HordeKyle's Gone Missing!
Start Ahab Wheathoof
End Ahab Wheathoof
Level 1-30
Category Mulgore
Experience 65-625
Reputation Thunder Bluff +250
Rewards 1s 75c
Repeatable No


Ahab Wheathoof at Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore wants you to feed his prized puppy, Kyle the Frenzied.

Feed Kyle  [Tender Strider Meat] and return to Ahab Wheathoof.

  • Kyle fed: 0/1


Help, <name>! My prized puppy, Kyle, has run away! I just know he's running around Bloodhoof Village, lost and hungry.

Will you find him and feed him? Once he eats he will settle down and come home.

To feed him you will need to find food. His favorite meal is tender strider meat. Just venture east and you should find plenty of striders. Hunt one down and take its succulent meat to Kyle. When you see Kyle in town, put the meat down and he is sure to come to you.


You will receive:


Did you find Kyle?


Fantastic work, <name>! Kyle came home as soon as he ate and went straight to bed. Thank you for your help.

Notes and trivia

Kyle the Frenzied runs in a wide circle in Bloodhoof Village. When he is nearby, click on the  [Tender Strider Meat] to make Kyle stop and eat.

Kyle the Frenzied howls in delight at the sight of his lunch!
Kyle the Frenzied eats his lunch.
Kyle the Friendly thanks you with a special dance.

This quest was created by Tigole at the behest of Ezra Chatterton, who toured Blizzard's offices with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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