NeutralKota Basecamp
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Kota Basecamp
Leader(s) Grummle Grummle Uncle Keenbean
Race(s) Grummle Grummle
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Affiliation(s) Neutral Keenbean Kafa Co.
Location Western Kun-Lai Summit

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Kota Basecamp can be found at the western end of the Burlap Trail in west-central Kun-Lai Summit, at the western base of Kota Peak. Northwest of the basecamp is the Shado-Li Basin, leading to Winter's Blossom and the Ox Gate, while down the path to the south is Fire Camp Ordo, Firebough Nook, and the Shado-Pan Fallback.

Uncle Keenbean has established the Keenbean Kafa Co. at the basecamp, using it to collect and sell Kafa'kota berries, which only grow on the Kota summit. However, Cousin Gootfur has been feeding the mountain goats Kafa'kota berries in a lazy attempt to collect seeds. This has predictably backfired, as the mountain goats are now Kafa-Crazy, and the yetis living on Kota Peak that traditionally prey on the goats are now also Kafa-crazed.

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