Knock back (also known as punting) is an effect that lifts an enemy off the ground and knocks them back a certain distance, without dismounting mounted players.

Player abilities with knock back effects were implemented in Wrath of the Lich King. Previously, they had been much sought after by players, traditionally only being given to bosses, mobs or NPCs.


Knockback abilities can have great strategic value. By knocking back melee attackers, incoming damage can be interrupted. Ranged specs can benefit from keeping enemies as far away as possible, while melee specs may find this to be less desirable. Knockback can also be used to keep enemies away from allies, or to prevent them from reaching a target, such as flag capture points in battlegrounds.

In PvP, knockback can be used to punt other players off high edges. Top locations for this include the Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin, and the central island in Eye of the Storm. Skilful use of knockback abilities in these locations can single-handedly kill several enemy players, or at least punt them far enough away for the base to be captured. All players should take great care in these locations not to put themselves in a position where they can be knocked off.

Knockback effects can also be used to interrupt casting. The cast will be interrupted while the target is in motion, and must then be started afresh once the target is stationary, providing substantial disruption. This can be particularly effective against healers, or in countering any long or particularly dangerous cast. Certain PvE targets, when interrupted by a knockback mid-cast, may fail to resume casting the ability, situationally making knockbacks as useful as interrupts. In battlegrounds, knockback can be used to interrupt node captures or flag collections.


The following is a partial list of player abilities with knockback effects:

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