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For the other Kinndy, see Kinndy Brightsocket.
NeutralKinndy Sparkshine
Image of Kinndy Sparkshine
Gender Female
Race Gnome (Uncategorized)
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor, Magocracy of Dalaran
Occupation Mage
Location Theramore Isle
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Windle, Jaxi (parents)
Mentor(s) Jaina Proudmoore
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Kinndy Sparkshine was Jaina Proudmoore's teenaged gnome apprentice. She had bright pink hair that she binded up in ponytails. She was almost always unintentionally perky, even for a gnome, but didn't like that it caused others to not take her seriously.[1]


Jaina was asked to take on Kinndy as an apprentice by Rhonin, who described her as "extremely promising, intelligent, and fiercely curious about the world." Although she was merely the tender age of 22, no more then a teenager for her kind, she quickly proved to be an excellent apprentice; the only area in which her talent seemed lacking was in conjuring baked goods. This frustrated Kinndy to no end, as baking was her mother's specialty.

When Kalecgos arrived in Theramore with news that the Focusing Iris had been stolen, Kinndy at first, used her harsh tongue at him, but later she was eager to help him figure out how the thieves had hidden it from the blue dragonflight. She made several trips to Dalaran to procure tomes and scrolls, and fervently poured through them for an answer. Jaina ordered Kinndy and Tervosh to inform inhabitants of Theramore about the Horde army massing nearby. Later on, it was Kinndy's idea to have Jaina asked Kirin Tor for help. Kinndy was also one of the first people to notice the attraction that was growing between Jaina and Kalec and excused herself so that they would be alone together, implying her tacit approval.

When Garrosh Hellscream attacked Theramore Isle, Kinndy helped to magically enhance the western gate alongside Thoder Windermere, and successfully prevented the Horde from breaching it. After the battle, she was emotionally drained and exhausted.

She was killed when Garrosh Hellscream destroyed the city with a mana bomb, her corpse bombarded with so much magic that she disintegrated into a pile of violet sand when Jaina touched her body. It was this moment, losing someone so bright, young and full of promise, that made Jaina snap.

After her death, her father was given special permission to light the lanterns of Dalaran with dancing, laughing images of Kinndy.[1] In the World of Warcraft: Legion version of Dalaran, an image of Kinndy appears above the lanterns when her father turns on the lights every evening.

A vision of Kinndy could also be seen amongst other people Jaina had lost in the past during her exile in Thros.[2]



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