Kunzen tribe

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Main leader IconSmall Hozen.gif Chief Yip-Yip
Secondary leaders IconSmall Hozen.gif Rit-Rit <Legend-Chief>
IconSmall Hozen.gif Teeku <Hunter-Chief>
IconSmall Hozen.gif Akakakoo <Kunza-Kunza Chief>
Race(s) Hozen Hozen
Base of operations Kunzen Village, Kunza-Kunza
Theater of operations Valley of the Four Winds; Uncharted Island; Un'gol Ruins
Status Active

The Kunzen are a tribe[1] of hozen found atop the Skyrange overlooking the Heartland in the Valley of the Four Winds, and in Kunza-Kunza on the Uncharted Island in the Great Sea. The group from the Skyrange have been raiding the nearby farms and causing trouble for the Tillers, while those from Kunza-Kunza hoard Azerite.



Name Role Status Location
Mob  Yip-Yip Chief Killable Kunzen Cave, Valley of the Four Winds
Mob  Rit-Rit Legend-Chief Killable Kunzen Village, Valley of the Four Winds
Mob  Teeku Hunter-Chief Killable Skyrange, Valley of the Four Winds
Mob  Akakakoo Kunza-Kunza Chief Killable Kunza-Kunza, Uncharted Island
Mob  Krungko Fingerlicker Killable Skyrange, Valley of the Four Winds