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Image of Kotonga
Gender Male
Race Forest troll (Humanoid)
Level 10-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Revantusk tribe, Horde
Location Jintha'Alor, The Hinterlands
Status Alive

Kotonga is a forest troll quest giver located at the Revantusk camp at the base of Jintha'Alor in the Hinterlands.

After completion of H [33] Death to the Vilebranch, Horde players can talk to Kotonga to teleport to the Totem of Akil'darah at the top of Jintha'Alor, allowing faster access to quest objectives.



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Initial gossip
Jintha'alor[sic] gonna be ours, mon. The vilebranch[sic] be weak, nasty traitors, undeservin' of the favor of the loa.
After H [33] Death to the Vilebranch
The eagle spirit of the Hinterlands be on our side now, <name>.
With her idol free from the Vilebranch, I can transport you straight to it on the upper tier of Jintha'Alor. Strike at their hearts!
Gossip Send me to Akil'darah at the middle terrace.


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