Kizi Copperclip

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NeutralKizi Copperclip
Image of Kizi Copperclip
Title <Barber>
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 75
Resource Energy
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor
Occupation Barber
Location Barbershop, Dalaran
Kizi in World of Warcraft.

Kizi Copperclip is the goblin in charge of the Barbershop in Dalaran.



Welcome, friend, to the barbershop! Come for a cut? A coloring? Something else, perhaps?

We can groom facial hair, perform piercings, reshape tusks and horns, and even modify undead features!

Have a seat and we'll get right to work. You're only a few coins away from a new, more attractive you...

Dalaran above Deadwind Pass

Sorry, <name>. With all that's going on it looks like I won't be cutting hair for a while. Most of the other merchants have closed up their shops too.

<Looks around to the other merchants.>

Word on the street is there's something happening and it ain't just around here. The cities themselves are full of... well, I don't know and I better not to start talking too much. I wouldn't want to see anyone else on edge around here. We've got enough of that as is.

In Hearthstone

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

Kizi appears as one of the bosses that can be encountered in the Dalaran Heist single-player experience in the Rise of Shadows expansion for Hearthstone.

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