Krastinovian Carver

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MobKrastinovian Carver
Image of Krastinovian Carver
Race(s) Human, Undead (Humanoid)
Level 41 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Butcher's Sanctum, Scholomance
Status Killable
Shadowlands broke their model.

Krastinovian Carvers are humans and undead, appearing after the Chamber of Summoning in Scholomance. Killing a carver within 10 yards of another carver cause their bloodthirst to spread to that carver, increasing its stack.


  • Boiling Bloodthirst — Attack speed increased by 5%. Damage taken increased by 10%. Spreads to nearby Krastinovians on death. 

Achievement strategy

Pull and kill one of the Flesh Horror-Meat Graft mobs to make some room. Start pulling carvers one-or-two at a time, but before killing one, make sure another carver is within 10 yards. As long as the stack does not break by killing mobs too far apart from one another, it will double each time. This means that the ninth carver killed will have a stack of 99. (28 = 64, 29 = 128, but the stack limit is 99) Be warned that the carvers attack faster with each stack, but also take more damage.


  • Always pumping, always pumping!
  • Blood blood blood BLOOD BLOOD!!
  • Dripping and pouring and clotting!
  • More blood!
  • So warm, so red!
  • Spurts of crimson!
  • The scent of delicious!
  • Yes! Yes! More blood!



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