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Not to be confused with Layer.

Layering is a game design tool to alleviate player overcrowding in outdoor areas. It is effectively the same as sharding, but covers the entire outdoor world of a realm. Layering was used at the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, but was later disabled.[1]


At the launch of Classic, players on overcrowded realms were grouped into different "layers". Each layer is a copy of the outdoor world,[2] with minor differences:

  • Players can only see other players on the same layer.
  • Each layer has its own set of NPCs. As such, rare NPCs may respawn at different times on different layers.
  • Each layer has its own set of objects such as herbs and mining nodes.

Players can move to a different layer by joining a party with a party leader on a different layer.[3]

Blizzard originally intended to merge the layers of each realm before Phase 2.[4] This was made effective in November 13, 2019.[5]

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