For the Classic boss fight in Scholomance, see Kirtonos the Herald (tactics).
NeutralKirtonos the Herald
Image of Kirtonos the Herald
Gender Male
Race Gargoyle (Undead)
Level 15-30 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Herald
Location Gahrron's Withering, Western Plaguelands
Status Active

Kirtonos the Herald is an undead who can transform into a gargoyle. One a boss in Scholomance, he can now be seen flying in gargoyle form above Gahrron's Withering in the Western Plaguelands. He cannot attack or be attacked.


On the way to the Stratholme Live side, after clearing the gate trap, you will see a sign in front of you at the fork in the road. This sign reads Kirtonos Bros. Funeral Home. It is speculated that Kirtonos once lived in Stratholme before the war.

How or if this is connected to his vampirism is unclear. Although, if he has always been a gargoyle, it probably is not connected to him. It is possible however that, being a funeral parlor, Kirtonos fed on the blood of the deceased, as his business dealt with them.


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Given his title, and the person who founded Scholomance, Kirtonos was probably the herald of Kel'Thuzad.

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