Kuna Thunderhorn

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HordeKuna Thunderhorn
Image of Kuna Thunderhorn
Title <Bowyer & Fletching Goods>
Gender Female
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thunder Bluff
Location Thunder Bluff
Status Alive

Kuna Thunderhorn is a tauren bow vendor located on the middle rise in Thunder Bluff.

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

During the feast for the Highmountain tauren, she was trapped by the Void.[1]


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Inv weapon bow 07.png 2x [Fine Shortbow]
53s 9c
Inv weapon bow 01.png [Heavy Recurve Bow]
66s 18c
Inv weapon bow 01.png 1x [Massive Longbow]
11g 32s 53c
Inv weapon bow 02.png [Reinforced Bow]
42s 64c
Inv weapon bow 07.png 1x [Sturdy Recurve]
3g 24s 46c

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