Kirtonos the Herald (quest)

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For the vanilla version, see N [60D] Kirtonos the Herald.
NeutralKirtonos the Herald
Start Eva Sarkhoff
End Eva Sarkhoff
Level 43 (Requires 40)
Type Dungeon
Category Scholomance
Experience 4500
Rewards 2g 40s


Destroy Kirtonos.


With blood, Kirtonos may be summoned. It is with blood, then, that Kirtonos must be destroyed.

Within the Chamber of Summoning, you will find a brazier, upon which you shall place a drop of your own blood. Kirtonos will come - he cannot resist. When he appears, unleash the fury and wrath of a thousand innocent deaths upon him.

Should you succeed, you will earn more than just our gratitude.


You will receive: 2g 40s


Be wary, Kirtonos is a seasoned fighter.


With the death of Kirtonos, a chapter in the horrible tale of Scholomance comes to a close. You have my deepest, everlasting gratitude for your bravery.


  • The Brazier of the Herald is located on the porch just off of the Chamber of Summoning. Right-click the brazier, and Kirtonos will fly in.
When summoned
Kirtonos the Herald lets out a shrill cry.

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