Goblin's crash site

Pre-Cataclysm Land's End Beach

Land's End Beach is the most southern point of the Tanaris Desert[60, 88], in the far southeastern tip of Kalimdor. Surf Gliders and Duneshore Crabs can be found on the eastern side of the beach, while Crazed Bilgewater Survivors and the wreckage of their ships can be found on the western side.

The Bilgewater goblins that crashed here were originally headed to Gadgetzan[1] but do not realize they landed on Kalimdor, thinking they are on an uncharted island instead. They have gone insane because of this and will attack anyone that approaches them.

A crashed bomber lies on the eastern coast as well, where a rare goblin, Fronkle the Disturbed, sometimes appears.

After the Fourth War, Rexxar and Zekhan visited the area, following up on Marvon Rivetseeker's concerns about a Bilgewater vessel. The duo found the ship debris and crazed goblin survivors who believe themselves cut off from the world, wearing tattered clothes and crazed expressions, shouting nonsense to each other, the sand, and the sky.[2]


Mysterious island visible south of Land's End Beach.

  • This beach was one of the less visited places on Azeroth, due it requiring a long swim from the shores to the east, but later became a requirement for the achievement  [Explore Tanaris]. When the Cataclysm reshaped the world, a passage was created on the western side that allowed for easy travel to the beach.
  • This was also the location where if you looked into the distance at the most southern point, you would have seen a mysterious island, which you could not reach by swimming without tricks or completing the quest given by Meridith the Mermaiden.
    • These islands were removed during the Cataclysm.


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Land's End Beach is adjacent to the Cursed Landing in Uldum, where gnomes went mad. The source of the madness was probably the same given their proximity.

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