Image of Kromog
Title <Legend of the Mountain>
Gender Male
Race Magnaron (Giant)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Blackrock Foundry
Status Killable

Kromog is a massive magnaron found inside the Blackrock Foundry. He serves as one of the raid's many bosses, and the final boss of the Black Forge wing.

Adventure Guide

The magnaron are mysterious in their ways, ancient and inscrutable. Miners excavating an expansion to the Foundry, in support of the Iron Horde's massive production needs, were horrified to unearth a chamber containing a living magnaron. To their astonishment, Kromog began to assist in their endeavors, and now uses his massive stone fists to hammer out the gigantic plates needed for the Iron Horde's dreadnaughts and siege machinery.

Objective of


The massive magnaron Kromog stands immobile overlooking a ledge as he assaults players with his fists and the very stone beneath them. Many of Kromog's mighty attacks create Reverberations, and at 30% remaining health, Kromog gains the effect of Frenzy.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Allow yourself to be gripped by a hand created by Rune of Grasping Earth in order to avoid critical damage from Thundering Blows.
  • Free yourself from Rune of Grasping Earth once Thundering Blows is complete, then help free other players who are still grasped.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Allow yourself to be gripped by a hand created by Rune of Grasping Earth in order to avoid critical damage from Thundering Blows.
  • Players gripped by Rune of Grasping Earth eventually become crushed to death, due to increasing damage over time.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • Allow yourself to be gripped by a hand created by Rune of Grasping Earth in order to avoid critical damage from Thundering Blows.
  • Kromog's Slam ability deals less damage the farther away players are from his fists when they slam onto the ground.
  • Kromog's normal attacks cause Fists of Stone, inflicting heavy damage which may be shared by up to 2 targets.
  • If Kromog is not being tanked, he will continually cast Stone Breath.


  • Ability warrior shieldbreak.png  Warped Armor Tank Alert — Reduces the movement speed of the target by 15%. Also increases physical damage taken by 20%. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Warrior talent icon singlemindedfury.png  Fists of Stone Tank Alert — Kromog's melee attacks trigger this effect, which inflicts 353925 to 372075 Physical damage split evenly between enemies, up to 2 targets within 15 yards.
  • Inv elemental primal earth.png  Stone Breath — Deals 37644 to 39576 Nature damage to all enemies every second. If there are no valid targets in melee range, Kromog will continue to breathe until he finds one.
  • Spell nature earthquake.png  Slam Tank Alert — Kromog strikes the ground beneath his primary target, dealing up to 780000 Physical damage to all players, reduced based on their distance from the impact point.
  • Ability fomor boss pillar02.png  Rippling Smash — Kromog smashes the ground violently, causing a cascading eruption that inflicts 214500 to 225500 Nature damage to those within its wake.
  • Ability fomor boss rune yellow.png  Rune of the Grasping Hand — Kromog places a mighty palm on the ground, summoning the very stone from the earth. Fists of stone grasp at players, inflicting 12168 to 12792 Nature damage per second, but shielding them from Physical damage and holding them to the ground. The damage increases over time.
  • Ability smash.png  Thundering Blows Deadly Important — Kromog smashes his fists repeatedly, inflicting 126750 to 133250 Physical damage to all players every second, knocking them high into the air.
  • Creatureportrait fomorhand.png  Rune of Crushing Earth — Kromog bends the earth to form two outstretched hands. These hands will slam together, inflicting 195000 to 205000 Nature damage to enemies on contact, stunning them for 5 sec.
  • Spell holy persecution.png  Reverberations — The clamorous impact of Kromog's fists causes sound reverberations to amass, inflicting 146250 to 153750 Sonic damage to enemies with which they come into contact and dissipate.
  • Inv ore blackrock nugget.png  Shattered Earth — Deals 58500 to 61500 Nature damage to 4 random targets.
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Frenzy — Damage increased by 20%. Attack Speed increased by 20%. Abilities are cast more frequently. Kromog will gain the effects of Frenzy at 30% remaining life.
  • Ability fomor boss rune brown.png  Rune of the Stone Geyser — Kromog channels the earth, causing massive pillars to erupt for 146250 to 153750 Nature damage. These pillars will recede back into the earth unless shattered.
  • Ability fomor boss shout.png  Call of the Mountain Deadly Important — Inflicts 1170000 to 1230000 Physical damage to enemies within line of sight.


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Raid Finder Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Item Type Item Type
 [Axe of the Stone Geyser] Strength two-hand axe  [Fang of the Earth] (H · M) Caster one-hand sword
 [Earthbound Shield] Tank shield  [Kromog's Brutal Fist] (H · M) Strength one-hand mace
 [Rockbreaker Warcap] Mail helm  [Kromog's Protecting Palm] (H · M) Tank shield
 [Erupting Mantle] Mail shoulders  [Talisman of the Fomor] (H · M) Spirit necklace
 [Chestguard of Allegorical Shadows] Leather chest  [Earthripple Shoulderpads] (H · M) Cloth shoulders
 [Chestplate of Runed Earth] Plate chest  [Cloak of Delving Secrets] (H · M) Agility cloak
 [Robes of Living Earth] Cloth chest  [Runefrenzy Greatcloak] (H · M) Caster cloak
 [Reverberating Bracers] Plate bracers  [Bracers of Shattered Stalactites] (H · M) Leather bracers
 [Thundersmash Gloves] Cloth gloves  [Stonewarper Wraps] (H · M) Cloth gloves
 [Slam Jammers] Leather boots  [Earthgrasp Girdle] (H · M) Mail belt
 [Ring of Shattered Faults] Caster ring  [Sabatons of Fractal Earth] (H · M) Plate boots
 [Stoneheart Idol] Tank trinket  [Stonefist Band] (H · M) Tank ring
 [Ebonflame Hood] Cloth helmet  [Beating Heart of the Mountain] (H · M) Agility trinket
 [Sootfur Cap] Leather helmet  [Helm of the Iron Conqueror] (H · M) Armor token
 [Ashlink Coif] Mail helmet  [Helm of the Iron Protector] (H · M) Armor token
 [Blacksteel Casque] Plate helmet  [Helm of the Iron Vanquisher] (H · M) Armor token

Related Achievements


Oggum dror undro dukkar.
  • Bury you!
Thundering Blows
Killing a player
  • Into... nothing...
  • To dust....
Smash you... into mountain.
Kromog yells: RRRRRRRRRrrooaaaarrr...
Blackhand yells: That beast was irreplaceable. Where are the attackers now? I want them dead. DEAD!
Unused quotes
  • Put you back into earth.
  • Break you!


  • He utilizes the same animations as Kologarn.
  • The rock spikes in the tunnels in the Slagworks are caused by Kromog. Upon his death, this trap will vanish.
This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • It is possible that Kromog assumes that Blackrock Foundry is a titan facility.

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