockwave knocks back the paragons, binding them with chains. The statue behind the Archon shatters, as she shields her face with her left hand, before recovering. A look of shock crosses her face as Anduin, now looking very much like Arthas Menethil in Lich King form — with silver hair and glowing blue eyes — leaps out of the black smoke at her. Mid-jump, his armor changes color from his traditional gold to the blue-and-grey of the Mawsworn. Unable to block the strike, Anduin runs the Archon through with Kingsmourne. On her back, the sword draws the crest of her power from the Archon. Anduin's eye glow fades for a moment as he seems to recover control of his mind, horrified at his actions, but the runes of his armor light up, reinforcing the Jailer's will. He pulls out the sword, looks up at what's left of the statue, and turns to walk away.
In the Maw, the camera looks up at Torghast, as the Jailer speaks off-screen.
The Jailer: The vessel performed its part flawlessly.
On a platform outside Torghast, Anduin walks up to the Jailer, with Sylvanas looking on. He presents the sword to the Jailer, revealing the sigil of the kyrian.
The Jailer: Three keys remain.
Sylvanas stares at Anduin, an inscrutable look on her face, before breaking and looking up at the Jailer.
The Jailer: Then they will see... Death was never meant to be chained.
The camera tilts up, following two large chains embedded into a large landmass floating above: Korthia.


  • Some Blizzard cinematic artists use "Shalamayne" interchangeably with Kingsmourne.[5][6][7]
  • Before its actual name was revealed, some fans jokingly referred to Kingsmourne as "Shalamourne".



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