NeutralKrenka centaur tribe
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly Krenka †
Race(s) Centaur
Character classes Shaman, Warrior, Hunter
Theater of operations The Barrens
Language(s) Krenkese[1]
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Krenka tribe (aka Krenka clan[2]) is a small centaur clan found in the Barrens. Among the beliefs of the small Krenka tribe is that every animal in the Barrens has a "guiding spirit" that controls its actions and destiny. By venerating a guiding spirit, a tribe can gain the blessing of that guiding spirit. Although similar ideas appear in many tribal cultures, the Krenka take this to extremes, going so far as to construct elaborate idols and following various ceremonies aimed at pleasing the Barren's spirits.[3]

Ancient tales say that when Krenka grew old he wandered out into the Barrens to die, but promised to return to aid his people if the need was great. To this day, centaur who grow too old or injured to fight leave the Krenka tribe to die alone, their fates never known by their people.[3] It was later revealed that Krenka had wandered to the Wailing Caverns and was buried within a section of the caverns.

The Krenka are easily identified for their bronze skin covered in garish and distinctive blue tattoos.

The Krenka were named after their eponym original Khan, Krenka. Due to a curse, his animated body was that of an undead skeletal centaur.[2]

They are likely the offspring of Cenarius born of his third bastardized son, "the centaur" (though that may only be a night elf legend).[4]



  • Krenka speak Krenkese.
  • Their tribal color is blue.


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