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The subject of this article or section was part of Legion Invasions, a world event that heralded the beginning of the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth prior to Legion.


This item is rewarded upon successfully completing the Final Stage of a Legion Invasion.


The chest contains 10 Nethershard, one to two item level 700 armor pieces — head, shoulder, chest, and legs — of your character's armor type. It also has a medium chance to contain  [Coalesced Fel] and a low chance to contain a weapon appropriate to your specialization.

Name Slot Type
 [Corrupted Argus Gavel] One-hand Mace (intellect)
 [Eredar Battle Blade] One-hand Sword (intellect)
 [Eredar Splitter] One-hand Axe (agility)
 [Fel Barbed Spear] Two-hand Polearm (agility)
 [Fel Hacker] One-hand Axe (strength)
 [Fel Lord's Warmace] Two-hand Mace (strength)
 [Glaive of the Fallen] One-hand Warglaives (agility)
 [Hellfury Longbow] Ranged Bow (agility)
 [Inquisitors Wand] Ranged Wand (intellect)
 [Wyrmtongue Spiteblade] One-hand Dagger (agility)
 [Fel-Infused Hauberk] Chest Cloth
 [Fel-Infused Helm] Head Cloth
 [Fel-Infused Leggings] Legs Cloth
 [Fel-Infused Spaulders] Shoulders Cloth
 [Felshroud Hood] Head Leather
 [Felshroud Pants] Legs Leather
 [Felshroud Shoulders] Shoulders Leather
 [Felshroud Vest] Chest Leather
 [Fel-Chain Hauberk] Chest Mail
 [Fel-Chain Helm] Head Mail
 [Fel-Chain Leggings] Legs Mail
 [Fel-Chain Spaulders] Shoulders Mail
 [Felforged Chestplate] Chest Plate
 [Felforged Helmet] Head Plate
 [Felforged Legplates] Legs Plate
 [Felforged Pauldrons] Shoulders Plate

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