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  • Leaping Gorger Residue
  • Jumping has a chance to cause Leaping Legs.
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Leaping Gorger Residue is a buff gained by interacting with the Leaping Gorger object in Molten Quarry, Ashran. It gives the player's jumps a chance to trigger the Leaping Legs effect, augmenting the player's next three jumps and allowing them to jump mid-air.

For more information, see Leaping Gorger.


During the first half of the Warlords of Draenor beta, the effect granted by this buff worked slightly differently, with players able to jump as many times as they liked while the then 2-second Leaping Legs buff was active, including in mid-air. In addition, the leaps caused by the buff were far larger than the current version, and players were able to use subsequent jumps to change direction entirely mid-leap. The combination of these differences allowed players with the buff to leap very long distances in a single bound, including directly over large structures such as towers and hills.[1] Unsurprisingly, the effect was deemed too powerful, and was subsequently nerfed.

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