NeutralKira Iresoul
Image of Kira Iresoul
Title <Council of the Black Harvest>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Class Warlock
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Council of the Black Harvest, Argus Wake
Occupation Champion of the Black Harvest
Location Various
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Ritssyn Flamescowl (former)

Kira Iresoul is a human warlock member of the Council of the Black Harvest. Having infiltrated the Argus Wake, she was apprentice to Ritssyn Flamescowl, who later left her to lead a council that admonished her way of doing things. She blames herself for having followed blindly once before, and for trusting her mentor to look out for her best interests. She has been resenting Ritssyn ever since.[1]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Needing to take down Hakkar the Houndmaster, Emmarel Shadewarden sent the Huntmaster of the Unseen Path to Kira for information on new felhounds that Hakkar was breeding, which would be particularly dangerous to mages and the Kirin Tor.[2]

Requiring a live subject to examine, she sent out the Huntmaster to retrieve some bait. This would trick one of Hakkar's new fledgling felhounds at Felbeast Dens on Faronaar into attacking, and the hunter weakened it enough to capture it in a cage that Kira provided.[3] On inspection, Kira discovered that in addition to their natural immunity to magic, the felhound had an armor-like hide consisting of thick, layered scales, and doubted that most metals would be able to pierce it. Other than equipping the entire Unseen Path with artifacts, she suggested fighting back with something that will exploit their weakness.[4]

When the First of the Black Harvest came to her for her knowledge of demonic gateways, she refused to help freely. She claimed that her currency is power and knowledge, and only with either would it be possible to come to an arrangement.[5]

To gain her trust, the First accepted to retrieve something of personal value to her that had been stolen by the naga, who have been snatching anything with any sort of magical significance. Fortunately, they did not know how to access the power of her Bloodstone.[6] Bloodstones contain a great deal of power that can only be awakened once they are fed. Yet this stone did not feast on fish and cakes, it hungered for blood: the more powerful, the better. Kira needed the First to nourish her stone with the blood of the demons of Felblaze Ingress, so that she may unlock its power.[7]

The Bloodstone sated, Kira wished to use its power to bend the will of demons that would otherwise not be so easily controlled. Having never witnessed the direct effect of the Bloodstone's power on a demon before, she asked the First to use it on suitable test subjects, a few imps that she had procured. The test failed, the subjects died during the testing process. Nonetheless, the First had held up their end of the bargain, so Kira decided it was time for her to fulfill hers.[8]

Kira made her way to Dreadscar Rift to aid the Council of the Black Harvest with their summoning of a powerful gateway to the Legion world of Niskara. She did not lay eyes on Ritssyn, Kira was there to repay her debt to the First, not to speak to "the hypocrite who chose the Council over his friends".[9]

Kira led the ritual of the gateway's summoning, during which Ritssyn acknowledged that her power had grown since the last time they met.[10]

With the Council restored, Kira claimed that she would never be a follower again. Instead, she chose to stand beside the the Netherlord, who she commends for doing right by their fellow warlocks, contrary to those who chose the pursuit of power over the needs of others, to which Ritssyn replies that it was never a choice for him.[11]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Azsuna 102 - 110 4,662,931
N Hunter [45] The Nature of the Beast 110 8,314,140
N Warlock [10-45] A Daring Rescue 102 - 110 4,894,101
Dreadscar Rift 110 8,989,249


Objective of


  • Your commitment to rebuilding the council is commendable. You could have left Shinfel to die and found a replacement, but you look out for your own. I followed blindly once before, trusting my mentor to look out for my best interests. Instead, he left me to lead a council that admonished my way of doing things. For this, I will never be a follower. Instead, I choose to stand beside you. My power is yours to use as you see fit, if you wish to use it.[12]
The Greenway, Azsuna

Imps aren't ideal test subjects. They're easy enough to summon, but often too fragile for my experiments.


  • She was called Kira Iresong during early Legion alpha before being changed to Kira Iresoul.[13]

Patch changes


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