Kruul's world

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This is one of multiple locations named Twisting Nether in-game.
Twisting Nether minimap in The Highlord's Return.

A Twisting Nether location where War Councilor Victoria sends champions to defeat Highlord Kruul in the N [110] The Highlord's Return.

Scenario: Kruul's Intentions

Highlord Kruul in the Twisting Nether.
  • Stage 1 – The Highlord's Return
    • You must destroy Kruul permanently in the Twisting Nether before he overruns your forces at the Broken Shore!
  • Stage 2 – Twisting the Nether
    • Inquisitor Variss stands in the way of Kruul. Destroy him!
  • Final Stage – Goodbye Kruul World
    • Kruul has landed, now is your chance! Defeat him once and for all!


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