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Image of Kodethi
Title <Dark Talons>
Gender Male
Race Dracthyr (Humanoid)
Level 60-70
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Dark Talons, Dragonscale Expedition
Location War Creche, Forbidden Reach; Valdrakken
Status Alive

Kodethi is a dracthyr located in the War Creche in the Forbidden Reach.


Valdrakken gossip

The vast amount of knowledge here!

I read every volume of history, literature, and lore we had back in the War Creche and even some of the library of the Healing Wings and Ebon Scales. I thought that was a lot of knowledge.

Here, here there is so much to catch up on! So many new voices being captured with the written word.

Gossip How have you been adapting to the world?

Initially I was ecstatic to witness so many places I have only read about.
Now I have become quite frustrated with how much has changed from my studies. I studied so much and all of it is out of date by multiple epochs of this world.
Gossip I wish to talk about something else.

Gossip What do you think about Neltharion?

In hindsight the signs were there. We were too close to see them. We knew only a few dragons, and all of them loyal to Neltharion.
I have seen the evidence, read testimonials, spoken with some who were there and saw his fall. It all is... logical.
So why do I feel so betrayed?
Gossip I wish to talk about something else.

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