MobKoroth the Hillbreaker
Image of Koroth the Hillbreaker
Gender Male
Race Ettin (Giant)
Level 1-20 Elite
Reaction Alliance
Location Crowley Orchard & Koroth's Den, Gilneas
Status Alive

Koroth the Hillbreaker is an ettin that worgen players meet during their starting zone questing. He is the meanest, most destructive force in all of Gilneas.[1]

He first appears alone near Crowley Orchard, apparently out to hunt for horses to eat. Worgen players thwart his attempts by guiding the horses away.

Later on, he appears again, this time when the player leaves their stagecoach (which was on the road to Stormglen) at the crash site of a previous stagecoach. Liam Greymane develops a plan to stop the coming Forsaken squadron, namely stealing Koroth's banner from his den (just up the nearby hill) and planting the banner before the Forsaken. Koroth mistakenly believes that the Forsaken took the banner and attacks them, wiping their group out.

Koroth appears to have a big group of Ogre Minions in his den who are instructed to attack every creature that comes close.


  • Ability warrior cleave.png  Cleave — Inflicts weapon damage plus 500 to an enemy and its nearest allies, affecting up to 10 targets. 
  • Ability warrior warcry.png  Demoralizing Shout — Reduces the melee attack power of nearby enemies for 30 sec. 


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