Laughing Skull Ruins

Laughing Skull Ruins are the remains of a Mag'har town in northern Nagrand that has been overrun and taken over by the Warmaul ogres. All of the houses and buildings are crumbling and broken barrels, jars, furniture, and debris lie everywhere. The ruins of the town serve as a home for the Warmaul Reavers and Warmaul Shamans of the Warmaul clan, who also built an ogre mound there. Horde adventurers are asked by Warden Bullrok of Garadar to collect  [Obsidian Warbeads] as an act of vengence against the destruction of the Mag'har town. Warden Moi'bff Jill of Telaar requests those of the Alliance to collect these beads from the Warmaul and then turn them in to him.

The most important site of the ruins is the Ring of Blood. Adventurers are tested their bravery and skill and strength through a series of fights in the ring. Speak to Gurgthock the goblin for more information. He can be found living outside the ring with Wodin the Troll-Servant and Mogor.

Warlords of Draenor reveals that the ruins were originally, before the formation of the Horde, ogre holding with arena affiliated with the Gorian Empire.

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