Lake Kittitata

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Lake Kittitata

Lake Kittitata is a large lake in northwest Jade Forest, and one of the sources that create the Serenity Falls and the Slicky Stream. The hozen often used this lake to fish in to feed their people, however, during certain seasons of the year crocolisks claim the lake as home and feed upon the hozen that get too close.[1] Camp Nooka Nooka is on the lake's southeastern border.

The Circle of Scale lies at the center of the lake.


Notes and trivia

  • The Engorged Crocolisks explode when killed, revealing a recently swallowed hozen. These crocolisks contain no loot and cannot be skinned.
  • This area seems to be a reference to Lake Titicaca, with the hard c and t sounds switched.

Patch changes


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