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Not to be confused with Layering or Frame Level.

A layer (or DRAWLAYER[1]) orders each LayeredRegion within a Frame, affecting how they overlap. There are five named layers, in the order they are drawn (back to front):

  • HIGHLIGHT (see details)

Two widgets in the same layer may be further ordered using a sublayer (or textureSubLevel[2]) specified numerically from -8 to 7 (back to front).


Frame Strata vs. Layer
  • When one frame is in front of another (according to its Frame Strata), all of its LayeredRegions will also be in front -- in otherwords, layers are part of each frame.
  • Setting Frame:EnableMouse() causes HIGHLIGHT to show/hide as the cursor hovers the Frame.
  • Transparent overlapping textures display different results depending on their relative ordering. For consistent results, use a blend mode of ADD or MOD on both textures.


Construct a Texture inside the "ARTWORK" layer of a <Frame>.

		<Layer level="ARTWORK">
			<Texture />

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