Kurdran's Waitin'

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AllianceKurdran's Waitin'
Start Fargo Flintlocke [78.9, 76.7]
End Kurdran Wildhammer [79.1, 78.3]
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Reputation +25 Wildhammer Clan
Rewards 6g 57s 50c
Previous A [84] Aiming High
Next A [84] Our Boys on the Shore, A [84] Salvage Operation, A [84] Naga Reinforcements, [Siren's Song]


Speak to Kurdran Wildhammer inside of the Highbank Keep in Twilight Highlands.


It looks like the attack stopped, <name>. Which is a shame, 'cuz we never got to use the <class>-rocket.

Anyways, Kurdran Wildhammer is up in the top of the keep an I'm sure he'll be wantin' to gives ya a hero's welcome. Yeh earned it! Go talk to 'im!

I'll move on ahead and scout out the beach.


You will receive: 6g 57s 50c (at max level)


The King himself sent you? Good to hear that Stormwind is secure.

I was expecting more in the way of troops, but word is that the Alliance fleet was ambushed by the Horde on the way here. They gave as good as they got, but the fleet is in shambles.

If we're to make any forward progress here in the Highlands, we're going to need the help of heroes like you.


Upstairs in the back of the keep.

Kurdran's gossip text:

I've been placed in command of Alliance joint operations in the Twilight Highlands.
The independent Wildhammer clans still dot this countryside. If we can unite them under the Alliance banner, nothing can stop us! But enemies close in from all sides. I hope you're ready for a fight, <class>.


  1. A [84] Welcome to Highbank!
  2. A [84] Burnin' at Both Ends
  3. A [84] Aiming High
  4. A [84] Kurdran's Waitin'
  5. A [84] Our Boys on the Shore
  6. A [84] Landgrab & A [84] Scouting the Shore
  7. A [84] Bird Down! Bird Down!
  8. A [84] Roots'll Do 'Er
  9. A [84] Wings Over Highbank
  10. A [84] Any Portal in a Storm
  11. A [84] The Way is Open

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