Kor'kron Barracks

Kor'kron Barracks (or Kor'Kron Barracks) is one of the largest areas of the Underhold where the Kor'kron train. The barracks are divided into six areas, one of which is dedicated to raising new Kor'kron riding wolves. Malkorok can be found on the terrace above.

Alliance arrival

Lady Jaina Proudmoore yells: You're still alive! Good. There's chaos in the city streets.
King Varian Wrynn yells: Our lines are holding, but Vol'jin's rebels have taken a beating.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore yells: The Kor'kron are making a push for this compound. They're not giving up!
King Varian Wrynn yells: We'll post up here with some troops. Scout on ahead and see if you can flush Garrosh out of hiding.

Horde arrival

Vol'jin yells: Garrosh be concealin' a whole hidden base. Where did his lust for power take him?
Baine Bloodhoof yells: We will soon find out. He is cornered like a rat down one of these corridors.
Baine Bloodhoof yells: What should we do next?
Vol'jin yells: Baine, you and your warriors hold this junction. These heroes should forge ahead an' flush the Warchief out of hidin.
Baine Bloodhoof yells: What about you?
Vol'jin yells: People be dyin' up above. Da city is in chaos. I'm gonna finish it - stop da bloodshed. I'll come back for ya.
Baine Bloodhoof yells: ...very well.
Vol'jin yells: It's gonna be fine, Baine. We gonna find Thrall, gonna kill de Warchief, gonna avenge your father.
Baine Bloodhoof yells: Earthmother protect you, Vol'jin.
Vol'jin yells: Hah. Darkspear never die.

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