Lake Everstill.

The serene Lake Everstill is a large azure lake located in the center of Redridge Mountains. The crystal-clear waters of the lake provide a spectacular setting for the sleepy settlement of Lakeshire. It is drained by its eastern river which flows near the dark Stonewatch Keep. Lake Everstill was once known for its fishing but recently has become overrun by tribes of murlocs. Adventurers hunting murlocs in the lake should make sure to keep an eye open for the elite Lake Thresher that patrols the deeps. The lake is crossed by Everstill Bridge.

After the Cataclysm, Camp Everstill was added on the east side of the lake, complete with a flight path. The threshadons were also replaced by Freshwater Eels.[1]

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At some point, Makasa Flintwill, upon learning that Reigol Valdread was her father, she ran to the edge of the quarry, thinking about what she just learned. With the help of the Voice of the Light and Aram's sketchbook, she realized that the final shard of the Diamond Blade must be in a mine shaft in the quarry. She was soon approached by Telagos who used his magic to get the shard, merging it with the other, creating a whole blade of the weapon.[2]



It takes a skill level of 55 to fish in Lake Everstill.

In the RPG

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Lake Everstill is a massive, deep lake with the town of Lakeshire tracing its shores. Coming out from Elwynn Forest, you will find yourself on the shores of the lake. It is large enough to satisfy swimmers, boaters and fishers. A couple of miles inland from the northern coast lies Stonewatch Falls. Rivers snake throughout the area, most of them emptying into the massive lake.[3] Murky Depths Lake is a far cry from the pleasant waters of Lake Everstill.[4]


  • The outline of the lake resembles a threshadon. The western bit looks like the head, the east river the tail, and the middle section even has the two humps and fins.
  • Aramar Thorne, his dog Soot, and his friends, Stitch and Willy would play here. Activities included running along the shore, collecting dead frogs, swimming, or racing rowboats and rafts. It is also referred to as the Lakeshire quarry.[5][6] After his father, Greydon Thorne abandoned his family, 6-year-old Aramar searched the lake for signs of murlocs and orcs who he thought took his father.[7]


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