Kota Peak.

Kota Peak is an inhospitable mountain southwest of Kota Basecamp in western Kun-Lai Summit, just east of the Serpent's Spine. To the north via the Shado-Li Basin is Winter's Blossom, while Firebough Nook is to the south via the Yaungol Advance.

The mountain is inhabited by mountain goats and yetis, which normally keep out of the way of grummles collecting Kafa'kota berries for the Keenbean Kafa Co. However, Cousin Gootfur came up with the hare-brained idea of feeding the goats berries in a lazy attempt to use the goats' digestive processes to gather seeds. Now the goats are Kafa-crazed, as are the yetis that traditionally eat the goats...

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