NeutralLast Toll of the Yaungol

Ban, Yalia and Xiao at Hatred's Vice
Start Xiao Tu [82.7, 73.1]
End Ban Bearheart [82.7, 73.0]
Level 25-35
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +100 Shado-Pan
Rewards Item level 429 weapons
Previous N [25-35] In Search of Suna
Next N [25-35] What Lies Beneath


Eastern Smoke Trail

Western Smoke Trail

Southern Smoke Trail

Northwestern Smoke Trail

Take Xiao Tu to the smoke trails at Hatred's Vice.


Ban has asked me to explore the village to determine what happened here.

I noticed smoke rising up from the east, the west, northwest, and the south.

I need someone I trust to watch my back.

What do you say? Want to help me on my first scouting mission?


Item level 429 weapons
Inv staff 2h pandariaquest b 02.png [Torch of Noon] Inv staff 2h pandariaquest b 02.png [Torch of Dawn]
Inv staff 2h pandariaquest b 02.png [Torch of Dusk] Inv mace 2h pandariaquest b 01.png [Hatred's Vise]
Inv sword 1h pandariaquest b 04.png [Sha-Blighted Blade] Inv bow 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Shado-Pan Ranger's Bow]
Inv sword 1h pandariaquest b 04.png [Hatred's Bite] Inv axe 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Dividing Edge]
Inv knife 1h pandariaquest b 02.png [Shado-Pan Ranger's Blade] Inv mace 1h pandariaquest b 03.png [Bearheart's Club]

You will also receive: 11g


Something terrible must have happened here.


Thank you for your help, <name>.

We cannot know exactly what happened here, but it's clear that something caused the yaungol to turn on one another.

What kind of power could do this?



Pick up N [25-35] Dust to Dust, N [25-35] Slaying the Scavengers, and N [25-35] Totemic Research before heading out.

Get started burning Palewind Villagers, killing hyenas, finding totems, and scouting the four smoke trails. The totem is a ground-targeted AoE and is large enough to get a few yaungol at a time.

The southern smoke trail is by the oil derricks, with the Palewind Chief:

Xiao Tu says: It's the yaungol chief, slain like the rest. Seems that he could not keep order in the final fight.

Eastern trail is by the wall in the corner:

Xiao Tu says: They fought over their food supplies. It looks like rather than sharing their food, someone destroyed it all. Why would they do that?

The "northwestern" trail is just northwest of the eastern trail:

Xiao Tu says: Look, I see some of Suna's things! She must have made camp here. But where is she?

Western smoke trail is northwest of the questgivers by another three oil derricks:

Xiao Tu says: From what I can tell, there were no sides in this fight. Why would the yaungol kill each other in a free-for-all?

If you lose Xiao Tu, you can find him back by the bonfire near the quest givers.


Optional breadcrumb: N [25-35] In Search of Suna

  1. N [25-35] Dust to Dust & N [25-35] Slaying the Scavengers & N [25-35] Totemic Research & N [25-35] Last Toll of the Yaungol
  2. N [25-35] What Lies Beneath
  3. N [25-35] Hatred Becomes Us & N [25-35] Spiteful Spirits
  4. N [25-35] The Point of No Return

Patches and hotfixes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2012-09-28): "Last Toll of the Yaungol" should only provide you with Xiao Tu's companionship while you are in Hatred's Vice.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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