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LOL is an acronym for "Laugh Out Loud". In lower-case it is "lol".

  • Frequently used in place of typing out a laugh ("ha ha ha").
  • Very frequently to show that you're being playful, not serious, or are kidding, quite like saying doch in German.
  • Upper-case and lower-case typically have slightly different meanings. "lol" is typically a light laugh or chuckle, while "LOL" is a heartier, louder laugh.
  • When you type only "LOL" or "lol" in-game, your character will automatically do the /laugh animation & sound. See also Emote.

While LOL literally merely means "laugh out loud", it is much more widely use than as an in-game expression of amusement. It is applied as widely as real laughter is, to mean skepticism, scoffing, cordiality, acknowledgment of error, befuddlement, and a dozen other meanings.


  • If said in Common, it appears as "bur" to Horde players.
  • If said in Orcish, it appears as "kek" to Alliance players.