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Image of Lashk
Gender Male
Race Tortollan (Humanoid)
Level 20-60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Tortollan Seekers, Zanchuli Council
Location Various
Status Alive

Reincarnated Torga siting on Lashk's head.

Lashk in Dazar'alor

Lashk (with the baby Torga) in Dazar'alor as a member of the Zanchuli Council.

Lashk is a tortollan pilgrim who regularly journeyed to Nazmir to hear the stories of the turtle Loa Torga. When Torga was killed by the blood trolls in the service of G'huun, Lashk and Kisha joined with Princess Talanji and adventurers from the Horde to defeat G'huun's herald, Jungo. Afterwards, Torga was reincarnated, and now journeys with Lashk.

He was present during the funeral of King Rastakhan in Dazar'alor[1] and was then seen in the Hall of Chroniclers in the Great Seal reading a scroll. After Talanji's ascension to the Golden Throne of Zandalar, Lashk became the first tortollan appointed to the Zanchuli Council.


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  • Yeah, yeah. I'm listening.
  • Have any good stories?
  • Keep it down!
  • If you keep poking me, I'm libel to break into a story. A really LOOOOOONG BOOOOOORING story.
  • You kids today, so impatient! I'm just getting warmed up.
  • Forget it! I don't have time for this nonsense. I have a party to get to.
  • Don't be in such a rush.
  • Fine. Go. I have things to do.
  • We'll trade stories next time.


  • What do you want?
After H [20-60] Catching Up
  • Gossip Tell me about this pilgrimage you're on.
Well, I didn't think you cared! Where to begin?
We make this pilgrimage to Nazmir once every few years. Sometimes it's five years, other times it could be twenty, all depends on when Torga's ready to tell a tale.
We hear whispers and rumors that Torga has stories to pass on to us, and that's when we begin our pilgrimage. We come here, sit down, and listen to every story Torga has to say, then we pass those stories along to anyone else we meet.
You should count yourself lucky. It's rare to see so many of us gathered together like this. That's a story in itself if any of your <race> friends care.
Hall of Chroniclers, Dazar'alor

Now I know what you're thinking. How does someone like me get to a place like this?

If I'm being perfectly honest with you, I have no idea. I think maybe Torga had something to do with it.

At least it will make a great story! The first Tortollan on the Zanchuli Council, of all things! Hah!


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