• 10 Achievement points
  • Kyrian Campaign
  • Complete the Kyrian Covenant campaign.
  • Criteria:
    • Among the Kyrian
    • Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons
    • The Seal of Contrition
    • Closing In
    • Trial of Ascension
    • Righteous Retribution
    • A Vessel of Ardenweald
    • The Bell Tolls

Kyrian Campaign is a quest achievement earned by completing the Kyrian Covenant campaign.


Among the Kyrian

After choosing to align with the Kyrian Covenant, the Maw Walker returns to Bastion to a grand reception, organized by the Archon herself. Players learn the functions of their new base of operations in Elysian Hold, make a quick run to the Maw for some souls, and became soulbinds with the aspirant Pelagos.

  1. N [60] Report to Adrestes
  2. N [60] Among the Kyrian
  3. N [60] A Proper Reception
  4. N [60] Elysian Hold
  5. N [60] Of Great Renown
  6. N [60] The Path Provides
  7. N [60] A Call to Service
  8. N [60] A Calling in Bastion
  9. N [60] Our Most Precious Resource
  10. N [60] Into the Reservoir
  11. N [60] A Unique Opportunity
  12. N [60] Friends in Dark Places
  13. N [60] Setting the Ground Rules
  14. N [60] Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan
  15. N [60] Rule 2: Keep a Low Profile
  16. N [60] Rule 3: Trust is Earned
  17. N [60] Hopeful News
  18. N [60] Return to Adrestes
  19. N [60] It's All Coming Together
  20. N [60] Enhancing the Hold
  21. N [60] Dangerous to Go Alone
  22. N [60] Soul Meets Body
  23. N [60] Strengthen the Bond
  24. N [60] A Conduit for Good
  25. N [60] Our Eternal Charge

After completing Our Eternal Charge, in addition to continuing the main campaign, Adrestes also sends players back to Oribos in N [60] The Highlord Calls, starting the Torghast storyline.

Trial of Ascension

At Renown 5:

Players are asked to aid Kleia in her final trial on the path to ascension, where they witnessed the last moments of a life, before escorting them to the Shadowlands. Kleia became an Ascended, as well as the Maw Walker's second soulbind, but a Forsworn attack on Elysian Hold led by Uther interrupted the ceremony and damaged the Crest of Ascension.

The Paragon of Loyalty, Devos, was as the leader of the Forsworn, and the champion helped repel her final assault and defeat her once and for all within the Spires of Ascension.

  1. N [60] Trial of Ascension
  2. N [60] Censers of Guidance and N [60] Misguiding Mentors
  3. N [60] To Cross the Veil
  4. N [60] A Day in the Life
  5. N [60] Food on the Table and N [60] Millie's Garden
  6. N [60] Lumber for Lakeshire
  7. N [60] Lakeshire's Last Stand
  8. N [60] Where a Soul Belongs
  9. N [60] Faith Through the Darkness
  10. N [60] Ascended
  11. N [60] The Forsworn Onslaught
  12. N [60] Forged by Trial
  13. N [60D] The Spires of Ascension

Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons

At Renown 7:

Without the Crest of Ascension, no new kyrian Ascended can be created. Players traveled to the Eternal Forge with Mikanikos, Forgelite Prime of Bastion, to recover the legendary hammer Phaestus and build the Crest anew.

However, the great forge was under Forsworn control, and in repelling the threat the adventurer helped Mikanikos finish Bron, a modified goliath that proved instrumental in pushing the enemy back to the Temple of Loyalty. With the hammer in hand, the Maw Walker successfully rebuilt the Crest of Ascension.

  1. N [60] The Eternal Forge
  2. N [60] Refining Ego, N [60] Instruments of Perfection, N [60] Stewards of a Feather
  3. N [60] Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons
  4. N [60] A Partner for Eternity
  5. N [60] Dismantling the Opposition
  6. N [60] Friend to the Forgelite
  7. N [60] Building the Base

Righteous Retribution

At Renown 10:

Alexandros Mograine of Maldraxxus visited Elysian Hold with an offer to join forces in order to take out the depraved Margrave Gharmal who led the surprise attack on the Temple of Courage.

The Maw Walker and Xandria met Alexandros aboard the Zerekriss necropolis, then staged a large-scale assault on the Margrave's forces in the House of Constructs to draw him out. After defeating him, Xandria carved out the fleshshaper's heart. The Crest of Ascension was infused with the heart's essence, greatly increasing its power.

  1. N [60] An Expected Visitor
  2. N [60] A Perilous Journey
  3. N [60] Stronger Together
  4. N [60] Fight and Flight
  5. N [60] Justice from Above, N [60] The Butchers of Bastion, N [60] Dark Developments
  6. N [60] An Early End, N [60] Burn Before Reading, N [60] Descended
  7. N [60] Trouble on the Western Front
  8. N [60] Charging The Blade, N [60] Grave Intent, N [60] Aerial Advantage
  9. N [60] Power of the Chosen
  10. N [60] The End is Now
  11. N [60] Pursuit of Justice
  12. N [60] Take Heart
  13. N [60] Return to the Hold
  14. N [60] Crest of Greatness

The Seal of Contrition

At Renown 12:

Spurred on by the success in Maldraxxus, the Maw Walker, Kleia, and Pelagos traveled to Revendreth to seek further empowerments for the Crest of Ascension. The Curator knew of a potential target in the Seal of Contrition and had the player obtain its whereabouts from the Countess. She sent players to the Ember Ward where Alwin, the former holder, escorted the Maw Walker to the Seal's current holder, Duke Vielle. Players killed the Duke, recovered the Seal, and brought it back to Elysian Hold to insert into the Crest.

  1. N [60] Assistance from Sinfall
  2. N [60] Overhead Intelligence, N [60] Eyes of the Master, N [60] Gothic Fashion
  3. N [60] Collecting Dust, N [60] Shards of the Countess
  4. N [60] Through Glass
  5. N [60] Sins of the Past
  6. N [60] Land of Light
  7. N [60] Skulking in the Darkness, N [60] Light Respite, N [60] Actions Speak Louder than Words
  8. N [60] The Folly of Envy
  9. N [60] Parting Words
  10. N [60] The Seal of Contrition

A Vessel of Ardenweald

At Renown 16:

In search of a vessel to contain the power of the Crest, the adventurer and Pelagos traveled to Ardenweald to request aid from the Winter Queen. The faerie Willowblossom volunteered to aid the party in their journey of preparing a vessel to hold Ardenweald's power.

After saving the worm Grubby from spriggan tricksters and obtaining the necessary ingredients for the ritual, the Maw Walker realized that Willowblossom would become the vessel, giving her life in the process. Her sacrifice was not in vain, as by placing the Vessel in the Crest of Ascension it became fully empowered and protected from future attack.

  1. N [60] Meet the Queen
  2. N [60] Who Are You Fooling?, N [60] Trinkle Trinkle Little Twerp
  3. N [60] Getting Backstage
  4. N [60] Picking Up Pelagos
  5. N [60] Evil Grubbies, N [60] Gorm Ruin Everything
  6. N [60] The Blue Seed
  7. N [60] Seeds Away!
  8. N [60] I Dreamed A Dream
  9. N [60] A Bittersweet Prize
  10. N [60] Heart of the Crest
  11. N [60] A New Age

Closing In

At Renown 19: Kyrian scouts tracked Lysonia, the new leader of the Forsworn to the Temple of Humility. Players and Kleia intervened, saving kyrian from being overtaken by pride and using the Paragon of Humility's legendary blade, Compassion, to push back the Forsworn occupation.

As players arrived at Lysonia and Chyrus's location, Helya opened a portal allowing Lysonia and Uther to escape into the Maw. Players and Kleia pursued her, ultimately facing a powerful manifestation of Lysonia's pride after she betrayed Uther in a dark ritual. Players escorted Uther out of the Maw and then parted ways to prepare for the final assault on Lysonia.

  1. N [60] On Lysonia's Trail
  2. N [60] Aerial Reconnaissance
  3. N [60] Sacred Scrolls of Humility, N [60] Succumbing to Pride, N [60] Compassion, Blade of Humility
  4. N [60] Distorted by the Maw, N [60] Fallen to Their Vices
  5. N [60] Lysonia's Plan
  6. N [60] The Power of the Maw
  7. N [60] A Step Too Far, N [60] Kyrian No More
  8. N [60] Her Will, Inflicted
  9. N [60] Time to Reflect
  10. N [60] A Touch of Humility

The Bell Tolls

At Renown 21:

With the final assault on the Forsworn citadel in the Temple of Loyalty at hand, you called the Paragons to form a plan and rallied the kyrian to action. The combined might of the Archon's forces assaulted the Temple from all sides, until Lysonia revealed that she had drawn the kyrian away from Elysian Hold, leaving the Archon vulnerable.

You rushed back to the hold to defend the Archon, where Lysonia unleashed the full extent of her Maw power. Uther arrived to aid in defeating his former master, turning the tide of the battle until the Archon could deal the final blow.

Uther was granted clemency for his efforts, and traveled to the Temple of Wisdom with Thenios to delve further into his unique ailment.

  1. N [60] Convene the Paragons
  2. N [60] Before the Dawn
  3. N [60] The Greater Good
  4. N [60] Kyrestia's Grace
  5. N [60] An Earned Bond
  6. N [60] Our Realm Reclaimed

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