For lore about Kurdran, see Kurdran Wildhammer.
Race Wildhammer Dwarf
and Gryphon
Base Unit Gryphon Rider
Faction Alliance
Hit Points 250 (+150%)
Armor 6 (+20%)
Sight 9 (Normal)
Speed 14 (Normal)
Basic Damage 0 (Normal)
Piercing Damage 26 (+63%)
Range 5 (+25%)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

The proud and belligerent dwarf Kurdran is one of the more notorious heroes of the Second War. Having slain nine Dragons throughout the course of the war, Kurdran and his Gryphon Sky'rie retain the reputation as being undisputed masters of the skies. Kurdran works for the Alliance forces in Azeroth as a scout and warrior to this day.[1]


  • Kurdran and Sky'ree are a hero unit with much higher stats than a normal Gryphon Rider. They do not have any special abilities beyond this.
  • They first appear in the Beyond the Dark Portal Alliance campaign mission Deathwing, where they must be rescued and will help fight the mighty dragon. They then appear under the player's control in the missions Siege of Vanguard and The Bitter Taste of Victory. Their survival is a victory condition in all missions except the last. Kurdran and Sky'ree also appear as enemies in the final mission of the Horde campaign.


  • Kurdran is not actually given the surname "Wildhammer" in the game. He was given the surname later.
  • The Gryphon's name is spelled Sky'rie in the game manual, but Sky'ree in-game.