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MobLady Sevine
Image of Lady Sevine
Gender Female
Race Orc (Demon)
Level 59
Class Warlock
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion, Razelikh, Shadowsworn
Occupation Bodyguard of Razelikh
Location Blasted Lands[41, 31]VZ-Blasted LandsBlip
Status Deceased

Lady Sevine is a demon warlock found at the Altar of Storms in the Blasted Lands. Although once an orc, Sevine is now in fact a demon.


She is one of three (along with Grol the Destroyer and Archmage Allistarj) who pledged allegiance to Razelikh, who in return granted them land, and an endless life as long as they remained in the Blasted Lands and in return now must protect him. Lady Sevine was given an Altar of Storms, one of the few remaining in Azeroth. When The Fallen Hero of the Horde and his team ventured into the Blasted Lands, they were captured. Now his comrades are forced to be servants of Grol, Allistarj and Sevine.

Sevine build the Altar of Storms in Blasted Lands.[1]

The warlock quest book Inv misc book 05 [Harnessing Shadows] contains "Tales from the Blasted Lands as told by Lady Sevine."

What happened to her demonic soul is unknown.


  • Spell shadow curseofmannoroth Curse of Weakness — Reduces the Physical damage dealt by nearby enemies by 1 for 2 min. Only one curse per warlock can be active on any one target.
  • Spell fire immolation Immolate — Burns an enemy, then inflicts additional Fire damage every 3 sec. for 21 sec.
  • Spell shadow shadowbolt Shadow Bolt — Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage.
  • Spell shadow summoninfernal Summon Infernal Servant — Summons Infernal Servants.

Combat info[]

When in combat, Lady Sevine can summon multiple infernals and is immune to all magic. She cannot be killed unless you follow The Fallen Hero of the Horde's questline and have gained an Enchanted Azsharite Felbane weapon, which you must use on her to kill her.

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  1. ^ B [15-30] The Amulet of Sevine:"...she built the Altar of Storms, upon which you resurrected me."

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