Tauren hunters forcing a kodo herd off a cliff.

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Kodo Run is an event that happens at least once a year. The day is officially declared by the shaman when they have determined the time is right. A group of Tauren hunters search for a herd of Kodo and then set up and hide behind portable grass blinds. They wait until the herd of kodo are near them and then surprise the herd by various means like lighting a bonfire behind them, jumping up and down from behind their blinds, shaking rattlers, and just plain scaring them so that the herd becomes confounded. Eventually, the herd is forced to blindly rush in the direction of the cliff. The lead kodo runs right off the cliff, due to kodos having poor eyesight, and falls down below to its demise on the rocks below. The rest of the herd follows the lead kodo to their doom. The Tauren hunters gather the meat and have a week-long ritual of feasting, tanning, and preserving.[1]