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AllianceKnights of the Silver Hand
Main leader Paladin  The Highlord
  Formerly See below
Secondary leaders Neutral  Lord Maxwell Tyrosus
Alliance  High Exarch Turalyon
Alliance  Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker
Alliance  Valgar Highforge
Alliance  Justicar Julia Celeste
Alliance  Vindicator Boros
Alliance  Arator the Redeemer
  Formerly See below
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
DwarfDwarfDark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dwarf
High elfHigh elf High elf
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Half-elfHalf-elf Half-elf
Night elfNight elf Night elf (one)
IconSmall Ghost.gif Ghost (one)
IconSmall Dreadlord2.gif Nathrezim (one)
  Formerly Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
TaurenTauren Tauren
Character classes Paladin, Priest,[1] Mage[2]
Legion Various
Icon-RPG.png Auradin[3]
Capital Paladin Sanctum of Light
  Formerly Alliance Stratholme[4] †
Other major settlements Alliance Stormwind City
Alliance Ironforge City
Neutral Light's Hope Chapel
  Formerly Alliance Capital City †
Alliance Unnamed settlements across Lordaeron[5]
Base of operations Alliance Cathedral of Light
Alliance Hall of Mysteries
Alliance Northshire Abbey
Neutral Alonsus Chapel
  Formerly Alliance Silver Hand Bastion
Neutral The Monastery
Neutral Hearthglen
Theater of operations Azeroth, Outland
  Formerly Argus, Alternate Draenor
Language(s) Common, Dwarven, Thalassian, Draenei
Faith(s) Holy Light
Sub-group(s) Alliance Stormwind's paladins
Alliance Ironforge's paladins
Alliance Hand of Argus (allied)
Neutral Argent Crusade (allied)
Former sub-group(s)

Alliance Defenders of Lordaeron

Horde Blood Knights (allied)
Horde Sunwalkers (allied)
Affiliation Church of the Holy Light, Alliance, Armies of Legionfall, Independent
  Formerly Alliance of Lordaeron, Kingdom of Lordaeron
Status Active
Quartermaster  Eadric the Pure
Tabard Tabard of the Lightbringer.jpg

“Esarus thar no'Darador—By Blood and Honor We Serve.”

— Motto of the Knights of the Silver Hand.[6]

The Knights of the Silver Hand (full name the Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand,[7] often referred to as the Order of the Silver Hand, the Paladins of the Silver Hand,[8] the Silver Hand, or the Paladin Order[9]) is the order of holy knights and warriors,[9][10][11] commonly called paladins, created after the First War by Archbishop Alonsus Faol as the martial branch of the Church of the Holy Light. Under the command of the Supreme Commander Uther the Lightbringer, the Silver Hand supported and led the Alliance of Lordaeron to victory in the Second War against the Old Horde.

Empowered by the Holy Light, these mighty warriors brandish both their warhammers and holy fire in the battle against all who would trample the meek and innocent,[12] as they seek to be an example of the Light's teachings, protecting the weak and vanquishing the evil of the world. For years, they remained loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron and King Terenas Menethil II and kept the peace in Lordaeron, settling civil disputes and quelling any demi-human uprisings in the realm, while supporting the Church to help those who suffered during the Great Wars.

At the beginning of the Third War, the Order was suspended by one of its own members, the Prince of Lordaeron Arthas Menethil, as Uther refused to purge the city of Stratholme infected by the plague. Although the paladins continued to fight against the Scourge, the Order and its leadership were decimated by the traitor prince during the fall of Lordaeron, and Highlord Alexandros Mograine succeed the late Uther to organize the resistance. As the original wielder of the Ashbringer, Alexandros became a symbol of rallying against the undead, until he was betrayed due to the machinations of the dreadlord Balnazzar and the Arch-Lich Kel'Thuzad. His death shattered the Silver Hand, who eventually split up between the Argent Dawn and the Scarlet Crusade for ideological reasons.

However, a part of the Order remained active, as human and dwarf paladins from Stormwind and Ironforge were still referred to as "Knights of the Silver Hand",[13][14] and supported the Alliance in its campaigns. Years later, Tirion Fordring came out of his exile after the death of his son, and regrouped the remains of the Order in Lordaeron to resume the fight against the undead and the demons in Outland. At the time of the Scourgewar, Tirion led his knights to defeat the Death Knights of Acherus during the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, and later merged them with the Argent Dawn to form the Argent Crusade and take the fight against the Dark Lord of the Scourge to Northrend.[15] Following the fall of the Lich King, the paladins of the Silver Hand who remained loyal to the Alliance pursued the training of new members and their fight against those who threaten Azeroth, while those who remained in the Argent Crusade worked to restore the Plaguelands of northern Lordaeron.

During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, the forces of the Argent Crusade led by Highlord Fordring were decimated on the Broken Shore, and in his last breath, Tirion handed the Ashbringer to a Champion of the Light whom he chose as his successor. In order to save Azeroth, the Silver Hand was formally reestablished under the command of its new Highlord, supported by each major paladin order on Azeroth: the human and dwarven paladins of Stormwind and Ironforge, the draenei of the Hand of Argus, the blood elven of the Blood Knights, the tauren of the Sunwalkers, and the remnants of the Argent Crusade.[16] From the Sanctum of Light under the Light's Hope Chapel, that became their order hall, they fought the Legion alongside the other class orders united as the Armies of Legionfall.

Following the end of the invasion, and the beginning of the Fourth War, the Silver Hand split up again and fought once more on the side of the Alliance against the Horde, notably under the command of Turalyon against the Blood Knights and the Sunwalkers led by Lady Liadrin during the Battle for Stromgarde. Since the end of the war, the Knights of the Silver Hand remained loyal to the Alliance.


Foundation and the Second War

Archbishop Alonsus Faol, leader of the Church and founder of the Silver Hand during the Second War.

Lord Uther, apprentice cleric to Alonsus Faol and the First paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand.

As the human forces amassed for the Second War, the Supreme Commander of the Alliance forces, Anduin Lothar, made other preparations. The Alliance was composed of disparate nations, some of which were rivals. They all had different customs and ways of life. Lothar needed something to bind them as one. He needed champions whom every human could rally behind, no matter where they came from. The clerics were the most obvious choice to fill this role, but they hadn't fared well as the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics was devastated during the First War. Though they were brave, they lacked martial training, and were better suited to using the Light to mend wounds off the battlefield. Lothar needed something else.[17]

The solution came from the Church of the Holy Light. Seeking to create an order that would suffer less attrition in battle, the Archbishop Alonsus Faol, who had recently learned everything that had transpired in Stormwind, including how the clerics had fared, met Anduin Lothar and offered him to create a new order that would represent the best qualities of humanity. An order that would include soldiers gifted not only in wielding the Light, but also possessing leadership qualities and mastering the arts of traditional warfare, while embodying the qualities of loyalty, bravery, and honor. With Lothar's consent, Alonsus Faol and Uther recruited noble knights and members of the priesthood from Lordaeron,[18] so that the Archbishop can respectively train them in the ways of the Light and in martial combat as his apprentices. There was Turalyon, the priest who had helped forge the Alliance at the Council of Seven Nations. Then Saidan Dathrohan, a mountain of a man who was gifted with immense physical strength. Tirion Fordring, a knight renowned for his zeal and resilience. Uther, an accomplished knight and a pious believer who had already apprenticed under Faol for some years. And lastly Gavinrad the Dire, a battle-hardened knight from Stormwind, comrade of Lothar, who had fought in the First War.[4]

Faol welcomed his students with open arms, which he later named paladins, while the city of Stratholme would later serve as their base of operations. Yet for the time being, Lothar kept them close, ordering them to travel alongside the main Alliance army. Day and night, the holy warriors were trained vigorously by Faol who taught them how to use the Light to comfort their allies and smite their enemies, and also how to lead by example. They would be more than just weapons, as no matter how dire times became, the paladins would serve as lights in the darkness, as beacons of hope to guide the Alliance. The Archbishop instructed them to live simple lives, they would seek no fortune or glory in war. Until the end of their days, they would put the needs of others above their own. As training progressed, Faol presented the five paladins a set of enchanted librams from the church. Each libram represented what Faol saw as a core trait of the Silver Hand and challenged his students to become living embodiments of what their holy tomes represented: Turalyon would hold the Libram of Protection, Uther would hold the Libram of Justice, Tirion would hold the Libram of Retribution, Saidan would hold the Libram of Holiness, and Gavinrad would hold the Libram of Compassion.[4]

In Alonsus Chapel, Uther was appointed the first of the paladins. He was then followed by Saidan Dathrohan, Tirion Fordring, Turalyon,[19] and Gavinrad.[20] The Order of the Silver Hand was thus born. Its name and symbol having been taken from the Legend of the Silver Hand, legacy of the Keeper Tyr, as a symbol of those Light-wielding warriors who placed self-sacrifice above all else, although the silver hand was already a common symbol for the human tribes of Tirisfal many centuries ago, appearing on clothing and pendants, worn to ward away evil spirits, to protect warriors in battle and to cure diseases.[21] During their formation, Lothar often checked in on the emergent Order of the Silver Hand, and was so pleased that he asked the new paladins Turalyon and Uther to serve as his lieutenants. Alonsus Faol gladly agreed to satisfy the Supreme Commander's request, but he did not release the paladins from his care yet. It would be weeks before they were ready to set foot on the battlefield.[4]

The Knights of the Silver Hand made their first appearance during the Battle of Hillsbrad Foothills, where they rode through the Alliance lines while their presence filled their fellow soldiers with hope and courage. They called upon their holy powers to mend wounded soldiers and ease their fearful hearths, while they faced the death knights of the Horde, using their sacred powers in the form of blazing white light waves of energies that rippled over the Alliance soldiers, striking down the reanimated human corpses and sweeping away the death knights' corruptive fog. Paladins and death knights were evenly matched, neither able to gain an advantage over the other, and they continued to occupy each other for the duration of the battle.[22]

Paladins versus Death knights during the Battle of Hillsbrad Foothills, first major battle of the war.

During the months following the start of the war, Alonsus Faol recruited knights willing to learn how to wield the Light and clerics ready to take up arms for their noble cause[10] in order to become members of the Silver Hand, their number increasing from five paladins to twenty-one in a short time.[23][6] Their leader Uther commanded such presence on the battlefield that his knights at times seemed both invincible and unstoppable.[24] For the Alliance armies, they were truly a sight to behold, as the paladins healed the wounds sustained in combat and restored faith in the promise of freedom from orcish tyranny,[11] while the sight of them wielding their mighty warhammers and holy powers gave others inspiration on the battlefield and the home front.[25] Even some of the Alliance's greatest knights and warriors were in awe when they saw them smashing orcs down while healing fallen allies at the same time.[26]

They were also known to minister to the masses during the war, gathering inside churches to deepen their faith. Through meditating, communing, and tithing at these sanctified sites, they discovered new ways to channel their healing and spiritual powers.[27] They could cast their blessing upon soldiers, sense evil, and even heal grievous wounds with but a touch.[28]

Subsequently, the paladins were instrumental in winning the war. They were notably deployed at Caer Darrow to protect a runestone erected by the elven mages of Quel'Thalas from orcish necromancers, as they wanted to corrupt it and create an Altar of Storms to train ogre-magi for their armies.[29][30] They quell a peasant revolt at Tyr's Hand,[31] and confronted the Horde forces in the city and Tyr's Bay, but unfortunately, the orcs razed down the city with a massive naval assault.[32] At the same time, Uther and his knights were watching over the northlands and came to offer comfort to those who were suffering the misfortunes of war on the recently attacked island township of Caer Darrow. During the journey, they faced pirates sent to assassinate the Lightbringer, and destroyed the orc troops still present near the island.[33] In Stratholme, some members of the Silver Hand were still present to protect the city that served as the chief source of Alliance oil in the north, and was targeted by sabotage attempts with the aim of stopping production and cutting off the supply lines of the allied troops in the west.[34]

During the burning of Quel'Thalas, Turalyon deployed his forces and paladins against the Horde and their Amani allies who managed to make their way to the doors of Silvermoon City. However, as they failed to break through the magical barrier, the Horde eventually retreated towards Lordaeron, while Zul'jin and his Amani were defeated by the armies of Turalyon, supported by King Anasterian Sunstrider who pledged his forces to the Alliance.[35] The Knights of the Silver Hand gave their support to the Kirin Tor during the siege of Dalaran, as the kingdom served as the last barrier between the capital of Lordaeron and the armies of Orgrim Doomhammer, coming back from their failure in Quel'Thalas.[36]

When the Horde managed to reach Lordaeron and began the Siege of Capital City, the paladins took part in the defense of the realm under the command of King Terenas Menethil II, and confronted the orcs armies led by the Warchief Doomhammer, counting among them death knights, ogre magi, and even dragons.[37] While they were securing the elven lands, Turalyon learned about the situation and led his troops as reinforcements. At the same time, King Aiden Perenolde's betrayal was revealed by Anduin Lothar, and the Kingdom of Alterac was found guilty for its pact with the Horde. Consequently, some paladins joined the Alliance troops led by the high elf Milan to save the captured peasants and magi, and to attack Alterac City in order to halt the advance of Horde reinforcements towards Capital City.[38] Without their reinforcements and the help of Alterac, the siege ended with the victory of the Alliance and a full retreat of the Horde back to Khaz Modan.[39]

Following the Horde's failure to seize Lordaeron's Capital City, the Alliance navy under Admiral Daelin Proudmoore faced the Horde fleets led by Maim and Dal'rend Blackhand. During the Battle of Crestfall, a few paladins were sent with Proudmoore's armies on the island of Crestfall, in order to destroy the Horde base where the orcs ships were docked. Despite the heavy losses, the battle ended as a decisive victory for the Alliance, which prevented the enemy fleet from reaching the ruins of Stormwind City, in anticipation of Orgrim's counterattack in the Burning Steppes.[40]

Paladin facing a grunt during the Siege of Blackrock Spire.

In the meantime, it was also the support of the paladins that enabled the Alliance to make a swift march south towards Khaz Modan in their pursuit of the orcs, as it would have never been possible without the holy warriors who worked day and night, mending the wounded and filling their hearts with resolve and courage. During the liberation of Ironforge and Gnomeregan from Kilrogg Deadeye and his Bleeding Hollow clan, the paladins under Turalyon led hunting parties to root out the orcs and drive them from the region,[41] while Uther and his knights were sent by Lothar to Lordaeron, in order to make sure that the region was safe again from the orcs.[28]

Near the end of the war, the Alliance forces managed to push Orgrim Doomhammer's clans out of Lordaeron and back into the orc-controlled lands of Azeroth. They surrounded the orcs' volcanic citadel of Blackrock Spire and besieged it during the Siege of Blackrock Spire. In a last-ditch effort, the Warchief and his lieutenants staged a daring charge from the Spire and clashed with Lothar and its paladins in the center of the Burning Steppes. While Doomhammer and Lothar squared off in a titanic battle that left both mighty combatants battered and drained, Uther and his men made their return and joined the throng. They ran forward to follow their fellow, auras springing up around them as well as they dove into the gathered Horde.[42] Shortly after the start of the battle, Alexandros Mograine arrived with his troops to support their allies, and during the fight he found a dark orb that tainted his hand on the body of an orc warlock.[43]

Though Doomhammer narrowly succeeded in vanquishing Lothar, the great hero's death did not have the effect the warchief had hoped for.[9] Among the paladins, Uther was the first known to have manifested his powers on the battlefield,[44] and Turalyon himself did not master his powers until after Lothar's death, but once he did the orcish army cowered from his blinding light which shone "brighter than the brightest day", before he disarmed Doomhammer and struck him unconscious rather than kill him, so that he could stand trial in Capital City for all the crimes he has committed.[42]

After the battle, control over the Alliance army fell to Turalyon. Uther expressed his happiness at seeing Turalyon's faith finally emerge, and Turalyon bestowed the title of "the Lightbringer" upon the older paladin.[45] One week later, Turalyon led the Alliance's charge against the orc's last stand, the Dark Portal itself, in what was considered the fiercest and bloodiest battle of the Second War. The Azerothian side of the Dark Portal was destroyed, thanks in part to the bravery and skill of Uther Lightbringer and the Order of the Silver Hand.[10] Turalyon and the other paladins then rallied the Alliance forces while many of the orcs began to panic, some stood and fought, some surrendered, and others fled. The Alliance was victorious.

Aftermath of the Second War

Turalyon and the Sons of Lothar during the Invasion of Draenor.

As the fires of the Second War died down, the Order of the Silver Hand coordinated with the Church of the Holy Light to help the Alliance of Lordaeron move forward. On Faol's decree,[46] they healed the sick and granted shelter to the survivors broken by the war in Lordaeron and Stormwind,[47] with Turalyon and Uther being present and helping in Stormwind City for a time. At the same time, the Alliance of Lordaeron took aggressive steps to contain the orcish threat, and a number of large internment camps were constructed in southern Lordaeron, guarded by both veteran soldiers and paladins of the Order, such as Captain Skarloc. The camps proved to be a great success, though the captive orcs were tense and anxious to do battle once more, the various camp wardens kept the peace and maintained a strong semblance of order.[48]

However, two years after the destruction of the Dark Portal, a reformed Orcish Horde prepared to strike at the unsuspecting Alliance. Their leader, the Dark warlord Ner'zhul,[49] reopened the Dark Portal using the Skull of Gul'dan and sent his armies charged through the rift between the worlds. When the orcs arrived once again in Azeroth, the Chieftain of the Warsong clan Grommash Hellscream and the mok'nathal Rexxar besieged Nethergarde Keep,[50] a Dalaranian fortress built to keep watch over the Dark Portal in the event of a new invasion.[51] Under the command of Danath Trollbane, the Alliance defenses, including Silver Hand paladins, defended the fortress and managed to repel their enemies.[52]

In the meantime, the death knight Teron Gorefiend and his army took advantage of the battle to reach the Blackrock Mountain in the Burning Steppes, and confronted both the paladins and Alliance troops still present in the region.[53] When they attacked the recently rebuilt Stormwind City to steal the Book of Medivh, the paladins stationed in the kingdom helped to defend the city.[54] Later in the Alterac Mountains, the military outposts built and maintained by the kingdoms of Lordaeron and Stromgarde, with paladins of the Order among their ranks, were attacked by the Horde armies and later destroyed by Deathwing following his deal with King Aiden Perenolde[55] When Teron Gorefiend and his death knights attacked Dalaran to steal the Eye of Dalaran, they had to break through the Alliance's defenses around the city and confronted the paladins on duty.[56]

When Turalyon learned from Gaz Soulripper's interrogation what the death knights had done across the continent, and their plan to invade other worlds,[57] he decided to put an end to the orcish threat once and for all. Later, Turalyon led the Alliance armies and some of his comrades of the Silver Hand to fight the orcs stationed near the Dark Portal.[58][59] Once they regained the control of the rift, Turalyon at the head of the Sons of Lothar launched the Invasion of Draenor in order to stop Ner'zul.

Alonsus Chapel in the Elders' Square of Stratholme, before the Third War.

The Bastion of the Silver Hand in the Crusaders' Square.

Following the Invasion of Draenor, where only Turalyon had journeyed as he told his comrades to stay behind before the closing of the Dark Portal,[60] the Silver Hand dedicated themselves to safeguarding the land from orc attacks by directing a few settlements across Lordaeron.[5] The Order also began to train new paladins in Stormwind City and Ironforge, swelling the ranks of the Order with a number of stout-hearted dwarves,[61] and some high elves before the Third War, such as Mehlar Dawnblade, a paladin pupil of Uther the Lightbringer.[62] During these times, the Bastion of the Silver Hand in Stratholme was considered as the barracks of the Order,[63] containing countless of their treasures,[64] while the Silver Hand notably used the Old Monastery, a center for learning and enlightenment known as a proud bastion of Lordaeron's priesthood,[65] as a seminary and major training ground for paladins in training, notably those of the Kingdom of Stromgarde.[66][67]

At some point after the war, the defenders of the Tyr's Guard felt an affinity toward the Order and consequently learned how to wield the Light, as they adopted more techniques over time to help them in their duty to protect the Tomb of Tyr.[68]

At the time of the Alterac crisis, Lord Duncan Senturus and his paladins of the Silver Hand encountered Rhonin and Vereesa Windrunner, sent by the Kirin Tor to save the Dragonqueen Alexstrasza in Grim Batol, and took them to an unnamed settlement of the Order about three days from the port of Hasic. Despite their reluctance to cooperate with the mage, they agreed to help them in their quest, escorting them to Hasic that they discovered in ruins after an attack by a pair of dragon riders of the Dragonmaw clan. They subsequently allied with Falstad Dragonreaver and his wing of gryphon riders in order to reach Khaz Modan, and while en route, Senturus sacrificed himself to save Rhonin and his companions when they were ambushed by Dragonmaw dragonriders.[69] During meetings of great importance in Lordaeron's palace, especially when monarchs were visiting, the Knights of the Silver Hand were needed for protection and surveillance, being the only military unit they all trusted, so that even King Genn Greymane and Admiral Daelin Proudmoore agreed to having themselves searched by selected sentries from the holy order, even despite its outward allegiance to Terenas Menethil II.[70]

Years passed as tensions abated and a lasting peace settled over Lordaeron. With his paladins, the Supreme commander Uther the Lightbringer kept the peace in the kingdom, settling civil disputes and quelling demi-human uprisings throughout the realm,[9] while Arthas Menethil, Prince of Lordaeron and his apprentice, was sworn into the Order in a ceremony performed in Stormwind's Cathedral of Light by Archbishop Alonsus Faol.[71]

When news of an upstart warchief rallying the few remaining orc clans, those not suffering from lethargy like those who were imprisoned, and who succeed in teaching them all he learned from Aedelas Blackmoore as a gladiator, King Terenas sent Uther and his paladins to quell the warchief's uprising while revolt against the orc internment camps were about to unfold. However, the crafty orcs could never be found as the young warchief proved to be something of a tactical genius – and evaded Uther's best efforts to corral his hit and run attacks.[9] At the same time, the Silver Hand defended the settlements at the borders of Quel'Thalas from forest troll warbands. Prince Arthas gained fame for counterattacking and defeating the trolls,[72] but Kedehern Falamar, another Silver Hand member perished during the fight and was considered a hero. Kedehern's Silver Hand masters brought his armor back to his father, Brogan.[73]

At some point, Tirion Fordring's life was saved by the orc Eitrigg. When Eitrigg was later captured by the soldier of the Alliance of Lordaeron, Tirion felt he owed a debt of honor and fought to rescue him. For assaulting Alliance soldiers, Tirion was brought to Stratholme to stand trial before the jury composed of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, Arch-Mage Antonidas, Archbishop Alonsus Faol, and Prince Arthas, he was then excommunicated by Uther the Lightbringer from the Silver Hand and exiled from his lands. He later returned to Stratholme to prevent the hanging of the orc and was spared by Thrall for saving Eitrigg's life.[74]

Prior to the Third War, King Terenas feared that Thrall would soon manage to gather all the remaining renegade orcs hidden in the lands of Lordaeron, which would be critical for the kingdom, he ordered Uther with the Knights of the Silver Hand and his son to ride towards southern Lordaeron,[75] in order to contain the orcish threat and deal with them once and for all.[76] In the Alterac Mountains, the paladins notably fought against the bandits of the Syndicate,[77] and later the Blackrock clan who have recently captured citizens from Strahnbrad to sacrifice them to the Burning Legion, as they have re-embraced their demon worshiping.[78]

In the meantime, a faction largely led by General Abbendis started growing among the ranks of the Silver Hand. This faction was intolerant of what they deemed as the "lesser races".[43]

The Scourge of Lordaeron

Prince Arthas Menethil purging the city of Stratholme.

Unaware of the death cults forming in their lands, the leaders of the Alliance nations began to bicker and argue over territorial holdings and decreasing political influence.[79] The appearance of the Plague of Undeath nearly marked the end of the Silver Hand as the paladins entered a dark period when one of their own, Prince Arthas Menethil, turned his back on the order. In the beginnings of the Third War, after preparing for many long months, Kel'Thuzad and his Cult of the Damned finally struck the first blow by releasing the plague of undeath upon Lordaeron. Consequently, Uther the Lightbringer and his fellow paladins investigated the infected regions in the hope of finding a way to stop the plague, but despite their efforts, the plague continued to spread and threatened to tear the Alliance apart.

While the ranks of the undead swept across Lordaeron, Arthas had managed to track the shipment of grain to Andorhal, where he succeeded in killing the culprit, the necromancer Kel'Thuzad, but even so, the undead ranks continued to swell with every soldier that fell defending the land. Frustrated and stymied by the seemingly unstoppable enemy, Arthas took increasingly extreme steps to fight against the Scourge and conquer them,[80] notably at Hearthglen in the Eastweald, where the city was about to be attacked by an army of undead, and the defenders had just baked and eaten the grain from Andorhal before the attack started. Along with soldiers of Lordaeron's army, he was able to slay those infected before they could spread the disease to the entire town. Shortly thereafter the large undead army laid siege to the town, Arthas and his armies barely held off the undead long enough for the arrival of Jaina Proudmoore with Uther and his knights of the Silver Hand, thus managing to repel the undead.[81]

Horrified, humiliated, and disturbed by his near-defeat, Arthas quickly left for Stratholme, followed by Uther and his paladins, where they found that the city had been infected with the plague by Mal'Ganis, as the necromancer had told him. When Uther refused to follow Arthas' command to kill the infected population of Stratholme before they could die and be reborn as undead, Arthas turned his back on the other paladins, calling their refusal an act of treason, then relieved Uther from command, suspended his paladins from service and sent them away, while he called all those still loyal to Lordaeron to follow their prince.[82][83][43] Consequently, Uther took the paladins that remained loyal to him and left Stratholme, abandoning Arthas to his barbaric actions.[10] After the Culling of Stratholme, some former paladins, now called deathlords, also committed the same heinous act in many other cities across Lordaeron.[84]

At some point after the purge, the Scourge swept again through Stratholme, and the Knights of the Silver Hand manufactured holy water to use against the invaders. They stored it inside small crates along with other vital supplies and distributed them throughout the city. Unfortunately, the remaining citizens turned into Scourge reinforcements before the supplies could ever be used.[85]

A burning Stratholme following the Culling.

At the same time, Alexandros Mograine organized a meeting with several other members of the Silver Hand in Southshore's inn, where he revealed the dark orb he kept after the Second War. With the efforts of Isillien, Fairbanks, Doan and Abbendis, he succeeded in purifying the artifact and decided that it would be forged into a weapon that would smite the Scourge. Despite being suspended, the paladins unofficially continued to explore all available options to wipe out the Scourge under the command of Saidan Dathrohan and Alexandros Mograine.[43]

Following the purge, Prince Arthas took the fleet to Northrend, while the Silver Hand continued to defend Lordaeron villages. Uther informed King Terenas Menethil of his son's inhumane actions in Stratholme, and much to the sorrow of the King, they agreed that Arthas' judgment, and perhaps sanity, was wavering. Terenas sent an emissary to recall Arthas' expedition in Northrend and order their return.[10] Disenfranchised, the paladins still worked selflessly to protect humanity from the gnawing jaws of evil,[12] and were stretched thin fighting the spread of the plague.[86] However, the Scourge continued to grow, taking villages and its turned inhabitants, with a small help from Baron Rivendare and his corrupted food supplies. When a village that Thomas Thomson was stationed in was turned, Thomas understood that Rivendare was a traitor and reported it to the rest of the Silver Hand.[86]

In the meantime, the Prince's fear and resolve proved to be his ultimate undoing. As he tracked the plague's source to Northrend, intending to end its threat forever, he instead fell prey to the machinations of the Lich King and lost his soul to the cursed runeblade Frostmourne. After Arthas became a death knight in the service of the Lich King and killed all his men of the 1st Legion,[87][88] he returned to Lordaeron with his armies of undead to kill his father and destroy Capital City. Four days after the death of Terenas, Uther ordered Gavinrad the Dire and his Champions of Peace to guard the cemetery near Andorhal, where the remains of Kel'Thuzad were buried. As the Scourge swept over Lordaeron, panic seized the living and many gave in to despair, while some looked to the holy paladins for salvation. Lord Uther was the greatest of these righteous warriors, and if anyone had the power to stop the fallen prince, it was him.[89]

Uther the Lightbringer, Supreme Commander of the Silver Hand at the time of the Third War.

When Arthas came to retrieve the remains of the necromancer in order to revive him, Gavinrad refused and was personally killed by the death knight who fed Frostmourne with his soul, while he unleashed his undead forces upon the paladins Ballador the Bright and Sage Truthbearer, respective commanders of the Champions of Light and the Champions of Truth. In the city of Andorhal, Uther stood against his former apprentice to protect the enchanted Urn of King Terenas. In a battle that would decide Lordaeron's fate, Frostmourne clashed with the legendary Hammer of the Lightbringer. Each weapon blow between the legendary paladin and the champion of the Lich King erupted in a shower of warring energies, it was a struggle between Light and darkness, between life and death. Although he almost lost against his former master and waited for the killing blow, Arthas took advantage of Uther's hesitation and took his soul with the cursed runeblade. The death knight then recovered and blasphemed his father's urn, before continuing the scourging of the kingdom.[90][91]

During the Battle of Darrowshire, a contingent of paladins of the Silver Hand led by Davil Crokford allied themselves with the defenders of Darrowshire led by Captain Joseph Redpath, having learned of the Scourge's impending attack on the town. But despite the paladins' successful efforts in steadying the line and holding back the undead, they ended up being defeated by the death knight Marduk the Black after Davil Crokford managed to slay the ghoul lord Horgus the Ravager, before perishing from his mortal wounds.[92][93]

When Alexandros returned from Ironforge with the mighty Ashbringer in hands, after learning the death of Terenas and Uther, the Highlord was reported to be paring down the Scourge's numbers.[86] Subsequently, many paladins of the Silver Hand traveled to quarantined lands to ease the suffering of those left within the plague-ridden colonies, but although they were immune to disease of any kind, they were persecuted by the general populace who believed that they had been infected by the foul plague. Some of these paladins traveled to Northrend. When they finally reached Ner'zhul's icy fortress, embittered by the trials they had to suffer through, they had become dark and brooding. The Lich King offered them untold power in exchange for their services and loyalty. Those fallen paladins, whose souls were twisted and bound to the will of the Frozen Throne, joined the ranks of the Scourge by becoming death knights, the Scourge's mightiest generals.[94]

At the onset of the destruction of Dalaran, while Jaina Proudmoore was gathering troops and Lordaeronians refugees to sail for Kalimdor,[95][96] the Knights of the Silver Hand stayed behind to defend those that couldn't get on the Kul Tiran ships,[86] such as Krohm Dawnhammer who guided countless innocents to safety with his legendary shining hammer. At the same time in Shadowfang Keep, situated above Pyrewood, Baron Silverlaine and his forces led by the paladin Commander Springvale were killed by worgen summoned by Archmage Arugal from the Emerald Dream to aid Gilneans against the Scourge.[97] Since then, the ghost of the commander haunts the council room, using unholy strikes to avenge his lord.[98]

When Jaina Proudmoore and the Human Expedition reached Kalimdor, a few paladins of the Order had joined the expedition. In Ashenvale,[99] near the foothills of Stonetalon Mountains, an unnamed paladin was present in a small base of the expedition, which was set up to block the access to Stonetalon Peak. They later defended it when Grom Hellscream led an assault with his Warsong clan.[100] Later, they began to fight the Burning Legion, notably Duke Lionheart who agreed to work alongside the orcs with the intention of hunting down the demons left after the death of Mannoroth.[101] During the Battle of Mount Hyjal, the paladin Halford Wyrmbane led the troops of the 7th Legion as their leader against the demons and undead.[102]

After the Third War

Highlord Alexandros Mograine, wielding the Ashbringer against the Scourge.

Several months after the end of the Third War, the surviving paladins of the Order joined the last bastions of human resistance. However, some of them were captured by Illidan Stormrage and his naga, and were brought to the ruins of Dalaran. Among them was Magroth the Defender, who was later freed by Malfurion Stormrage and Maiev Shadowsong, and subsequently pledged himself to their cause and helped them destroy the Eye of Sargeras, thus bringing Illidan's destruction of Icecrown to a halt.[103]

Afterward, detachments of knights of the Silver Hand emerged again from the rubble of the Lordaeron to form a resistance, in order to continue to fight the Scourge and protect those who fled to Dalaran recaptured by the Alliance resistance led by Grand Marshal Garithos. Some joined the forces of Garithos' Elite Guard, notably one of them who led some surviving royal guards from the King's Guard of Lordaeron, in order to try to stop the blood elves and Illidan's Naga from escaping Dalaran.[104] After Archimonde's defeat, the others guarded the ruined Lordaeron palace gardens, under the command of Dagren the Orcslayer, Magroth the Defender and Halahk the Lifebringer, respectively directing the Crippling Force, the Defenders of Justice and the Circle of Holy Light. However, their combined efforts were not enough, and they were defeated by Arthas Menethil, Kel'Thuzad, and Sylvanas Windrunner, enabling the Scourge to murder the survivors and destroyed the resistance.[105]

Among the few who managed to survive the massacre, some were rallied by Dagren the Orcslayer to join the ranks of the Human Settlers. They later traveled to Kalimdor under the orders of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, in order to fight the Horde and locate Jaina Proudmoore.[106] During the Invasion of Durotar, the paladins were assigned to the protection of Theramore Isle, among them, Dagren and his comrades of the Order faced the Horde troops and the blademaster Samuro, which served as a diversion to allow Rexxar, Rokhan and Chen Stormstout to infiltrate the island. In the meantime, the Chief Petty Officer was a mighty Kul Tiran paladin and one of the Admiral's most loyal officers who ensured his protection until his death during the final battle in Theramore.[107]

The Order of the Silver Hand shattered between the fanatical Scarlet Crusade...

The paladins who remained in Lordaeron continued to fight against the Scourge for the next years. Elusive and resourceful, the undead were unable to defeat them in battle. Under the leadership of Lord Commander Saidan Dathrohan and Highlord Alexandros Mograine, wielder of the Ashbringer, which was then considered as the Order's greatest weapon, the Knights of the Silver Hand banded together to continue the war against the Lich King and fought the undead throughout the Plaguelands. However, dissensions started appearing in the leadership of the human resistance. Lord Maxwell Tyrosus suggested that in order to retake their fallen cities, the Order should recruit among the night elves of Kalimdor and the dwarves and gnomes of Khaz Modan. Other prominent leaders such as High General Abbendis disagreed, considering the fate of Lordaeron the affairs of men.[43]

From their base at Hearthglen, used as a rallying point by the Order due to Taelan Fordring's offer for refuge, they were able to gain some victories during the next years,[108] but they weren't able to achieve their goal: the complete destruction of the Scourge.

Worried about the Forsaken entrenching themselves in the Ruins of Lordaeron, the paladins established a base in the now-abandoned Monastery of Tirisfal Glades, that would later be known as the Scarlet Monastery, where they met a jungle troll named Zabra Hexx who learned the ways of the Light from the holy books within. They also made an alliance with Lord Valdelmar of Tyr's Hand, extending their protection to the fortified city, who until then had withstood almost daily attacks of the undead, hoping to recruit additional personnel.[109] However, during an attack on Stratholme, Lord Commander Saidan Dathrohan was killed, his corpse possessed as a fleshly costume by the dreadlord Balnazzar, who then started slowly working against the Order's objectives from the inside.[43]

... and the knightly order of the Argent Dawn.

Fearing that the Ashbringer might destroy the Forsaken before his plans could come to fruition, Varimathras had Balnazzar arranged Alexandros's death by manipulating and corrupting his son, Renault Mograine, to led his father and Fairbanks to Stratholme where an army of undead waited for them. During the battle, Fairbanks was the first to fall, trapped under a pile of undead corpses, while Highlord Mograine stood alone against the undead, yet managed to destroy all sent at him. In fatigue and weakened, Alexandros dropped his blade to the ground. Coming from behind, his son Renault picked up Ashbringer and ran it through Mograine's heart, corrupting the Ashbringer in the process, before fleeing to Hearthglen, leaving his father's body and the now-unholy sword he was unable to hold in his hands.[43]

The death of Alexandros shocked the paladins, creating divisions among them, while the corpse of the Highlord and the Ashbringer were later recovered by Kel'Thuzad. The lich raised the legendary paladin into undeath and transformed him into an obedient servant as the leader of the Four Horsemen, while the Ashbringer was no more than an unholy shadow of what it was once after having been used for such an atrocious purpose.[110][111]

The possessed Saidan Dathrohan then reorganized what remained of the Silver Hand in Lordaeron into the Scarlet Crusade. These paladins strove fanatically to destroy evil, without any regards to the means used, and despised all non-human races. Other paladins, disgusted with the Scarlet Crusaders' immoral zealotry, suspicious of Saidan and his closest companions whom they suspected corrupted without being able to prove it, and who believed that their comrades had fallen from their once-noble purpose, left to form the order of the Argent Dawn, which took a less extreme approach by remaining faithful to the principles of the Light, and accepted members from all of Azeroth's races into their ranks at Light's Hope Chapel, which served as their base of operations in the Plaguelands.[110] It's also here that Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, and a few others, were chosen for the secret task of unearthing the bodies of a thousand fallen heroes of the Light and bringing them to be interred once more in sacred ground, in order to protect the honored dead from being raised as nothing more than cogs in the Lich King's undead army.[108] Lord Raymond George was the first leader of the Dawn, succeeded by Lord Maxwell Tyrosus after his demise.[112]

In the meantime, Taelan Fordring continued to fight under the banner of the Silver Hand, even after its decimation. At some point, he made his final stand in Northdale against the Scourge, where he threw down the standard of the Order and renounced all that he had known by joining the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade. He also threw into the waters of the ruined village the banner of the Silver Hand, on which he had once taken his oath of allegiance.[113]

At one point after the Third War, a pit lord named Verius traveled to a chapel belonging to the Knights of the Silver Hand, in the guise of a human, to manipulate a priest named Father Rammal into unwittingly assisting him by recommending his inclusion in the Order. However, having seen through the demon disguise with the aid of a magical amulet, a female elf within the chapel revealed that both she and "Rammal" were in fact blood elves. Verius quickly became aware of their motives once they revealed their true appearance and fell upon him to feed on his energy.[114][115]

After his death against Arthas, Uther's body was retrieved and buried in a great tomb built for him to the south of the ruins of Andorhal, at Sorrow Hill, vigilantly guarded by High Priest Thel'danis, the caretaker of the tomb.[116]

World of Warcraft

WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

The Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City, headquarters of the Church and the Order following the Third War.

Following the Third War, the Cathedral of Light now serves as the main spiritual hub for the Church of Light and the paladins in the kingdoms of Stormwind and Ironforge, with Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker and Valgar Highforge at their head, who remained part of the Knights of the Silver Hand.[13][14] Upholders of the Holy Light and defenders of the Alliance, these paladins were present from the northern forests of the Tirisfal Glades, fighting back the advance of the Forsaken, to the southern reaches of the Blasted Lands, ceaselessly upholding their vigil against demonic forces from beyond the Dark Portal.[117]

Following their induction, some human paladins traveled to Northshire Valley in order to continue their training and to help keep the kingdom's peace.[118] At the abbey, Marshal McBride began marshaling paladins of the Order and other recruits to get rid of the kobolds that infested the woods and moved into Echo Ridge Mine.[119] In Dun Morogh, some dwarf paladins came to aid in the Coldridge Valley. They were later summoned by Duthorian Rall, one of the most influential paladins of the Alliance, in order to continue their training and studies, but also to perform holy trials to show themselves worthy of serving the Light.[120][121] These new Knights of the Silver Hand were sent on missions to fight the Defias Brotherhood and the Dark Iron dwarf during their training,[122][123] but also to Chillwind Camp in the Western Plaguelands to assist Commander Ashlam Valorfist against the endless undead of the Scourge present in the region.[124]

Archbishop Benedictus, successor of Alonsus Faol as the head of the Church in Stormwind.

Everyone in the Order thought that Merideth Carlson was mad for coming up with the idea of a special horse feed destined to nourish spiritual horses. Relationships with the horse breeder were eventually mended,[125] in order to allow the young paladins to be able to obtain their own charger,[126] a tedious task that involved months of obtaining materials all over Azeroth, guided by Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker.[127]

After King Varian Wrynn went missing under suspicious circumstances while en route to a diplomatic summit to Theramore Isle, the venerated paladin Highlord Bolvar Fordragon acted as the Regent Lord of Stormwind and the Supreme Commander of Stormwind's forces on behalf of the young King Anduin Wrynn, so that order could be preserved within the kingdom.[128]

The Knight of the Silver Hand Trey Lightforge came in Northern Kalimdor to offer his help to the Alliance's night elven allies, in order to purge the lands from the forces of the demons and undead, but he was captured with his night elf friend Arko'narin while they were investigating the demonic activities in Jaedenar and the resurgence of the Shadow Council. He was tortured to death in the Shadow Hold of Felwood, his soul haunting the place until an adventurer came to kill his torturer and recover both his sword and his remains,[129] allowing him to be buried and finally rest in peace.[130]

The Silver Hand had no presence in Lordaeron until Tirion Fordring came out of exile. When his son Taelan was killed by Grand Inquisitor Isillien for trying to leave the Scarlet Crusade, Tirion avenged him and vowed over his son's body to reform the Order of the Silver Hand,[131] once more be a force of good dedicated to extinguishing the evil, regardless of its politics or pleasantries, that plagued the world:

  • "The death of my son at the hands of these monsters will not pass without incident. Take solace in knowing that the Order is reborn. I now take my place as Highlord of the new Order of the Silver Hand."

The Order is mentioned to be active during the initial assault on Naxxramas, as Eligor Dawnbringer of the Brotherhood of the Light mentioned them in a conversation with Scarlet Commander Marjhan at Light's Hope Chapel, threatening the latter to inform Lord Fordring and his knights that they are no longer here on amicable terms, and that the Highlord would take great pleasure in seeing to their "atonement".[132]

In Hillsbrad Foothills, the mysterious Purgation Isle was haunted by the ghosts of renegade priests of the Church and renegade paladins of the Order, that for some reason were condemned to be banished on the island, and since cannot find peace in death. It seems that the ogre necromancer Kormok was the cause, as it was said that he delighted in summoning forth the souls of the banished dead.[133]

The Burning Crusade

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Uther's Tomb, the only bastion of Light in a dying land.

In addition to the Scarlet Crusade, the Silver Hand found a rival in the newly-emerged Blood Knight order, a group of errant paladins who had come to prominence in the restored elven lands north of Lordaeron. Some of these elves had been knights of the Silver Hand before the Third War, such as Mehlar Dawnblade, a former pupil of Uther who held his former master indirectly responsible for the fall of Quel'Thalas and decided to defile Uther's Tomb, believing Uther's "mishandling" of the young prince's training was responsible for Arthas' betrayal, and that he failed to stop him.[134] To prove their dominance over the Light, Blood Knights were sent to defile the Alonsus Chapel, the Silver Hand's founding place. The ghostly knights Aelmar the Vanquisher, Cathela the Seeker, Gregor the Justiciar, Vicar Hieronymus, and Nemas the Arbiter appeared to defend the chapel alongside Lord Aurius Rivendare who was defeated.[135]

Other people also went to the tomb of Uther, among them the draenei Anchorite Truuen who studied many heroes of Azeroth, and who considers that Uther the Lightbringer of the Silver Hand was the one who interested him the most. He wants to honor the memory of the paladin by recovering the  [Mark of the Lightbringer], kept by the Scarlet Crusade at Taelan's Tower, with the help of an adventurer.[136] After recovering the mark and taking it to the tomb, the ghost of Uther appeared to thank them for what they accomplished and told them to keep the mark, as a symbol of the strength of the Light and how heroes long gone might once again rise in each of us to inspire.[137]

Following the reopening of the Dark Portal, Ironforge paladins of the Order joined the Azerothian defenses to repel the attacks of the demons led by a gigantic Pit Commander at the Stair of Destiny.

The following section was retconned by the comic and no longer refers to the current lore.

In the Old Hillsbrad Foothills instance of the Caverns of Time, adventurers sent a few years prior to the Third War by the Bronze dragonflight could be present during Alexandros Mograine's meeting at the inn of Southshore with the other members of the Silver Hand: the two paladins Tirion Fordring and Brigitte Abbendis, the priest Isillien, and the mage Doan. Thus, they were able to witness the purification of what would later become the heart of the Ashbringer.

Comics title.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

The Knights of the Silver Hand facing the armies of Ragnok Bloodreaver in front of the Dark Portal.

Sometime after the reopening, a battalion of knights of the Silver Hand led by Lord Irulon Trueblade launched an expedition into Outland to help secure the other side of the Dark Portal against the demons of the Burning Legion, notably by helping the Alliance and Horde forces already there to fortify their positions. When one of their paladins accused of desertion, Jorad Mace, returned with the news that an army of fel orcs and nether dragons was on its way to the Dark Portal, Trueblade vouched for him and urged Commander Duron to put the army on high alert.[138]

Soon after they shored up their defensive lines, the combined strength of the Alliance, Aldor, Silver Hand, Horde, and Broken troops stationed at the portal confronted Ragnok Bloodreaver's forces at the Stair of Destiny. During the battle, Ragnok was disintegrated by a radiant and sacred swing of Jorad's hammer. Without their leader and the nether dragons' support, the remains of the death knight's forces were driven off by the coalition, stopping them from getting a foothold in Azeroth.[139]

Shortly before the war against the Lich King, Korialstrasz decimated a large Scourge army somewhere in Lordaeron. The red dragon noticed that some of the undead wore paladins' armor.[140]

Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Highlord Tirion Fordring, leader of Silver Hand and the Argent Crusade during the Scourgewar.

At the head of the paladins of the Silver Hand and the Argent Dawn, Highlord Tirion Fordring emerged at Light's Hope Chapel to defend it from the Scourge, unleashing his holy fury upon the armies of undead until the Death Knights of Acherus were ultimately defeated.[141] During his confrontation with the Lich King, Tirion reclaimed and purified the Ashbringer, leading the Dark Lord of the Scourge to retreat and at the same time freeing the death knights from his grip. After the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, Tirion called for a union between the Argent Dawn and the remains of the Order of the Silver Hand in Lordaeron.[15] Together they formed the Argent Crusade, which sailed to Northrend and fought to end the reign of the Lich King.[142]

During the Scourge Invasion, some members of the Order were present in Shattrath City to protect Bishop Lazaril's altar and her priests, as they were creating holy artifacts from the concentration of light of the Naaru, in order to protect the Alliance capitals and destroy the floating necropolises of the Lich King.[143]

In the beginnings of the war against the Scourge, Tirion Fordring managed to set foot at Valgarde in Northrend under the disguise of a Cleric of the Crusade, while an envoy of the Silver Hand named Ares the Oathbound was entrusted to transport the Ashbringer separately, in order to protect the Highlord should the Lich King's forces attempt to intercept him. Ares sacrificed his life to protect and transport the legendary weapon, fatally wounded by undead, he directed an adventurer to retrieve the artifact in the Utgarde Catacombs,[144] and with his dying breath implored them to deliver it to Lord Irulon Trueblade who returned the weapon to Tirion. In honor of the knights who sacrificed themselves for their sacred duty, the Highlord revealed his identity and declared that the Order of the Silver Hand has arrived, and that they would advance until they defeated Arthas. Irulon Trueblade then mentioned that the Order of the Silver Hand worked toward Icecrown, and that Lord Tirion Fordring remained their greatest hope with the Ashbringer to stand a chance against the Lich King.[145]

Along with the Knights of the Ebon Blade, as the Ashen Verdict, the Knights of the Silver Hand were instrumental in Arthas's ultimate defeat, with Tirion himself using the Ashbringer to sunder Frostmourne.[146] Following the death of Arthas, the paladin Bolvar Fordragon took his place on the Frozen Throne as the new Lich King, keeping the undead legions under control.[147]

When the mourneblade was shattered, all the souls imprisoned inside were freed, including Uther's soul who expressed his regrets about his former apprentice.[148] The souls of the paladins Halahk the Lifebringer, Magroth the Defender, and Gavinrad the Dire were also freed, but ended up wandering Icecrown Citadel for years, until death knights of the Ebon Blade were forced to grant them a final death.[149]

In the Culling of Stratholme instance of the Caverns of Time, adventurers from both factions were sent just prior to the Third War by the Bronze dragonflight, in order to protect the paladin Arthas Menethil from the deceptions and assassination attempts of the agents of the Infinite dragonflight,[150] which seek to change the course of time by preventing the purge from occurring. Thus, the adventurers witnessed the suspension of the Silver Hand and the purge of Stratholme.[151]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The Scarlet Bastion in the Crusaders' Square.

Following the Cataclysm, the paladin trainers in the kingdoms of Stormwind and Ironforge were still greeting new members as part of an Order of the Silver Hand that did not merge with the Argent Crusade. Those paladins who remained loyal to the Alliance were sent in the Blackrock Depths, in order to prevent the deaths of allies at the hands of the Dark Iron clan and the Twilight Hammer,[152] but also at the cursed Shadowfang Keep in Silverpine Forest to obtain unique materials, so that Therum Deepforge can create weapons at the height of their dedication.[153]

During Tyr's Hand's conquest, Crusade Commander Korfax of the Brotherhood of the Light ordered adventurers to retrieve some priceless artifacts of the Order in the fortified city, among them the  [Shroud of Uther] and  [Gavinrad's Sigil], hidden in chests within the barracks as these artifacts of the founding members of the Silver Hand were too holy for the now-undead scarlet crusaders to touch. Once in his possession, Korfax announced that he intends to deliver them to Maxwell Tyrosus at Light's Hope Chapel, as they belong in the hands of the righteous.[154]

In Stratholme, the Knight of the Silver Hand Aurius Rivendare, who succumbed to the savage attacks of Baron Rivendare, fell to the corruption of the Scourge and was raised as a death knight, he then took control of the city in his father's absence.[155] Following his resurrection, Eligor Dawnbringer sent adventurers to kill him.[156] His body was then placed in a crypt of the city.[157] The ghost of Lord Raymond George also sent some adventurers in the burning city to retrieve valuable relics of the Silver Hand, among them lost volumes of the  [Annals of the Silver Hand] under the watchful eye of Instructor Galford, considered as fitting additions to the rededicated Light's Hope Chapel.[158]

Under the command of Eligor Dawnbringer of the Brotherhood of the Light, the Scarlet Bastion was reconquered after the defeat of Balnazzar and the Risen. Following the victory of the Argent Crusade, Eligor mentioned that the former Bastion of the Silver Hand was now back in the hands of its rightful owners, and that countless treasures of the Order still resided inside.[159]

At some point before the Cataclysm, and after the death of Kormok, the ghosts of the renegade paladins on Purgation Isle appear to have disappeared.

Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

At the time of the Invasion of Pandaria, a few paladins of the Silver Hand were present among the ranks of the Operation: Shieldwall forces. During the Alliance assault of Domination Point, the paladin Joan Lorraine attacked the Horde defenses along with the soldiers of Lion's Landing and the fleet of the 7th Legion, hoping to nip Garrosh Hellscream's fortifications in the bud.[160]

Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

During the war against the Iron Horde in alternate Draenor, paladins of Stormwind joined the ranks of the Alliance forces in Ashran. Among them, Valant Brightsworn was mobilized as the paladin leader at the Stormshield Outpost, where he managed the patrols on the island, while Guardian knights, Holy knights, and Retribution knights of the Order were seen fighting against the Horde forces on the battlefield.

Some of them could also be met as followers at the Lunarfall Garrison in alternate Shadowmoon Valley.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Main article: Paladin Campaign

The rebirth of the Order of the Silver Hand, unifying all paladin orders on Azeroth to stop the demon invasion.

Following the failed Argent Crusade's assault on the Broken Shore, and the loss of Highlord Tirion Fordring during the Battle for Broken Shore, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus came into contact with a paladin hero in order to reunite those who still have the conviction to save their home,[161] but also to find and secure the holy legendary artifacts that are  [The Silver Hand], the  [Truthguard] and the  [Ashbringer], the only weapons that would allow them to fight back against the Legion.[162]

During the demonic invasions, the paladin and Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle led the defense of Westfall and managed to repel the attacks. In Dun Morogh, some crusaders of Ironforge came to help defend the dwarf city after being rescued from demons by adventurers of the Alliance.

After successfully securing all of the artifacts, and bringing back Tirion's body to be buried with dignity amongst the ancient heroes of the Light,[163] a ceremony took place within a hidden sanctum beneath Light's Hope Chapel to unite every paladin order on Azeroth, where the paladin hero was named as the new Highlord and Champion of the restored Order of the Silver Hand, having been chosen as Tirion Fordring's heir and the most worthy to wear the mantle of Highlord.[164] From the Sanctum of Light, the Silver Hand began to prepare itself for its fight against the demons of the Burning Legion.

The Order of the Silver Hand grew and was made up of:

While not directly stated, Brother Sammuel from Northshire and Eligor Dawnbringer were also present, thus the Brotherhood of Northshire and the Brotherhood of the Light were apparently also represented.

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, the Order of the Silver Hand began to mobilize on the Broken Isles, with the support of Lord Shadowbreaker who has volunteered to coordinate their forces on the ground,[166] sending reconnaissance troops across the islands to watch over the legion's movements and bring back the survivors they found.[167] Subsequently the Silver Hand organized the recruitment and training of new troops such as Squad of Squires and Shieldbearer Phalanx formed by Commander Ansela, a grizzled war veteran and seasoned teacher who pledged her service to the Order after being rescued in the Broken Isles,[168] Silver Hand Knights and Silver Hand Templar formed by Commander Born, a hard teacher who has trained some of the greatest paladin knights in the recent times,[169] and finally Silver Hand Crusaders recruited by Crusader Kern. The ongoing offensive within the Broken Shore also drawn the interest of many paladins who wish to join the rank of the Silver Hand, some of them were judged in Light's Hope Chapel by the Highlord itself who eliminated the Legion infiltrator among them.[170] Some high elves were also present in the ranks of the Order as Silver Hand Shieldbearers.

During one of their expedition on the Broken Shore, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus and his scouts discover and report to Archmage Khadgar and the Highlord that an extraordinarily luminescent object has emerged from the Felstorm, emanating an incredible surge of power that they could feel it coursing through their body, before it vanished and crashed beyond the horizon, towards the coast of Suramar, cutting a swath through the tempest itself.[171] Their discovery was the  [Light's Heart], the heart of the naaru Xe'ra, bearer of Turalyon's message for Azeroth, and according to him, the key that must be brought to the Prophet Velen to defeat the Legion, or all the universe would be doomed.[172] In Arator's presence, another message was heard, Turalyon informed his son that the dreadlord Balnazzar has been sent to Azeroth to destroy all that he holds dear, and that he must gather the defenders of the Light to fight or all will be lost.[173] Consequently, Lady Liadrin and Lord Maxwell Tyrosus were present alongside the Highlord during the Battle for the Exodar to fight against High General Rakeesh and protect the naaru O'ros, according to Velen, targeted by the demons so that they could not unlock the knowledge crucial to their battle against the Burning Legion contained within the Light's Heart.[174]

The Sanctum of Light, where the Knights of the Silver Hand operate against the Burning Legion.

Later, the defenses of the Silver Hand were attacked by the Knights of the Ebon Blade who came to retrieve Tirion's body in order to make him the last member of the Four Horsemen. They overpowered Maxwell Tyrosus, then made their way to the bottom of the Sanctum where Lady Liadrin tried to stop them, but was defeated as well. Just as the Ebon Blade was about to claim Tirion, the Light itself intervened and burned the surrounded death knights, forcing them to flee and granting victory to the paladins.[175]

Under the orders of the Highlord and Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, the Knights of the Silver Hand were mobilized on different missions,[176] notably to pursue Balnazzar by pinpointing his recent movements in eastern Azsuna, where rumors said that a small demon force reported directly to him,[177] and to bolster their forces by increasing recruitment efforts and seeking for new allies, helping priests from the Conclave to save survivors and fight demons on the Broken Shore.[178] They also dealt with demons incursions, killing a man'ari eredar named Summoner Djobi who corrupted the local furbolgs in Val'sharah,[179] and procured supplies of weapons, food, medicine, and other provisions for the Order after they made contact with a tribe of Highmountain tauren, killing a demon incursion who stood in their way.[180] Later they were sent to repel a demon attack on Hearthglen,[181][182] leading to the recruitment of a noted scholar from the Hearthglen archives, Sir Alamande Graythorn, who agreed to lend his expertise to their cause.[183] Although Stratholme is still under the control of the Scourge led by Raemien the Soultaker, the Silver Hand managed to regain control of the Elders' Square, where the Alonsus Chapel is located, and defeat the death knight in order to get Aurius Rivendare's steed, Shadowmane, to redeem it to serve as a mount for the new Highlord.[157]

Under the command of Vindicator Boros and Justicar Julia Celeste, the Silver Hand have kept a close eye on Legion movements at Faronaar in Azsuna, where their intel suggested that a high-ranking lieutenant was present, possibly Balnazzar himself.[184] They managed to sabotage the efforts and advance of the Legion by killing the Imp mother Ozram and a large number of demons,[185][186] and by destroying Legion Orbs, vital to the Legion's planning and strategy.[187] Nonetheless the mission nearly turned into a disaster due to the Vindicator's rage, narrowly save with his men by the Highlord.[188]

During their mission, the Knights of the Silver Hand managed to obtain Balnazzar's  [Codex of Command]. Unable to access the information inside, Aponi Brightmane contacted her friend Delas Moonfang, a priestess from the Conclave, who has been studying Eredun.[189] The latter agreed to help and managed to decipher the Codex after the paladins managed to bring her a  [Fel Lexicon] from a powerful prisoner inside the Violet Hold.[190] As Legion sigils only reveal themselves in the presence of demon blood, the Knights of the Silver Hand were mobilized on various missions on the Broken Isles to obtain  [Flask of Demon Blood].[191] They first disrupted the demonic operation in the Felbeast Dens in Azsuna, where the Legion created terrifyingly resilient breeds of manastalkers, by killing Felbreeder Argnotha.[192] As the eredar Despoiler Egrothar came in Highmountain to desecrate the sacred burial sites of the Highmountain tribe, raising the bodies of the dead, the paladins put them back to rest before killing the demon.[193] When the Felskorn assembled at the gates of the Hall of Valor in Stormheim, including among them a massive brute named Cleaver Northamel, the Silver Hand paladins were sent to eliminate all of them.[194] Later, they came in support in Felsoul Hold in the southwestern region of Suramar, to dispose of giant infernals and felbats who attacked any who come near the Legion base of operations.[195] Finally, the Order of the Silver Hand sent their troops in the region of Val'sharah to destroy a rampaging satyr warband, led by Illbringer Zizzifrax, in order to help the druids of the Cenarion Circle who have their hands full with the satyr and the Nightmare.[196]

The Netherlight Temple, where the Knights of the Silver Hand and the Conclave permanently destroyed Balnazzar.

The contents of the Codex taught paladins about a Legion invasion force at Felblaze Ingress, in Azsuna, where they planned to open a portal directly to their demon world of Niskara.[197] This information led to an assault under the command of Aponi Brightmane and Arator the Redeemer, alongside the Conclave, while the Highlord and his allies were investigating on Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest, a formidable general during Azshara's reign which was rumored to amass an enormous army behind the fortress walls of Black Rook Hold, leading to the liberation of the spirit of the night elf and the elimination of Dantalionax who impersonated the latter's advisor to manipulate him.[198] However, the paladins did not give any further news after their departure.[199] They were later rescued by the Highlord who traced them by finding the pages of Aponi's libram, learning that their assault was a failure when Balnazzar appeared through his portal and defeat them, before imprisoning them in Niskara.[200] They also saved by the same occasion a Mysterious Stranger who informed them that Balnazzar and his armies were about to attack the Netherlight Temple, headquarters of the Conclave hidden in the Twisting Nether.[201]

The Order of the Silver Hand agreed to support the Conclave,[202] and accepted Delas' request to join them as their first night elf paladin,[203] alongside her uncle Nerus Moonfang after the Highlord freed the family from Oathbinder Zorak's curse.[204] Subsequently, the Order began its preparations by sending troops to collect  [Blood of Sargeras], a rare powerful reagent to bind the magic on their weapons and armor,[205] but above all a rare metal called  [Lumenstone] among the native peoples of the Broken Isles, recognized as unbreakable and able to negate magic, even withstand great amounts of fel, for the creation of weapons and armor for an army.[206] The paladins of the Silver Hand were sent to the Broken Shore, littered with debris from battle, to gather plenty of lumenstone while fighting the demons still patrolling the area. [207] Some of them return with lumenstone that they found during their assault of the Legion Camp: Ruin in Azsuna, where the demons kept a rich stockpile of weapons.[208] After scouts stumbled upon a Tideskorn vrykul raiding party, equipped with lumenstone weapons under the lead of Plunderer Jurval, the Order sent troops to eliminate the enemy and take their weapons for their own.[209] Some of them also "convinced" the naga in southern Val'sharah to part with their weapons crafted from lumenstone.[210] And when the nightborne moved a large shipment of lumenstone behind the walls of Suramar City, paladins of the Order came to fight Warden Jor'al under cover of darkness, and claim all the steel.[211]

Once ready, the paladins joined the Battle for the Netherlight Temple, who led to the final death of Balnazzar with the help of Lothraxion and the Army of the Light.[212][213] Following their victory, the Order of the Silver Hand joined the other orders, represented by Gryan Stoutmantle,[214] to form the Armies of Legionfall in Dalaran. The Knights of the Silver Hand were present to repel the legion's assault on Dalaran, and to fight alongside their allies during the Assault on Broken Shore, with Captain Ridgers at their head at Deliverance Point.

During the Argus Campaign, the paladins of the Silver Hand were present on Argus under the orders of the Highlord, Lady Liadrin, Arator the Redeemer, and Vindicator Boros, in order to fight demons on the battlefield at Darkfall Ridge, and protect the Vindicaar from Legion's attacks. When Sargeras impaled Azeroth with his sword, gravely injuring its world-soul while its energies seeped like poison, a champion of the Silver Hand among other champions of Azeroth drained the sword of its corruption with a sacred artifact of the Order, serving as a vessel for its vast power.[215]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Turalyon and the paladins of the Silver Hand during the Battle for Stromgarde.

During the Battle for Stromgarde, the paladins of the Alliance bore the banner of the Silver Hand and planted Blessed Banners on the battlefield. They were under the orders of High Exarch Turalyon who made his return to Azeroth and pledged his forces to High King Anduin Wrynn. They only employed Alliance races and fought once more on the side of the Alliance against the Horde, notably Liadrin and her Blood Knights alongside the Sunwalkers,[216] indicating that the Silver Hand has splintered once again in the beginning of the Fourth War.

They fought alongside several elite members of the Army of the Light, while Turalyon scoffed at the idea of the Horde armies being led by a paladin, Lady Liadrin, questioning what has happened on Azeroth to allow this. He then claimed he will take pleasure in enacting justice from a "misguided paladin of the Horde".[217] The battle ultimately ended in the Alliance's favor.[218]

During the Battle of Dazar'alor, the Champion Frida Ironbellows fought the Horde as the vanguard for the Alliance's assault, she was accompanied by Anointed Disciples and the Darkforged Crusader.

During the Faction Assaults, paladins of the Order acted as officers in the Alliance armies, notably among the 7th Legion and the Stormwind Army. In Zandalar, Grand Marshal Fury and some caravan leaders,[219] were responsible for leading and protecting caravans carrying Azerite shipments, notably in Zuldazar, Nazmir, and Vol'dun where they were attacked by the Horde.[220] In Kul Tiras, Caravan Commander Veronica was in charge of transporting Azerite in Drustvar,[221] while Knight-Captain Johnny was the target of an Horde agent at the Fort Daelin of Stormsong Valley.[222] In Tiragarde Sound, a few paladins were assigned as healers and protected their allies during an attack on the Ashvane Foundry.[223]

In order to protect the people of Arom's Stand, some members of the Order joined the ranks of the Purified, an Alliance contingent of soldiers empowered by the Light.[224]

In Arathi Basin, the Silver Hand paladins Kyara Bladeturner, Matron Dreya, and the Dark Iron dwarf Nella Slagheart fought against Horde soldiers during the Brawl: Comp Stomp.

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Following the Fourth War, Mathias Shaw mentions in his report that the Knights of the Silver Hand are still present and active in the Sanctum of Light, where its halls have been cleared to store many artifacts mostly recovered from Scholomance, Stratholme and the Plaguelands. The artifacts stored by the Silver Hand are far too dangerous to be stored elsewhere, and above all far too tempting for anyone to resist, which requires sacred protections.

Among them, the most dangerous are the weapons and armor recovered by the paladins from the body of Balnazzar in the Scarlet Bastion, which are the  [Demonshear], the  [Hammer of the Grand Crusader], the  [Crown of Tyranny], the  [Shroud of the Nathrezim], and the  [Book of the Dead] of which a copy of the runes has been made with ordinary ink, currently kept under high magical protection at the Cathedral of Light, in order to be able to recognize this language if it should be seen written elsewhere. Other artifacts recovered by adventurers, who ventured years ago in the burning city to defeat Baron Rivendare with the help of Lord Aurius Rivendare, have also joined those in the Sanctum, among them the  [Runeblade of Baron Rivendare], the  [Bonescraper], and the  [Seal of Rivendare].[225]

The Silver Hand also received the book  [The Light and How to Swing It], written by Uther for Arthas, after Lorekeeper Mykos removed the mark from the Athenaeum and donated it to the paladin archives, thus allowing all paladins to read it.[81]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

The creation of the Order of the Silver Hand, as incorrectly remembered by Uther in his vision.

After the Alliance sent an expedition to Exile's Reach, but lost all contact with, they sent a bigger and stronger expeditionary force. On board the ship, some new human and dwarf members of the Silver Hand were present to be part of a new crew of novice adventurers charged to find out what happened.[226]

In Stormwind City, the Order of the Silver Hand makes its appearance in the paladin section of the Training Hall, represented by Gilda Silvershield and one of the foremost paladins in the realm,[227] the paladin trainer Ezul'aan, who asked to meet young paladins who impressed him with their rapid progress,[228] in order to send them to fight the enemies of the Alliance in Blackrock Depths,[229] and at Shadowfang Keep to obtain materials for the creation of weapons at the height of their dedication,[230] as Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker did in the past.

Following King Anduin's abduction by the Mawsworn, Turalyon was appointed as regent and protector of the Kingdom of Stormwind with the support of the House of Nobles,[231] and mused about secured other holdings of the old Alliance.

In the Shadowlands, through Uther's memories, the Maw Walker witnessed the creation of the Order of the Silver Hand in Alonsus Chapel, where the first paladins and the Archbishop were present to induct Uther into their ranks. In Uther's corrupted memories of the Culling of Stratholme, some Silver Hand Betrayers were present among the followers of Arthas and torched the city when the prince began his purge.[232] In Uther's final memory, paladins of the order were seen fighting the undead in Andorhal, while some of them were healed by priests of the Church.[233]


The paladin crest, illustrated in the preface of the Libram of Ancient Kings.

“This world is ours, and by the Holy Light we will keep it safe, now and forever.”

— Turalyon to Khadgar after the Second War[234]

The Order of the Silver Hand was founded on the moral foundation of five core traits, inspired by five holy tomes that were some of the church's most ancient relics. Each libram represented what Archbishop Alonsus Faol saw as a core trait of the Order: retribution, holiness, protection, justice, and compassion.[4]

The archaic human words "Esarus thar no'Darador", which translates to "By Blood and Honor We Serve", are the motto of the Order of the Silver Hand. These words are often found on the cover of religious tomes in Azeroth,[235] on memorial statues of Turalyon, and on the stainglass representation of Tyr in Stratholme's chapel.[236][237]

The members of the Silver Hand consider themselves to be “Brothers” and “Sisters” when they become paladins.[238]

The Highlord of the Silver Hand is a heroic figure among the paladins, and many want to impress them. Some rumors circulate that the Highlord can return from death, that they once slew five hundred demons in a single blow, that they have killed Ragnaros the Firelord twice, and that they have killed Archimonde with their own bare hands. Some even wonder if they could be a demigod.[239]

Not all Knights of the Silver Hand necessarily come from noble families, like Sir Thomas who comes from a family that owns and worked a pumpkin farm in Tirisfal Glades.[86] When a paladin enters the ranks of the Silver Hand, they can change their name. It's notably the case of Davil Lightfire, originally Davil Crokford.[240]

The paladins seem to have a thousand different rites for every minor occasion,[241] and are also known to be very sanctimonious.[5] For them; any service, however humble, that helped another was of the Light.[242] Nevertheless, they are known for their expedience in meting out justice, which can sometimes turn into an inquisition.[243]

Along with their shoulders and warhammer, all members of the Order received their own libram during their ceremony of induction. They are holy relics filled with sacred texts, and which paladins use to channel their powers, or to write down important information.[200] When they obtain their steed, the paladins of the Silver Hand name them following the tradition of the paladins and priests,[244] inherited from the informal tradition of the knights and nobles of Lordaeron,[245] by a quality they admire. It's the case of Invincible and Steadfast, respectively named by Arthas Menethil and Uther the Lightbringer.

The paladins had a more ritualistic way of looking at battle, and focused more on the attitude one brought into the fight than the actual mechanics of swordplay.[246] In battle, they charge their enemies onto their steeds, using mainly swords and warhammers, but also maces, axes,[23] and their shields. During a fight to the death, the Holy code of the Order asks the paladin that they give a reprieve to their enemy if they collapse, as butchering a fallen foe in the midst of single combat is unquestionably dishonorable.[247] They also cannot slay any foe who cannot defend himself, notably someone asleep or unconscious, as the stain would be too great for their oaths.[243]

On the battlefield, the paladins were filled with righteous anger and the power of their faith, and their holy auras caused more than one orc to turn away when attacking.[23] They had an aura about them, a sense of calm and wisdom and even majesty, as if they were above the problems of this world. Turalyon also had an aura about him since Lothar‘s death, but more at one with the world around him, more attuned to his surroundings. According to Khadgar, it was a magic he did not understand but one he respected a great deal, and in many ways it was the opposite of his own magic, which sought to control the elements and other forces.[42]

The libraries of the Sanctum of Light, where the librams and sacred books of the Order are archived by the scholars.

Before a dangerous mission, the Knights of the Silver Hand take no risks, the chief paladin of the group gives their seal of command to their second in case something happens to them. If the leader dies, their second in possession of the seal of command rises to the rank of their predecessor and takes charge of the troops.[248]

After being killed on a mission or on the battlefield, the armor of a fallen paladin is retrieved by its comrades, and later brought back in honor to the family by the master(s) of the deceased.[249] When buried, paladins can be placed in conventional cemeteries, or in the resting places of the honored dead that are the catacombs of the Cathedral of Light,[250] the cemetery of Light's Hope Chapel,[108] and the secret crypts of the Sanctum of Light.[251]

The Knights of the Silver Hand do not mistreat their prisoners, they do not deny them any basic rights,[243] including food, drink, and the right to defend themselves by giving their side of the story.[252] During interrogation, they disapprove the practice of torture or brutality,[57] instead, asking the accused to confess,[243] or by seeking to negotiate with them.[253] In the case of a complete refusal to comply, they use the Light to make their prisoners answer their questions, forcing them to tell the truth although it is very painful.[254]

Sometimes used by some of the more fringe elements of the priesthood and the paladinhood, the scourges are instruments of self-flagellation meant to cleanse impurities.[255][86]

While the Order is an overall noble establishment, there is a time when pleasantries must end and justice must be done by its members. The Judgement Armor is meant to be an Inquisitor-like outfit, and is so called for a reason, it is the paladin's embodiment of delivering their sentence upon the enemy. This armor does not represent the defender aspect of the holy knights, but the commanding, faceless aspect of justice and judgment, as there is more to a paladin than shining armor.[256] It's a suit of plate armor fitted with precious icons and scripture of justice from the paladins' tenets of Holy Light.[257] In the Silver Hand, only paladins of impeccable commitment do not shrug beneath the weight of the Lawbringer Armor. Adorned with golden wings and polished plates, these venerable armaments command attention. Senior paladins claim that the Light itself shines through the hallowed metal, calling favor down upon the wearer.[258]

The settlements of the Silver Hand through Lordaeron were described as keeps, with high stone walls surrounded functional and unadorned establishments where holy knights, squires, and small populations of common folk attempted to live in relative frugality. The banners of the brotherhood flew side-by-side with those of the Alliance of Lordaeron, and if not for the townsfolk, these settlements might have been mistaken for completely military operations, for the rule of the holy order clearly had control over all matters.[5]

In case of treason, desertion, or any acts contrary to the rules of the Order, paladins can be excommunicated. After having stand trial, their light-given powers are stripped, they are then banned from the paladinship and exiled. Though it had only been used a few times, every paladin lived in mortal fear of it.[259]


Main article: Church of the Holy Light

As the martial branch of the Church of Light, the Order of the Silver Hand is renowned for spreading goodness. These noble warriors employ both a strong military and powerful magics in the defense of their kingdoms. Bestowed with the ancient arms and armor of their forefathers, they wander from town to town righting the wrongs of society. Although the Alliance of Lordaeron has all but fallen apart, these valiant warriors have once again taken up steel against the enemies of Azeroth.[260]

They are followers of the philosophy of the Holy Light, which boils down to the three teachings called the Three Virtues. The Knights of the Silver Hand apply them at all times in order to make the world a place everyone can appreciate; a world of honor and justice. Some of them also believed in a higher power that could choose paths for people, and believed evil actions were ungodly.[261]

Compassion, patience, bravery mean as much to a paladin as strength in battle,[262] and sacrifice is a key component in what it takes to uphold their duties.[263]

As the Church of the Light preaches against the Shadow, which the orcs were once strongly perceived to be creatures of,[74] the paladins are known to condemn their foes with such epitaphs as 'shadowspawn' and 'spawn of darkness'.[264]

Through the general ideology of the Light is to strive to be good in all actions, the paladins must always show themselves worthy of serving the light and never forget the virtues that make them what they are. They also seek to be the best of oneself, and thus continue to make the world a better place. Its teachings are depicted in the  [Tome of Divinity] and the  [Tome of Valor].


Scouting Map of the Order in the Sanctum of Light.

Founded during the Second War, the initial mission of the Paladins of the Order of the Silver Hand was to be a symbol of unity for the various peoples forming the Alliance of Lordaeron. Using their sacred power to heal, protect, and give courage to their troops, they became heroes of humanity and were on the front lines to fight the death knights of the Old Horde.

Powerful holy knights, they are called to protect the weak, to bring justice to the unjust, and to vanquish evil from the darkest corners of the world. Equipped with plate armor so they can confront the toughest of foes, the Light grants them additional power against the undead and demons, ensuring that these profane beings corrupt the world no longer.[265] Wielding their mighty hammers and the strength of the Light, these holy warriors command forces in battle, all the while throwing themselves to where the fighting is the thickest.[117]

Following the war, on Alonsus Faol's decree,[46] they dedicated themselves to healing the sick and granted shelter to the survivors broken by the Great Wars, as in times of peace, some of them exchange their weapons and armor for simple robes, applying the teachings of Faol on the dichotomy of paladins to serve humbly in devastated communities after wars; as they are both warriors and healers.[46] The others were safeguarding the land from orc attacks by directing a few settlements across Lordaeron until the Third War, and as a number of internment camps were constructed in southern Lordaeron to contain the orcish threat, they were guarded by both paladins of the Order and veteran soldiers.[266]

As members of the Church of the Holy Light, they are mainly present in places of worship, such as churches and temples, which provide a place where priests and paladins can commune with the people of the land.[267] They are notably known to minister to the masses during the war, gathering inside churches to deepen their faith.[27] They also take care of the sick and wounded, while seniors are responsible for training aspiring paladins. They also make sure to support the society by helping and participating in charitable works,[268][269] and are sent on missions against those who threaten the peoples of the Alliance and their allies, notably by allowing the undead and spirits to rest, either by purging them or by using a holy censer to exorcise them.[270][271][272][273]

For years, they kept the peace in Lordaeron, settling civil disputes and quelling demi-human uprisings throughout the realm.[9] Some paladins also hold leadership positions in seigneuries, municipalities, and even regions across the kingdoms. It was notably the case of Tirion Fordring as the Lord of Hearthglen, succeeded by his apprentice Barthilas who later became the Magistrate of Stratholme. In recent years, Gryan Stoutmantle became the Marshal in charge of Westfall.

When the Plague of Undeath manifested in Lordaeron, the paladins of the Silver Hand mobilized against the undead, even after the Order was suspended by Arthas Menethil. They have since battled tirelessly against the Scourge, seeking to free Lordaeron from the undead, and restore it to its former glory.

After the fall of the Order, the remaining members remained loyal to their cause and reformed their ranks in Stormwind City and Ironforge to train new apprentices. In the Alliance, these paladins joined the ranks of various armies, such as the Stormwind Army or the Valiance Expedition, while veterans joined the ranks of the 7th Legion.[274] Some also decided to travel, spreading their faith and the justice of the Light across Azeroth as adventurers.

In times of war, the Silver Hand support the Alliance on the battlefields. During the Fourth War, they ceased their neutrality to fight the Horde, and even their former allies. After the war, the Order transformed some rooms of the Sanctum of Light, in order to store many artifacts that their paladins recover and secure. Those artifacts are far too dangerous to be stored elsewhere, and above all far too tempting for anyone to resist, therefore, the paladins employ sacred protections.[81]


Alonsus Chapel, where the first paladins were trained and knighted.

The training to become a paladin of the Order can take several months for priests and knights,[23][4] and up to several years for younger and inexperienced apprentices,[6][95] although training can be accelerated for squires if necessary.[168] Becoming an apprentice requires attending to an establishment of the Church or the Silver Hand, and proving itself worthy of receiving the teachings of the Light. Whether young or adult, those who succeed are admitted and begin their training, the unworthy are dismissed but may retry later.[275]

In the past, they were mainly trained in Lordaeron, notably at the Cathedral of Capital City, the former main spiritual hub of the Church before the Third War,[95] or at the Monastery, a center for learning and enlightenment known as a proud bastion of Lordaeron's priesthood,[276] which served as a seminary and major training ground for paladins in training.[277][278] Nowadays, they are mainly trained by their seniors in the Sanctum of Light, in the Northshire Abbey of Northshire Valley, or in the Cathedral of Light and the Training Hall of Stormwind City. In Ironforge, they are trained in the Hall of Mysteries, a temple that serves as a center of arcane and divine practice and study.

During their formation, apprentice paladins are trained to use a variety of weapons, they learn combat tactics and many techniques, as well as how to ride and fight on their steed. Their training sessions are long and difficult, lasting up to several hours a day until exhaustion,[279] and this for days and nights.[4] Training at arms is important for a paladin, so are prayer and meditation, as they must be able to cut down their enemies but must also be able to heal their allies and themselves.[280] In places of worship, they are instructed to pray, to meditate for hours, and often discuss the nature of paladins and the rigorous disciplines they must observe.[281] At the same time, they study many sacred texts, learn to take care of church duties and religious services, are instructed on the ways of the Order and its code of honor, but also on the protocols of politics and knighthood.[6]

During their formation, they must learn to abnegate themselves through meditation, in order to become conduits for the Light and use its powers.[282]

Despite the Church's wishes to bolster its ranks, it understands the sacrifices needed to ensure the paladins serving it are worthy, thus requiring long training and several tests that could take their lives.[283]

After being deemed worthy, becoming a paladin and officially joining the Silver Hand requires passing a ceremony of induction headed by a high member of the Church, in presence of clerics of the Brotherhood of Northshire and paladins of the Order, where they take their oath of allegiance on a banner of the Order, which they keep thereafter.[113] During his ceremony at the Cathedral of Light, Arthas Menethil received his warhammer engraved with holy runes by Gavinrad and the silver plates that were placed on his shoulders by his mentor Uther the Lightbringer, before he speaks his vows and be empowered by the holy light.[284]

Prince Arthas Menethil, Crown Prince of Lordaeron and Revered champion of the Silver Hand.

Archbishop Alonsus Faol: In the Light, we gather to empower our brother. In its grace, he will be made anew. In its power, he shall educate the masses. In its strength, he shall combat the shadow. And, in its wisdom, he shall lead his brethren to the eternal rewards of paradise.
The Archbishop closed the book and turned toward the men on the left.
Alonsus Faol: Clerics of the Northshire, if you deem this man worthy, place your blessings upon him.
One of the clerics comes with a blessed dark blue embroidered stole in his hands, which he placed reverently around Arthas' neck. Then, he dipped his thumb in a small vial of sacred oil and anointed Arthas' forehead.
Cleric: By the grace of the Light, may your brethren be healed.
The Archbishop turned to the men on the right.
Alonsus Faol: Knights of the Silver Hand, if you deem this man worthy, place your blessings upon him.
Two of the armored men comes, the first laid the warhammer before Arthas' feet. The second, Uther the Lightbringer, placed the silver plates upon Arthas' shoulders.
Gavinrad: By the strength of the Light, may your enemies be undone.
Alonsus Faol: Arise and be recognized.
Arthas stood up in front of the Archbishop.
Alonsus Faol: Do you, Arthas Menethil, vow to uphold the honor and codes of the Order of the Silver Hand.
Arthas Menethil: I do.
Alonsus Faol: Do you vow to walk in the grace of the Light and spread its wisdom to your fellow man?
Arthas Menethil: I do.
Alonsus Faol: Do you vow to vanquish evil wherever it be found, and protect the weak and innocent with your very life?
Arthas Menethil: By my blood and honor, I do.
The Archbishop closed the book and walked back toward the center of the altar, he turned to face the entire assembly.
Alonsus Faol: Brothers — you who have gathered here to bear witness — raise your hands and let the Light illuminate this man.
Each of the clerics and knights raised their right hands and pointed toward Arthas, empowered him with the holy light.
Alonsus Faol: Arise, Arthas Menethil — Paladin defender of Lordaeron. Welcome to the Order of the Silver Hand.

A few years earlier, Tirion Fordring went through the ceremony in Alonsus Chapel, where he received his warhammer etched of holy runes from a member of the Order and his silver plates from Saidan Dathrohan, before being empowered by the holy light.[6] Decades later, his son Taelan Fordring and Renault Mograine also went through the same ceremony for their introduction, respectively into the ranks of the Silver Hand and the Scarlet Crusade.[285][110]

The Altar of Ancient Kings, where are inducted the paladins of the Order in the Sanctum of Light.

Delas walks down the aisle and then kneels at the steps leading up to the Altar of Ancient Kings.
Delas Moonfang says: Here, in the presence of eternal champions, I take this sacred oath:
Delas Moonfang says: To protect the weak, uphold justice, and walk the righteous path.
Delas Moonfang says: I pledge my life to the Order of the Silver Hand,
Delas Moonfang says: And join my brothers and sisters in humble service.
After Delas has completed the vow, the Highlord used the ability Ability paladin blindinglight.png  Rise, Paladin to complete the induction.
Delas stands and walks the rest of the way to the altar before kneeling again. Upon arising, she is reborn as a paladin.

Following the ceremony of induction, these new paladins receive their tabard and the  [Badge of the Silver Hand] to formalize their status and membership in the ranks of the Order. Thereafter, they continue to be trained by their master, in order to learn how to use their new holy powers. This is notably the case of Barthilas and Arthas Menethil who continued to be formed, respectively, by Tirion Fordring and Uther after joining the Silver Hand.[6][288]

Charger of the Silver Hand in Hearthstone.

Thus, during their new training, these young paladins study new holy abilities which will be used to accomplish their duty. Among the many ways of using the Light, they notably learn to:

  • Calling upon the forces of light and purity, they are able to dispel the walking dead that plague the lands of Azeroth. They can use exorcism to cause injury to entire groups of these undead terrors, or to utterly eradicate a lone creature.
  • Focusing their spiritual powers and channeling the positive energies of the Light, they can form a wave of healing energy to mend their comrades' wounds, as aiding their brethren in times of pain and illness remains the fundamental concern of any within the holy Order. This holy energy serves to replenish the strength and courage of all who strive for victory, and is also capable of causing damage to the undead and their dark masters.
  • Empowered by the Light, they can surround themselves with an impenetrable barrier of positive energy, and while they are encased in it, physical and magical attacks cannot do them any harm.
  • Their mere presence can instill great courage and inner strength in those around them. This powerful, spiritual surge actually increases the defensive capabilities of those gathered near the paladins.
  • As the Light is everywhere, so the Holy Vision of the paladins extends to all corners of the land. The area unveiled by this incantation grants them knowledge of the terrain and of all those who may dwell there. When this spell dims, they maintain knowledge of the lands they have seen, although they lose sight of the denizens in these lands.[289][7]

Once their training is complete, and to improve their new abilities, young paladins are given various quests, missions, and trials by their masters. One of the most influential paladins of the Alliance, Duthorian Rall, is notably responsible for placing the new members of the Order on the path to greater virtue, as they devote themselves to the Light and defend Azeroth from any threats.[290] They must succeed to prove themselves worthy to learn the use of the perception of the undead,[291] but above all, to access to one of the paladin's greatest honors, the power of resurrection.[292]

At the Cathedral of Light of Stormwind City, young paladins get a warhorse as their first mount.[293] Possessed of a noble spirit and deceptive intelligence uncommon among their kind, the warhorse is a regal charger that only the most inspiring of paladins can call to service. Once it pledges its service to a worthy master, the warhorse holds to its responsibility as a loyal mount and steadfast companion with a devotion that cannot be found in its lesser cousins. The paladin's warhorse is more than a steed; it is a tireless cohort for its valorous master, carrying the paladin across Azeroth on a ceaseless crusade to vanquish evil wherever it may lurk.[294] After proving themselves, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker is in charge of helping these paladins to obtain their own Charger.[295] Those holy steeds are devoted to the cause of their owner,[296] and are the spirits of former deathchargers recovered from death knights who were redeemed by a sacred ritual,[297][298] a tedious task that involved months of obtaining materials all over Azeroth. Following the Cataclysm, they are easier to obtain as the Silver Hand has now most of those materials at hand.[127]


The Sanctum of Light, headquarters and base of operation of the Order of the Silver Hand in Lordaeron.

“Only by working together can we succeed!”

— Highlord Tirion Fordring

As the martial branch of the Church of the Holy Light, the Order of the Silver Hand seeks to be an example of the Light's teachings as well as enforce its laws, and therefore, has its own hierarchical structure to organize its activities, in order to protect the weak and vanquish the evil of Azeroth. The Sanctum of Light is the secret hall located beneath Light's Hope Chapel who serves as a catacomb which houses the remains of a thousand heroes of Lordaeron, and as the headquarters of the organization from where they operate since the third invasion of the Burning Legion.


Once under the command of its the Supreme Commander and the Archbishop of the Church, the Order of the Silver Hand is led by an Highlord since the Third War, the latter being the wielder of the legendary Ashbringer. When chosen as the successor by the previous Highlord, they must record their name in the Libram of Ancient Kings, during a ceremony attended by all members of the Order.[299]

The Highlords

They act as the highest authority of the Silver Hand, they are recognized as a heroic figure among the paladins, embodying the faith and justice of the Light, and the one to whom all the members of the Knights of the Silver Hand swear fidelity.

The Leaders

They are the high-ranking members of the Order entrusted with a position of authority in the organization. They do more than advise and assist the Highlord, they take care of organizing and directing the missions of their paladins, making decisions to determine future objectives and actions of the Order,[165] and representing it when the Highlord is not present.

Some of them were deemed worthy and chosen by the Highlord itself, while the others were leaders of other orders of paladins who have sworn loyalty to the Silver Hand, in order to fight against the Burning Legion.

During the Third War, almost all leaders of the Order were killed by Arthas Menethil and the Scourge. Others left the ranks of the Order and founded the Scarlet Crusade, while some joined the ranks of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's fleet.

Following the third invasion of the Burning Legion, and the beginning of the Fourth War, the Blood Knights and the Sunwalkers left the ranks of the Order and fought under the banner of the Horde during the Battle for Stromgarde.

The Champions

They were chosen by the Highlord itself who considered them worthy of being the elite of the Order's paladins, as much for their heroic actions as for their dedication to the cause. Almost all leaders of the Silver Hand are champions of the Order, but not all champions are necessarily considered leaders. Their duty is to accomplish the dangerous missions they receive, to lead their troops against the enemies of the Silver Hand, and also to perform the function of bodyguard for the Highlord.

Before the Third War, Arthas Menethil was the revered champion of the Silver Hand.[300]


The Cathedral of Light, headquarters of the Silver Hand in Stormwind City.

The Order of the Silver Hand has a large number of paladins in its ranks, as well as many roles granted to them. Under the orders of a military hierarchy, including captains,[301][302] commanders,[303][304] generals,[305] and champions, they dedicate their lives to the protection of Azeroth in the name of the Light. Many of them were once warriors, knights, and priests from the Seven Kingdoms.

At the Sanctum of Light, the recruitment of new troops is organized by Commander Ansela, a grizzled war veteran and seasoned teacher, and Commander Born, a hard teacher who has trained some of the greatest paladin knights in the recent times. With other officers and superiors of the Order, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker is in charge of coordinating the forces of the Silver Hand,[306] thus they organize the missions, assaults, and investigations for the paladins, but also the meetings between leaders of the Order,[307] the contact and recruitment of potential allies, the establishment of defenses to counter enemy attacks, all of this with the consideration of dozens of logistics, among them communications, resources, weapons, armors, the creation of supply lines for foods and medicines, and many others.[308]

  • The Squires are at the lowest rung of the Silver Hand, they aspire to one day become paladins themselves, and many see it as an honor to serve someone who has given themselves fully to the Light.[309]
  • The Shieldbearers specialize in defensive combat, forming an impenetrable wall of protection, while most paladins of the Silver Hand charge into battle on warhorses.[309]
  • The Knights of the Silver Hand devote themselves as diligently to combat training as much as they do to their daily prayers, honoring their battle skills in order to best defend the weak and the innocent.[309]
  • The Templar of the Silver Hand are not only the most skilled in battle, but also the most righteous in their demeanor. Strength of arms and purity of mind are strict requirements, and only those who possess both are named champions. They act as officers in the Order.[309]
  • The Crusaders are the Silver Hand's answer to an immovable barrier, and are deployed to only the most vicious battlefields.[309]

According to their specialty, some knights of the Order became Protectors who defend their allies in battle, while others have become Menders acting as healers. To protect the Sanctum of Light, or the Highlord when they are on a mission, the Silver Hand calls on its Highguards to ensure this task. Some paladins may also have the title of Vindicator, notably the Skybreaker Vindicators who protected the Skybreaker during the assault of Icecrown Citadel, or the draenei of the Hand of Argus who recently joined the ranks of the Order.

To ensure that they fulfill their missions, the Silver Hand has its own scouts to perform reconnaissance on the field and obtain information for their superiors. They have their own blacksmiths,[310] who have recently learned to produce weapons and armor made of  [Lumenstone], a rare metal recognized as unbreakable, able to negate magic and to withstand great amounts of fel, which was collected in large quantities on the Broken Isles, enough to arm and equip an army.[311] And in order to preserve, study and archive all the knowledge and history they have accumulated over time,[312][313][314] the Order calls on scholars to take care of their libraries, with Sister Elda as their Head Archivist.

At the time of the Third War, the Silver Hand counted among its ranks some priests, such as Isillien and Fairbanks, but also possibly mages, the only one known being Arcanist Doan.[43]

Vanguard of the Order

In times of great need, the Order of the Silver Hand can rally its mightiest forces into one pure destructive form, the Spell holy greaterblessingoflight.png Vanguard of the Silver Hand. Through a Libram in which the paladins had channeled their power, the Highlord can unleash that power to send his army for an important mission or battle.[315] In the Sanctum of Light, Terric the Illuminator is the one who takes care of rallying the troops to form the Vanguard of the Silver Hand:

Terric the Illuminator yells: Paladins of the Silver Hand! Come forth and present yourselves for battle!
  • Silver Hand Templar says: My Lord, I lend my arms to your cause.
  • Silver Hand Knight says: My life for the Light.
  • Silver Hand Knight says: I shall fight for you.
  • Silver Hand Protector says: I will protect.
  • Silver Hand Shieldbearer says: My shield is yours.
  • Silver Hand Shieldbearer says: It would be my honor.
Terric the Illuminator yells: It is time! Vanguard of the Silver Hand, to battle!
Silver Hand Templar says: For honor and glory!
The Vanguard mount up and ride off.

Member organizations

Once only made up of humans, the Silver Hand began recruiting dwarves from Ironforge and high elves from Quel'Thalas after the Second War. Following the fall of the Order during the Third War, and its recent rebirth, many of the actual members are paladins of the kingdoms of Stormwind and Ironforge affiliated with the Church of the Holy Light. After their integration into the Alliance,[316] some Dark Iron dwarves joined the ranks of the Silver Hand to fight against the Horde.[317][318][319]

Among their allies against the Burning Legion, were present the draenei of the Hand of Argus and the troops of the Argent Crusade. Following the end of the invasion and the Fourth War, it is still unknown whether these two organizations are still affiliated or not with the Silver Hand, although draenei are still present and active in the ranks of the Order.[320]

While not directly stated, Brother Sammuel from Northshire was also present during the ceremony to unite every paladin order on Azeroth, thus the Brotherhood of Northshire was also represented. Same with Eligor Dawnbringer of the Brotherhood of the Light, and later, with Turalyon and Lothraxion of the Army of the Light.

Of all the organizations that were once part of the Silver Hand, many were wiped out by the Scourge during the Third War, among them the Circle of Holy Light, Champions of Light, Champions of Peace, Champions of Truth, Crippling Force, and the Defenders of Justice. In recent times, the Blood Knights and Sunwalkers left the ranks of the Order to fight under the banner of the Horde during the Fourth War.[321]


Turalyon, leader of the Silver Hand and Lord Commander of the Alliance forces.

Having led the Alliance of Lordaeron to victory against the Old Horde during the Second War, the holy knights of the Silver Hand were recognized as valiant and mighty champions of Humanity. By their nature of warriors of the Light affiliated with the Church, they were the only military unit trusted by all the monarchs of the Seven Kingdoms, and served as protectors during meetings of great importance in Lordaeron's palace, while they would not have been a part of the defense under normal conditions.[322]

In the modern Alliance, the paladins of the Silver Hand are an elite known for their abilities as fighters, healers, and for leading their comrades in battle. They are present on the battlefields, and some of them managed to reach high ranks in the hierarchy, such as Bolvar Fordragon once the Regent Lord of Stormwind, Gryan Stoutmantle as the Marshal of Westfall, Halford Wyrmbane as the High Commander of the 7th Legion, or Turalyon as the Lord Commander of the Alliance forces.

They are close allies of the Argent Crusade, as the Order in Lordaeron cooperated with the Argent Dawn against the Scourge for years, until the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel where they merged together to form the Argent Crusade under the command of Highlord Tirion Fordring, who led them against the Lich King during the Scourgewar. Conversely, they oppose the Scarlet Crusade, considered as an aberration of the Order,[323] and whose extreme and corrupt fanaticism led to the death of many innocents people.

The Wildhammer dwarves respect, if not like the Knights of the Silver Hand, as they know the prowess of the holy order in battle. Falstad Dragonreaver and his wing of gryphon riders even agreed to let Lord Duncan Senturus ride with them on their gryphons for a battle against Dragonmaw dragonriders.[324]

Just like the Church considered the Kirin Tor and its magi as heretics for centuries,[325] some knights of the Silver Hand showed hostility for Rhonin and all the others wizards, seeing them as damned souls, but also as an occasional and necessary evil, which they would do without at any other time.[326] Even Uther the Lightbringer had never been very comfortable with magi, sharing the common perception that their magic was unholy and possibly even demonic, but he learned to accept it and even respected Khadgar.[42] Despite this complicated relationship, the Silver Hand fought alongside the Kirin Tor during the Second War, the Third War, and the third invasion of the Burning Legion, including the establishment of access portals between Dalaran City and the Sanctum of Light in Greyfang Enclave and Windrunner's Sanctuary.

Despite being allies against the Legion, the Silver Hand and the Blood Knights maintain a strained and aggressive relationship. They are factionally opposed, with a different philosophy on their relationship with the Light. Once, the Blood Knights considered themselves to be better than the other paladins, and the true masters of the Light, going so far as to attempt to assert their dominance with the destruction of the Alonsus Chapel.[327] This duality resurfaced noticeably during the Fourth War.

The Silver Hand maintains a hostile relationship with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Despite they made an alliance to defeat the Lich King, the death knights recently led an assault on the defenses of the Silver Hand, in order to retrieve Tirion's body and make him the last member of the Four Horsemen. Although they managed to make their way through the paladins, their attempt was interrupted by the Light itself in the Sanctum of Light,[328] leaving the death knights' order in a situation of hostility with the Silver Hand, but also with the Argent Crusade.[329]

During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, the Silver Hand developed an alliance with the Conclave, the two orders sharing the same objective of permanently destroying the nathrezim Balnazzar. A common goal that was accomplished during the battle against the forces of Balnazzar in the Netherlight Temple, where both organizations fought together. Following the end of the invasion, the Silver Hand seems to have good relations with the Army of the Light, both of them being in the service of the Alliance, and having cooperated against the Horde during the Battle for Stromgarde, under the orders of the High exarch Turalyon.

Notable members

Main article: List of Knights of the Silver Hand paladins
Name Title Role Other affiliation(s) Status
IconSmall Human Male.gif Neutral Alamande Graythorn Sir Former paladin and noted scholar of the Light in the Sanctum of Light Hearthglen Alive
IconSmall Human Male.gif Neutral Ares the Oathbound Envoy of the Silver Hand charged to retrieve the Ashbringer in Howling Fjord Argent Crusade Deceased
IconSmall Human Male.gif Alliance Dagren the Orcslayer Commander of the Crippling Force in Lordaeron, last seen in Theramore Kingdom of Kul Tiras, Alliance of Lordaeron Unknown
IconSmall Human Male.gif Alliance Davil Crokford Lightfire Paladin hero who fought and fell at Darrowshire against the Scourge Kingdom of Lordaeron, Alliance of Lordaeron Deceased
IconSmall Human Male.gif Alliance Duthorian Rall Influential paladin of the Alliance and trainer in the Cathedral of Light Kingdom of Stormwind, Church of Light, Alliance Alive
IconSmall Human Male.gif Neutral Eadric the Pure Quartermaster of the Silver Hand, Grand Champion of the Argent Crusade Argent Crusade Alive
IconSmall Dwarf Female.gif Neutral Elda Sister Head Archivist and Keeper of the Ancient Tomes in the Sanctum of Light Kingdom of Ironforge Alive
IconSmall Eligor.gif Neutral Eligor Dawnbringer Commander Leader of the Brotherhood of the Light, Commander of the Argent Crusade Brotherhood of the Light, Argent Crusade Alive
IconSmall Halford.gif Alliance Halford Wyrmbane High Commander Leader of the 7th Legion, veteran of many Alliance campaigns Kingdom of Stormwind, 7th Legion, Alliance Alive
IconSmall Jorad.gif Alliance Jorad Mace Knight of the Silver Hand and companion of Tyrigosa, formerly a mercenary Kingdom of Lordaeron, Alliance Alive
IconSmall DarkIron Female.gif Alliance Nella Slagheart Dark iron dwarf paladin who fought against the Horde in Arathi Basin Dark Iron clan, Alliance Killable
IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Alliance Kuros Vindicator Vindicator and Second-in-command of the Triumvirate of the Hand Hand of Argus, Exodar, Alliance Alive
IconSmall Human Male.gif Alliance Leoric Von Zeldig Highlord High officer of the 7th legion, formerly leader of the Might of Kalimdor 7th Legion, Might of Kalimdor, Alliance Alive
IconSmall Human Male.gif Alliance Valorcall Lieutenant High officer and cavalry leader of the Kingdom of Stromgarde Kingdom of Stromgarde, Alliance Unknown
IconSmall Human Male.gif Alliance Skarloc Captain Captain of the Durnholde military and Aedelas's most trusted advisor Kingdom of Lordaeron, Alliance of Lordaeron Deceased
Notable former members
Name Title Role Current affiliation(s) Status
IconSmall Saidan.gifIconSmall Nathrezim.gif Neutral Saidan Dathrohan Grand Crusader Former Master of the Scarlet Crusade and Lord Commander of the Silver Hand Scarlet Crusade (possessed) Deceased
IconSmall Arthas.gifIconSmall LichKing.gif Neutral Arthas Menethil King Former Lich King of the Scourge, Prince of Lordaeron and Uther's apprentice Scourge Deceased (Undead)
IconSmall Bolvar.gifIconSmall BolvarUndead2.gif Neutral Bolvar Fordragon Highlord Highlord of the Ebon Blade, formerly Lich King and Regent of Stormwind Knights of the Ebon Blade Active
IconSmall Taelan.gif Neutral Taelan Fordring Highlord Former Highlord of the Scarlet Crusade and Lord of Mardenholde Keep Scarlet Crusade Deceased
IconSmall Brigitte.gif Neutral Brigitte Abbendis High General Former Commander of the Scarlet Onslaught and High General of the Crusade Scarlet Onslaught Deceased
IconSmall Human Male.gif Neutral Isillien Grand Inquisitor Grand Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade, formerly priest of the Silver Hand Scarlet Crusade Deceased
IconSmall Human Male.gif Neutral Doan Arcanist Keeper of the Scarlet Monastery Library, formerly mage of the Silver Hand Scarlet Crusade Deceased
IconSmall DeathKnight.gif Neutral Aurius Rivendare Lord Death knight of Stratholme, formerly Defender of Alonsus Chapel Scourge Deceased (Undead)
IconSmall Zeliek.gif Neutral Zeliek Sir Member of the Four Horsemen who retain his sanity and faith in the Light Scourge Deceased (Undead)
IconSmall HeadlessHorseman.gif Neutral Thomas Thomson Sir The Headless Horseman, formerly hero of the Silver Hand Himself Killable (Undead)
IconSmall Ghost.gif Neutral Springvale Commander Commander of Baron Silverlaine's forces haunting Shadowfang Keep None (formerly Gilneas) Killable (Undead)
IconSmall BloodElf Male.gif Horde Mehlar Dawnblade Blood Knight Member of the Blood Knights Order, former pupil of Uther the Lightbringer Blood Knights Alive


The Silver Hand Armor

The Silver Hand Claymore

In Warcraft III

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

The Silver Hand was a human faction led by Uther. Among their ranks it counted the hero units paladins, and regular units like footmen, knights, riflemen, and some militias. They appeared as an allied faction in The Defense of Strahnbrad, Blackrock and Roll, and as an enemy faction in Digging up the Dead.

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Epic paladin warrior RPG art from Shadows & Light.

Although the study of the Holy Light lends itself to scholars and priests, they are not the only faithful followers. The Knights of the Silver Hand is an organization of paladins who have also studied and devoted themselves to the three virtues. It is the holy order that gives the paladins their sense of righteousness and allows a sense of community to strengthen their resolve. Although it is a proud organization, the paladins must give up a great deal to join, including their independence. Uther Lightbringer founded the Order before the Alliance launched the Second War. The paladins were instrumental in winning the war and actually helped the Holy Light catch on with the citizenry of Azeroth when people saw the mighty paladins do battle with their holy power.

In recent years, the Knights of the Silver Hand entered a dark period when one of their own, Prince Arthas, turned his back on the Order in his dark pursuit of vengeance. He fully embraced the evil he thought he was hunting and became a death knight in service to the Scourge. This event dealt a great blow to the paladins of the Order, as they had to watch one of their best turn into a mighty enemy. Many paladins feel responsibility for him because the Holy Light teaches that every person can strengthen other people. Since they were unable to strengthen Arthas, the entire world suffered.[330]

Many Knights of the Silver Hand remained on Lordaeron for several reasons ranging from missing the fleeing boats, to a sense of duty to clear their homeland of the undead. With the destruction of Lordaeron in front of them and the knowledge that Arthas had betrayed them, some knights actually went mad.[331] Following the invasion of the Scourge, many of the Order's paladins joined a zealous group of followers of the Light known as the Scarlet Crusade.[332] However, many of these paladins have become fanatical towards their ambition of destroying the Scourge, to the point that those not wearing their colors are deemed corrupted. They hunt the undead in Lordaeron with a zeal that frightens. Many innocent mortals have been killed through misunderstandings, or simply "just making sure". These paladins have a frightening policy: When in doubt, assume the person is undead and kill him. These knights would never admit that they walk the same dark road that led to Arthas’s damnation, but few of them continue to follow the three virtues. Those who question their leaders are assumed to be undead sympathizers and are slain. Many serve the Scarlet Crusade out of fear, as to speak up means instant death.[331]

After leaving the Crusade, some paladins decided to join the Argent Dawn.[333] Some paladins of the Silver Hand, brought to their knees by their failure to do anything to stop the plague and save Lordaeron from the Lich King's depredations, have also turned from the light and joined Arthas Menethil as death knights.[334]

Others fled south, to the Kingdom of Stormwind. The paladin order, still referring to themselves as the Order of the Silver Hand, now thrives under new leadership at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City. Over time, the followers of the Holy Light spread their philosophy to the dwarves of Ironforge, who soon adopted the tenets of the Order as well. Though decimated, the Knights of the Silver Hand eventually bounced back.[335]

Paladin warrior art from Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game.

  • Even after the triumph at Mount Hyjal, the paladins remembered Arthas's betrayal and just how close their order and all of Azeroth had come to complete destruction.[330] Many paladins felt responsibility for Arthas because the Holy Light teaches that every person can strengthen other people. Since they were unable to strengthen Arthas, the entire world suffered. After such an enormous breach of trust, the paladins resolved anew to eliminate all traces of corruption in their ranks.[336]
  • While the Knights of the Silver Hand survived the Scourge, few paladins were left in the Order.[337] The remaining knights started hunting Arthas's servants, the undead, with a ruthlessness that frightened some, but they were determined to fix their mistakes.[330]
  • The stalwart paladins of the Silver Hand who traveled to Kalimdor worked to establish a new church there.[330]
  • Humans founded the Knights of the Silver Hand, and though they remained the bulk of its membership, the new order started to accept dwarves into the ranks to replace paladins lost during the Third War (they had previously accepted a few dwarven paladins as far back as the Second War, though it was uncommon). The Order was not nearly as active as it once had been, but those belonging to the organization became some of the most active members of the Alliance.[338]
  • In addition to the night elves, many guests and diplomats from elsewhere reside in Darnassus, including Knights of the Silver Hand.[339]
  • Auradins are paladins of the Silver Hand who focus the power of their faith and of their traditions solely into their auras.[3]
  • Templars see corruption in their homes and many other organizations, including the Knights of the Silver Hand. While the templars see paladins as allies and vice versa, templars feel that the Silver Hand overemphasizes tradition and order over general goodness and the other values of the Light.[340]
  • Verius attempted to infiltrate the Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand after the Third War.[114]
  • Brann believes that blue dragons may be found in the ranks of many mortal orders, including the Knights of the Silver Hand.[341]
  • Delgren the Purifier is a Knight of the Silver Hand.[342]
  • Forthisal D'Neve is studying with the Knights of the Silver Hand to become a paladin.[343]
  • The Phylactery of Faithfulness, a small box containing religious scripture affixed to a leather cord and tied around the forehead, is commonly used by night elves and members of the Silver Hand.[344]
  • In the Scarlet Crusade, it is the duty of the Scarlet inquisitor to transform a broken Knight of the Silver Hand into a loyal zealot of the Scarlet Crusade, such as Highlord Taelan Fordring.[345]
  • Once indoctrinated, a lightslayer receives missions to combat the Holy Light, particularly the Scarlet Crusade (though Knights of the Silver Hand and ordinary priests and parishioners are also fair game).[346]
  • According to Brann Bronzebeard;
We have the Knights of the Silver Hand on our side, but this is a group that has experienced more hardships than most during these dark days. Once the pinnacle of enlightenment, goodness, purity and light, they are forever shamed that the powerful Lich King who sits upon the frozen throne was one of theirs. They wrack their brains on where they went wrong, why they couldn't see the streak of evil that obviously lurked inside Arthas. If he were truly a paladin, as they are, then there is no way he would have been corrupted. I think they have rather a too high opinion of the paladins, but I'm not the one to tell them.
Even though paladins are some of our most powerful weapons against the Scourge, with their holy power over undead, the paladins are not what they once were. Some have been driven into obsessive madness, forming the Scarlet Crusade and killing living and undead alike in their eagerness to eradicate the Scourge. Others traveled across the sea with Jaina Proudmoore to help defeat the Burning Legion and now reside on Theramore. They certainly do what they can to destroy undead they discover on Kalimdor, but the Scourge's numbers there are like a thimble of beer compared to the great kegs that are Lordaeron and Northrend. We'll need the paladins to defeat the Scourge, but they are not up to the task right now, and I don't know how much longer we can wait.[347]

Brann also fought with a good number of Uther's knights in the Second War. He says that they were good folk, if a bit too righteous for their own good, but he finds some habits of the knighthood stubborn.[342]

In the TCG

Icon-TCG.png This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.

“Although the act of sacrifice is not exclusive to the Knights of the Silver Hand, they consider it to be a staple of their creed.”

— Dorric the Martyr[348]
  • "The Order was shattered when Lordaeron fell to the Scourge, but the relics of the Silver Hand persevere."[350]
  • "Uther, the first paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand, was betrayed by his favorite pupil, the young prince of Lordaeron, Arthas Menethil."[351]

In Hearthstone

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

The paladin Cariel Roame in Hearthstone.

In Hearthstone, the following cards represent the members of the Silver Hand:

In Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm This section concerns content related to Heroes of the Storm and is considered non-canon.
  • "The Knights of the Silver Hand breed their warhorses to serve fearlessly on the battlefield. Even the hardest of orcs quake with fear at the sight of paladins upon these mighty steeds."[352]
  • "Despite surviving Arthas's brutal assault, Uther was unable to prevent Lordaeron's fall. Now under Varian's banner he leads the Silver Hand into Northrend to mete out justice."[353]

Notes and trivia

  • It seems that before the Third War, the paladins could embark on a pilgrimage through Lordaeron, as the Scourging of the kingdom by Arthas was described as "a dark version of a paladin’s pilgrimage".[90]
  • Contrary to popular belief, the paladins of the Order are not subject to the vows of celibacy and chastity. They can freely marry and have children, this was notably the case of Turalyon.[354]
  • As a boy, Bolvar Fordragon was impressing his paladin mentors with his determination and noble spirit.[355]
    • In his childhood, Stephon Marris wanted to become a paladin of the Silver Hand.[356]
    • As a young man, Jordan Stilwell was to become a paladin of the Order,[357] but instead became an incredible smith in his father's footsteps.[358]
  • The gnome Myranda the Hag, most trusted advisor of Tirion Fordring, was banished after she openly dissented the verdict of the paladin passed by the Order of the Silver Hand.[359]
  • The night elf Thundris Windweaver trusted more the paladins of the Silver Hand than some of his own kin, as he did not judge the entire order on the actions of one of their fallen kind.[360]
  • The testimony of Fairbanks, before his execution by the Scarlet Crusade, was later written in the Libram of Ancient Kings and allowed the Silver Hand to learn the truth about the murder of Alexandros Mograine by his son.[68]
  • In his grimoire, the broker Ta'lora mentioned that the paladins of Azeroth, notably those of the Silver Hand like the now kyrian Uther, were an example of mortals who dedicated themselves to service and duty in life and whose souls were consequently sent to Bastion after death,[361] although this is not an obligation, notably in the case of Alexandros Mograine who arrived in Maldraxxus after his death.
  • According to A Cleansing Fire, the Knights of the Silver Hand splintered into the Argent Dawn and Scarlet Crusade four years after the death of Terenas Menethil.[86] In the current timeline, it happened only two years after.
  • According to Chris Metzen, the "heart and soul" of the Marvel Comics superhero Captain America was particularly influential in developing the "true vibe" of Warcraft paladins.[362]
  • The title of the short story Silver Hand, Ebon Blade by Raphael Ahad, that won the 2010 Blizzard Global Writing Contest, is a direct reference to the Knights of the Silver Hand and the Knights of the Ebon Blade.
  • In Battle for Azeroth, the Path of Uther and Uther's Tomb were updated with Silver Hand banners.
  • The Silver Hand is the only Order Hall from Legion to have gone back on its neutrality. There have been no depictions of any Horde-race Silver Hand members since the end of Legion; while there have been multiple inclusions of the Silver Hand amongst the Alliance forces, most notably in the Battle for Stromgarde.
    • In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the Hall of the Brave and the Command Center were rebranded into the Barracks and Training Hall respectively; which includes all of the class trainers (excluding hero classes). Notably, the Horde's paladins do not use any symbolism of the Silver Hand; instead using the iconography of Silvermoon and the Blood Knights. Conversely, the Alliance's paladin trainer has multiple symbols of the Silver Hand on display.
      • Early versions of the Barracks had Silver Hand symbols on display, this was later removed entirely and replaced with its current version.[363]
  • During early Legion development, there was a quest to christen the Order of the Silver Hand using the Libram of the Order in Light's Hope Sanctum.[364]
  • The Roleplaying server Silver Hand US is named after the Order.


The Silver Hand's new iconography as of Legion, featuring an open hand. The closed fist iconography is still used as well, however.

  • The Order of the Silver Hand took its name and symbol from the legend of Tyr. A paragon of order and justice, Tyr sacrificed his right hand in a fight against an unfathomable evil. Although it was within his power to fix his hand after the fighting had ended, the hero instead chose to replace it with a closed fist made of the purest silver. In this way, he impressed upon those who followed him that true order and justice can only be accomplished through personal sacrifice.[365]
  • As of Legion, the Silver Hand's banner has an alternate depiction used predominantly throughout the expansion, from a closed fist, to that of an open one.
    • Both are still used, however, as the tabards depict the closed fist, and Turalyon's forces use the closed-fist banner during the Battle for Stromgarde.
    • The open hand seems to be in reference to the Ashbringer, as the symbol can be seen on the "disk" of the blade.

Status during the Third War

  • Most sources state that Uther the Lightbringer was accused of treason and relieved of his command with his paladins being suspended from service by Prince Arthas Menethil near Stratholme.[82][83][43][10]
    • Other sources contradict this issue. Most notably, Uther's dialogue implies that Arthas did not have the power to disband the paladins, and the premise of the "Dissension" mission implies that King Terenas agreed.
    • However, Arthas slaughtered the Silver Hand's high command during the "Digging up the Dead" mission, disbanding them in a different sense. This may have caused a misconception, popularizing the view that it was his command that disbanded them.
  • The Ultimate Visual Guide stated that Arthas disbanded the Knights of the Silver Hand.[366] Its updated version, however, stated that Arthas just sent Uther and his knights away and that they were decimated during the war.[367]
  • World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3 states that Arthas turned his back on the paladins and called their refusal an act of treason.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • The codices written by Mereldar, and the other early human prophets,[368] might have become the five librams given to the first Knights of the Silver Hand.[4]
  • As Korfax mentioned that the Brotherhood of Light existed even before the Argent Dawn,[369] it is possible that it was also a faction that started growing in the ranks of the Silver Hand before the Third War, in the same way that what would become the Scarlet Crusade.
  • It is possible that the clerics of the Brotherhood of Northshire and some paladins of the Silver Hand found their basis of "God" from one of the creation myths of Azeroth, as well as knowledge of the angels, as several references state that some in Azeroth believe that the universe was created by "a singular, all-powerful entity".[370]


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