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Klaxz Boompowder
Image of Klaxz Boompowder
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Affiliation(s) Steamwheedle Cartel
Former occupation(s) Trade prince
Status Alive
Relative(s) Slixi (wife)
Companion(s) Bang (bruiser)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Klaxz Boompowder is a former trade prince of the Steamwheedle Cartel who became the first known victim of the Uninvited Guest.


Klaxz spent years diving underwater rock caves in search of the legendary coins known as galleons. His wife Slixi mocked the excursions until he returned from the South Sea with six galleons.

The following year, Klaxz and Slixi attended the funeral of the trade prince Rikter Hogsnozzle. Klaxz normally looked forward to funerals since it meant one less competitor and new business opportunities, but Hogsnozzle was an exception since he was a rival who had once cost him a valuable rocket boot deal. Klaxz went to the event looking as wealthy as he could, with a gold lamé waistcoat and his burial gifts carried in hydra-hide steamer trunks. After exchanging scathing words with his rival Lyar Ripfizzle, Klaxz started off presenting mediocre gifts to the dead before throwing a galleon—actually a painted-gold copy since he didn't want to part with the real deal—into the trove, deeply impressing the other funeral goers and making him the center of attention at the subsequent party. Unbeknownst to Klaxz, this display of greed yielded a breach in etiquette so great that it offended the dead and attracted the invisible creature that would later become known as the Uninvited Guest.

The Uninvited followed Klaxz home that evening. As he slept, it hovered next to him and began feeding on his thoughts of greed. The next day, Klaxz started acting strange by forgiving debts and failing to haggle over prices, saying that the cartel already had plenty of money, and both Slixi and his bruiser Bang began to feel uneasy. Over the following days, his behavior grew more erratic as he offered discounts and started handing away his and Slixi's valuables, alarming the other members of the cartel, all while the Uninvited Guest writhed around him and consumed his thoughts of wealth before he was even conscious of having them. Klaxz himself never noticed anything strange other than an occasional brief tugging in his belly. When he approached his and Slixi's personal vault, his wife knocked him out with a frying pan and hid away the real galleons in the woods. That night, Klaxz even refused to eat, telling the increasingly furious Slixi that they should share their food with others instead.

Over the following days, Klaxz's mood improved as his affliction worsened. Slixi tried to watch him to prevent him from plundering the rest of their items, but when she turned her back, he managed to slip out to the market to hand away all of their jewelry. Slixi confronted him, but he merely said that their greed had been a prison and that he was setting them free through charity. Days later, Slixi arrived home to find their house completely empty and Klaxz missing. She found him wandering on the outskirts of town, trying to hand out stones as if they were as valuable as pearls. He refused to return home, revealed that he had given the house to Lyar Ripfizzle, and then walked off into the sunset, never to be seen by his wife again.

Klaxz had unknowingly left the Uninvited Guest behind at the house. After she had her own close encounter with the creature, Slixi invented tossaways—coins that looked exactly like galleons and which one could throw behind one's back for protection from the Uninvited. The harrowing tale of Klaxz's fate spread, and every goblin who heard it rushed to buy tossaways from Slixi. Klaxz supposedly wanders the land to this day, offering gifts to whoever will accept them.[1]


Preceded by:
Trade prince of the Steamwheedle Cartel
Succeeded by:
Steamwheedle (earliest known)