Image of Kologarn
Gender Male
Race Construct (Giant)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shattered Walkway, Ulduar
Status Killable (WoW), Deceased (Lore)

Kologarn is the sixth boss encounter in Ulduar. He guards the Shattered Walkway into central Ulduar where not only is he protecting the bridge, he is the bridge. Players fight not only him but two detachable arms that appear to be separate mobs that can be broken off of him. He has a Berserk timer of 8 minutes.



Loken requisitioned Ignis the Furnace Master to create this towering giant as a guard to the Shattered Walkway. His oversized proportions, including a pair of massive arms, allow Kologarn to easily crush any intruders who attempt to reach the inner sanctum.[1]

Adventure Guide

Loken commanded Ignis the Furnace Master to fashion this towering giant to guard the Shattered Walkway. His massive arms allow Kologarn to pulverize any intruders attempting to reach the inner sanctum.


Kologarn's arms can be destroyed, restricting his ability to use abilities. When Kologarn's Right or Left arm are destroyed Rubble will appear.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Quickly attack the Right Arm when it casts Stone Grip to free your allies.
  • Flee when targeted with Focused Eyebeam to avoid heavy damage.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Flee when targeted with Focused Eyebeam to avoid heavy damage.
  • Expect heavy damage on your allies afflicted with Stone Grip.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • Quickly gain the attention of the Rubble that spawn when an Arm of Kologarn is destroyed.
  • Overhead Smash inflicts heavy Physical damage and applies Crunch Armor.


  • Kologarn
    • Spell fire blueflamebolt.png  Focused Eyebeam Important — Inflicts 6475 to 7525 Arcane damage to enemies within 3 yards. 
    • Ability golemthunderclap.png  Overhead Smash Tank Alert — The massive attack Inflicts Physical damage and decreases armor by 20% for 6 sec. 
      • Ability warrior shieldbreak.png  Crunch Armor — Decreases Armor by 20% for 6 sec. 
    • Inv stone weightstone 08.png  Stone Shout — Inflicts 707 to 793 Physical damage to all enemies. Only cast when both of Kologarn's Arms are dead. 
    • Ability warlock moltencore.png  Petrifying Breath — Inflicts 14063 to 15937 Nature damage every 1 sec and increases damage taken by 20% for 8 sec. Only cast if no targets are near Kologarn. 
  • Right Arm
    • Ability warrior secondwind.png  Stone Grip — Squeezes the life out of the target, stunning it and inflicting 2925 to 3075 Physical damage every 1 sec until Kologarn's Arm sustains 100,000 damage. 
  • Left Arm
    • Ability warrior shockwave.png  Shockwave — The shockwave from the massive arm sweep inflicts 8788 to 10212 Nature damage. 
  • Rubble — Several Rubble are created when an Arm of Kologarn is defeated. 
    • Spell nature earthquake.png  Stone Nova — The Stone Nova inflicts 5550 to 6450 Physical damage to targets within 10 yards of the caster increasing damage taken by 5% for 10 sec. Stacks. 


The fight with Kologarn is a battle for survival, not a DPS race. The stuns, Eyebeams, tank debuffs, and massive AoE damage all conspire to gradually pick off raid members until the raid cannot keep itself alive. That said, high DPS on the Right Arm is useful to ensure that it does not cast Stone Grip more than once before it is destroyed, and that it quickly drops its victims when it does cast Stone Grip.

Composition and assignments

As a battle for survival, beginning 25-man raids can bring four tanks and eight healers. At least three healers should be priests or shamans, capable of group heals to recover from AoE damage. Assign two or three healers to care for the tanks and two healers to keep the victims of Stone Grip alive. In 25-man raids, at least half of the damage-dealers should be capable of ranged AoE effects.

The healing and tanking requirements of the 10-man fight are considerably less severe than the 25-man, but three or four healers and two tanks are best.


Kologarn remains completely stationary in this encounter at all times. He cannot be turned or range tanked. If his aggro target is not in melee range, he casts Petrifying Breath on the raid, which causes a wipe. His arms do not need to be offtanked, but can be separately targeted and hit within Kologarn's hitbox. Since their hitbox overlaps with Kologarn's, melee attackers should face his torso, not the arm itself.

Melee, position under the Left Arm (on the right side) for 25-man. Any position is OK for 10-man. Face the torso.

In 25-man, two or three tanks on the torso, position front and center. Only one is required for 10-man.

One Rubble tank, position under the Right Arm (on the left side).

Ranged damage-dealers and healers, position in a line across the middle of the room. Stay out of melee range to avoid spell interrupts. Make sure that there is room to the back wall, and there is nobody directly behind you.

The fight

For 25-man, two to three tanks establish a taunt rotation on Kologarn. Every 10–15 seconds, he casts Overhead Smash. This applies Crunch Armor, which reduces the tank's armor by 25% per stack and lasts 45 seconds. Once it gets to two stacks, a tank without the debuff taunts the boss and takes over. Keeping all tanks alive is vital in order to rotate the debuffs.

For 10-man, Crunch Armor expires quickly, so no taunt rotation and only one tank is required on the boss.

All damage-dealers, attack the Right Arm until it is destroyed. Destroying it damages the torso, and eventually kills the boss.

Killing an arm spawns a pack of Rubble earth elementals, which are picked up by a tank and killed immediately. In 25-man mode, the Rubble elementals have a point-blank AoE damage spell called Stone Nova which quickly kills any nearby characters that are not tanks. Keep away from the the Rubble and kill them with ranged AoE effects while melee attackers hit the body or the Left Arm. In 10-man mode, the Rubble can be dragged to the center and hit by melee attackers. Once all the Rubble are dead, attack either the Left Arm or the body, depending on the strategy. The Right Arm respawns 60 seconds after it is destroyed. When it respawns, all damage-dealers attack it again.

Killing an arm four times generally does enough damage to kill the boss. Raids may wish to kill the Right Arm four times, or kill the Right Arm three times, then kill the Left Arm once.

Kolgogarn regularly casts his Focused Eyebeams at a random member of the raid, generally preferring a character who is not at close melee range. The Eyebeams slowly follow the target, kicking up stone chips and inflicting massive damage on any character they touch. Targets of the Eye Beams should run to the back of the room, then out the door and down the stairs, until Kologarn stops casting the Eyebeams. Anyone in this path must get out of the way.


The hole that holds Kologarn is in fact a hole. Do not fall in.

The hit box for the boss and his arms is huge and shared. Melee can hit an arm from nearly the opposite side of the room. AoE attacks that hit one of the three targets always hit and damage all three of them. Therefore, abilities like Multishot and Divine Storm are very useful for inflicting extra damage on the boss.

Healers caught in Stone Grip or running from Eyebeams cannot heal. They should call out to let the other healers know who will need extra healing.

Stone Grip, Eyebeams, and Shockwave can all kill raid members quickly. Keep everyone a full health at all times. If you are having trouble keeping everyone topped off, bring in more group healers.

Kologarn is typically the fourth boss faced in Ulduar (after Flame Leviathan, XT-002 Deconstructor, and Razorscale). He outputs much more damage than any other raid boss seen before him. Healers may be in for a nasty shock, as they must work harder than they ever have before.

Overhead Smash can miss or be dodged or parried to avoid an application of Crunch Armor. This delays the time at which the next tank must take over and may allow Crunch Armor to expire. Therefore, avoidance gear is preferred over stamina gear on this boss.

Do not use AoE taunts on the Rubble elementals if you are not in melee range of the boss. Taunting the boss while out of melee range results in him casting Petrifying Breath on the raid.

The Right Arm is the primary target because Stone Grip, while it does less damage, is more dangerous than Shockwave. Stone Grip, in 25-man fights, can randomly stun multiple healers, leading to deaths and eventually a wipe. Also, continually attacking the Right Arm causes it to release Stone Grip victims much more quickly. Shockwave, while nasty, is at least predictable and can be managed with group heals.

Inexperienced raids tend to wipe due to Eyebeams. Avoiding them is everyone's highest priority, period. If the Eyebeams target you, run directly out the door. Do not dodge other players. It is their responsibility to get out of your way, and there should be nobody in the doorway anyway. If you see Eyebeams on someone else, make sure that you are not standing between them and the door.

Hunters and Shamans can and should put up [Aspect of the Wild] or Nature Resistance Totems to substantially decrease the damage from Shockwave and Eyebeams. This helps tremendously in keeping the raid alive, and is well worth the loss of damage output on the boss. The hunters or totems should be placed so that the auras cover the entire room.

The first Right Arm tends to die quickly and easily, but things can get messy after that. Use [Bloodlust] or [Heroism] when the second Right Arm appears, to keep it from casting Stone Grip more than once.


Main article: Cache of Living Stone

Related achievements

Kologarn does not have a hard mode.[2]


None shall pass!
Grabbing a player
I will squeeze the life from you!
Left Arm dies
Just a scratch!
Right Arm dies
Only a flesh wound!
Killing a player
I am invincible!
Master, they come....

Sound files

See Sound Files of Ulduar: Kologarn

Notes and trivia

  • Kologarn is also seen in the 3.1.0 Ulduar trailer. It is safe to say he is responsible for driving out the famous explorer Brann Bronzebeard from Ulduar nearly killing him with his eye beams in the process, as that is the farthest in Ulduar he is seen.
  • During the warrior class hall campaign, he can be seen still destroyed.
  • Kologarn's quotes are a reference to the Black Knight of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Also, the phrase "YOU FAIL" is used by many WoW players as an insult.
  • Kologarn is voiced by Isaac C. Singleton Jr..
  • He was made the subject of several parodies.


10-man encounter

25-man encouter

Patches and hotfixes

  • Wrath of the Lich King Hotfix (2009-05-19): Kologarn's Crunch Armor effect of his Overhead Smash now has a greatly decreased duration in the 10 player Normal difficulty setting. This change negates the explicit need to tank swap Kologarn.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Hotfix (2009-04-21): The Kologarn encounter has received the following changes: the speed of the Eyebeam has been decreased, the amount of damaged required to break a player from Stone Grip has been decreased, and slightly decreased the amount of damage done by Stone Grip.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Hotfix (2009-04-21): Kologarn should no longer permanently despawn without being killed.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Hotfix (2009-04-21): The Stone Nova ability cast by Rubble in the Kologarn encounter has had it's damage decreased, will now be mitigated by armor, but can no longer be blocked, dodged, or parried.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Hotfix (2009-04-16): Pets have been properly trained to now attack Kologarn when instructed.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): Added.

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