Lao-Chin's Gambit

Neutral 32.pngLao-Chin's Gambit
Start Suna Silentstrike [29.3, 62.3]
End Lao-Chin the Iron Belly [31.8, 60.1]
Level 88 (Requires 87)
Category Kun-Lai Summit
Experience 16200
Reputation +25 Shado-Pan
Rewards 1 Gold.png 6 Silver.png
Previous Neutral 15.png [88] Off the Wall!, Neutral 15.png [88] A Terrible Sacrifice
Next Neutral 15.png [88] Do a Barrel Roll!


Speak with Lao-Chin the Iron Belly at Winter's Blossom in Kun-Lai Summit.


Alright. Thanks to you, we have the wall under control. Good job.

I'll stay up here for a little while and make sure no more yaungol get up onto the wall.

You, though, should go back down and see what Lao-Chin has cooked up. I hate to say it, but maybe he had a good idea after all...


You will receive: 1 Gold.png 6 Silver.png


You ready?

Gossipgossipicon.png Alright, I'm ready to get back to the front.

Ah, hello again. As sad as I am to have to do this, I'm glad I came up with something.


Good to see you made it back in one piece. Thanks to your help with the barrels, I've managed to brew up a good surprise for our yaungol friends at the front.



The kite drops players off at the business end of the battlefield refreshment device below Winter's Blossom.


Optional breadcrumb: Both 15.png [87] The Shado-Pan

  1. Neutral 15.png [87] Turnabout
  2. Neutral 15.png [87] Unmasking the Yaungol
  3. Neutral 15.png [88] To Winter's Blossom
  4. Neutral 15.png [88] Honor, Even in Death & Neutral 15.png [88] A Line Unbroken
  5. Neutral 15.png [88] To the Wall!
  6. Neutral 15.png [88] Off the Wall! & Neutral 15.png [88] A Terrible Sacrifice
  7. Neutral 15.png [88] Lao-Chin's Gambit
  8. Neutral 15.png [88] Do a Barrel Roll!
  9. Neutral 15.png [88] Finish This!
  10. Neutral 15.png [88] Where are My Reinforcements?
  11. Neutral 15.png [88] Unbelievable!
  12. Neutral 15.png [20-35D] Into the Monastery
  13. Neutral 15.png [20-35D] Lord of the Shado-Pan

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