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HordeKova Broadhorn
Image of Kova Broadhorn
Gender Female
Race Tauren
Class Shaman
Affiliation(s) Thunder Bluff
Occupation Alchemist
Status Alive
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Kova Broadhorn is a tauren shaman and novice alchemist. It seems that she once anticipated in a battle at Red Rocks. She has a kodo.

When she could not make an elixir from Inv misc herb 08 [Khadgar's Whisker] and Inv misc herb 14 [Blindweed], an Inv potion 10 [Elixir of Greater Intellect], Bena Winterhoof offered her help but Kova refused. Eventually a Grimtotem tauren officially called her to see Magatha Grimtotem. Magatha sent her on a mission to find the reclusive orc seer Dhambeela, Magatha's personal friend, who was said to go far south of Mulgore. At first, Kova was scared but after Magatha told her that she will have a companion, she set out for a journey. She traveled to Ratchet to find the companion with a burning claw that Magatha prophesized would accompany her on her quest. What she found was Miles Corebender. Though the duo’s relationship started off rocky, their trials and tribulations during the course of their adventure has made them good friends. Miles told her that he was dreaming about a quest with a cow. They mounted up and went to Thousand Needles. While there, they got attacked by a group of harpies. However during the battle, Kova and Miles almost quarreled. After this, they went to Gadgetzan. While Kova was getting information about the directions, Miles stayed in an inn. She learned from Laziphus the directions to Un'Goro Crater.

Kova and Miles continued through the desert of Tanaris, commenting its wildlife. After they got to Un'Goro they met Williden Marshal who told them that Dhambeela passed through his camp and headed south. Williden warned them to watch out of animals, especially King Mosh. The two continued to Fire Plume Ridge and as they were about to enter, a human rogue from Gadgetzan, Bellthazor, caught Miles. Bellthazor mocked at them, because he knew about their quest. Miles was able to free himself but Bellthazor escaped. The two then continued atop of the ridge, to a cave, where they found Dhambeela. After they got down from the ridge, they were attacked by both, King Mosh and Bellthazor, who kidnapped Dhambeela and escaped with her. Kova had to fight him alone, because Mosh had stunned Miles. However, her shamanistic powers were not enough for the beast. Thankfully, Miles showed up and defeated Mosh. Dhambeela showed up, being freed of Bellthazor.

After this, Kova thanked Miles for saving her life and returned to the base of Thunder Bluff where Darkmoon Faire happened to be there. There Dhambeela reunited with Magatha and Kova thanked Magatha that she could realize that there is nothing wrong with accepting a help.[1]