Kri'vess, a fully-grown kypari tree

The kypari amber trees are massive trees native to the Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes.

The kypari trees are sacred to the mantid and are regarded as living shrines steeped in their culture. They are the foundation of mantid society. Each tree carries with it a name bestowed upon it by the mantid. The mantid who live at that tree, be it in the roots, in the branches, in the nooks and crannies, share a name with that tree.[1]


Back when the world was still young, the first kypari trees bloomed. From the trees, the amber flowed and nurtured the mantid. This amber was called  [Kyparite] by the mantid - the lifeblood of the earth. It healed their wounds and made them bold.[2] Amber is the cornerstone of mantid society. They use this material in their architecture, their art, and their technology. The empress and her council of Klaxxi safeguards the great trees of Townlong Steppes as the only source of their precious amber. Legend has it that the kypari once flourished east of the wall, but the mogu cut them all down in their never-ending war against the mantid swarm.[3]

However, recently the kypari trees are dying. Kypari Vor and Kypari Ik, barely even looking like trees anymore, have already died, victims of the sha. Kypari Zar was indirectly corrupted by the sha, and unfortunately cannot be saved.[4] The few amber-producing trees that remain are either being overharvested by the mantid, or in danger of succumbing to sha.[5]

The sprites of Rikkitun Village, protected by a pact with the mantid,[6] have some connection to the kypari reproductive cycle.[7]

Named kypari trees