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Gender Female
Race Blue dragon (Dragonkin)
Level 70 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Blue dragonflight
Location Dawn's Blossom, Jade Forest
Status Alive
Relative(s) Malygos (father), Saragosa (mother), Arygos (brother), Umbrelskul (half-brother), Balacgos (brother or half-brother), Jarygos (mate)

Kirygosa or just Kiry is the daughter of Malygos and Saragosa, and the sister of Arygos. Surviving the Nexus War, she was kidnapped by the Twilight Father, but managed to escape on her own. She then decided to live in peace in the Jade Forest on Pandaria.


Her clutch was rescued by Korialstrasz after Malygos had gone mad during the War of the Ancients and delivered to Nozdormu and later to the red dragonflight.

Twilight of the Aspects[]

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Twilight of the Aspects - Kirygosa

In Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects.

During the Nexus War, she opposed her brother Arygos and Malygos and sided with those who opposed the Blue Aspect's war. Shortly before the war ended, her mate Jarygos was killed and Kirygosa went missing, believing she fell in a battle.

In fact, Kirygosa was kidnapped by the Twilight's Hammer shortly before she was to lay her first clutch of eggs. The cult experimented on her unhatched children, continuing Nefarian's research into the chromatic dragonflight. The Twilight Father forced her to witness the attack on Wyrmrest Temple and was held captive there. She was planned to be forced to mate with Chromatus, the five-headed dragon deciding that the child of an Aspect would be strong enough to bear living chromatic offspring. Before this happened, however, she was able to escape and returned back to her flight and told everything she learned about the cult as well as of the betrayal of Arygos to Kalecgos, Alexstrasza and Thrall. When the temple was liberated, Kirygosa searched the cultists' bodies but the body of the Twilight Father was not among them.[1]

Tides of War[]

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Kirygosa was one of the few remaining dragons at the Nexus after the defeat of Deathwing. When a group of dragons escorting the Focusing Iris to a safe location were murdered, Kiry, alongside Alagosa and Banagos, investigated the sight before Kalecgos flew off to chase the artifact down. She was left to be the voice of Kalec in the Nexus while he was gone.

After the destruction of Theramore Isle, the Focusing Iris vanished again and Kalec returned home, defeated. Kalec told her what had happened and Kiry believed that there was a distinct possibility the Iris was taken this time by Jaina Proudmoore.

When Kalecgos returned yet again, Kirygosa told Kalecgos that there were only a handful of the blue dragons who still stayed behind at the Nexus. When Kalec asked her what she would do without anything holding her back, Kiry responded that she would go see places where the oceans didn't have ice, and where the winds weren't cold. Kalecgos disbanded the blue dragonflight then, and Kirygosa told him that if she was ever needed, to look for her in tropical climates.[2] As of the end of the Argus Campaign, Kirygosa was living quietly in Stranglethorn, enjoying a permanent summer.[3]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.
Kirygosa in Dawn's Blossom

In Dawn's Blossom.

By the time of the war against the Primalists, Kirygosa has left Stranglethorn Vale and moved to Dawn's Blossom in the Jade Forest on Pandaria. She has befriended the people of the town and even has her own little home. She dances and shoots magical balls, to the entertainment of several Village Cubs. She enjoys the Jade Forest's lack of frost and snow as well as its warm winds.[4] When Kalecgos asked her to join the reforming blue dragonflight on the Dragon Isles, Kiry declined because she was truly happy in Dawn's Blossom.

Alternate timeline[]

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In an alternate timeline where Kalecgos and Go'el were unable to stop Jaina Proudmoore from destroying Orgrimmar, Kirygosa and almost the entirety of the blue dragonflight were killed in a following war, leaving just Kalecgos alive but mad.[5]



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Though the village is small, we take great pride in our crafts and cherish our relationships with each other.

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After completing N [70] Blue is My Favorite Color, the adventurer receives the following mail from Kirygosa.

From: Kirygosa
Subject: Enclosed for Kalecgos

Hello, <name>. I've been thinking about your last visit. I thought you might know where Kalecgos is, given your friendship with him. He is difficult to locate nowadays.

You, on the other hand! Why, any messenger knows of your name by now. Next time we meet, I'd like to hear more about your worldly adventures.

Whenever you feel the time is right, could you please give this letter to Kalecgos? I hope to see you both soon again.

- Kirygosa

The mail also contains a Inv letter 12 [Letter from Kirygosa].


  • There were other blues that believed that Kirygosa and Kalecgos would be ideal mates for each other, but the two have always just been friends.[2]

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