Lakeshire Inn

The Lakeshire Inn in the Redridge Mountains is a well-known establishment, and has kept its warm atmosphere despite the town's beleaguered state. It is a popular spot to sit down and have a chat and a drink of wine or ale, and the inn also offers bedrest to the weary traveler.

During the Fourth War, Mathias Shaw gave the guards of Three Corners a night off. One of them got drunk and Darcy Parker put him into a bed in the inn. Before returning to his post duty, he left a mess there, leaving Innkeeper Brianna busy with cleaning. The next day, the inn was searched by two disguised Horde members, Dark Ranger Lyana and the champion, in order to find clues about Varok Saurfang's escape. During that day, the inn was extremely full.[1]


The cellar of Lakeshire Inn is subject to phasing depending on progress of a few quests.

Prior to completing A [7-30] Yowler Must Die!, the cellar sees a crowd of Redridge Citizens watching a fight between Big Earl and Dumpy.
With A [7-30] John J. Keeshan, the cellar sees Big Earl fighting John J. Keeshan.
With A [7-30] Return of the Bravo Company, the cellar is empty of all persons
With A [7-30] They Drew First Blood, the cellar sees John J. Keeshan flanked by Messner, Danforth, Krakauer and Jorgensen.
Once you accept A [7-30] It's Never Over, John J. Keeshan, Messner, Danforth, Krakauer and Jorgensen all disappear in front of your eyes, and the cellar stays empty after this time.




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