MobKurzen's Compound
Kurzen's Compound.jpg
Type Outpost

 Chief Esquivel

  Formerly  Colonel Kurzen †
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Affiliation(s) Kurzen's Expedition
  Formerly Kingdom of Stormwind
Location Northeastern Northern Stranglethorn[58, 20]
Status Active
Sources: World of Warcraft

Kurzen's Compound is an unusual human settlement located east of the Rebel Camp in Northern Stranglethorn. Occupied by Kurzen's Expedition, once led by Colonel Kurzen, until his death, the expedition now takes orders from Chief Anders, Chief Gaulus, Chief Miranda, and Chief Esquivel.

The inhabitants of the Rebel Camp were once members of the compound before rebelling after Kurzen descended into madness. They are embroiled in a deadly conflict with the jungle fighters. It has a lumber mill and at the back of the Compound is a non-instanced dungeon, the Stockpile, where the fighters keep their equipment. The men also keep Panthers and Stranglethorn Tigers in cages near the stables so they can be trained to become Kurzen War Panthers and Kurzen War Tigers.

During the events of Rise of Zandalari, all inhabitants were killed by Mauti.


  • Kurzen's Compound is most likely in reference to Colonel Kurtz's compound from the movie Apocalypse Now.

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