Learning from the Crystals quest chain

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AllianceLearning from the Crystals
Level range 11-18
Zones Bloodmyst Isle

Learning from the Crystals has the character gathering samples of crystals from across Bloodmyst Isle.

Learning from the Crystals

Harbinger Mikolaas, at Blood Watch is looking for volunteers to go out and gather samples of various crystals found on the island. It's dangerous out there, and he needs someone more adept at survival than the researches to go gather the samples.

The first sample he sends you after is from an impact site to the south, from a less corrupted portion of Bloodmyst Isle. In recognition of the dangers, he repays you with your choice from several varieties of armor.

Harbinger Mikolaas has been sending out survey teams, to map the island. One that was sent to the Ruins of Loreth'Aran hasn't been heard from in a while, and he doesn't have the men to send out searching for it. He asks you to go look for them for him.

At the ruins, you find a dismaying sight: The survey team is there, alright. Their supplies and equipment are strewn about, and the team themselves appears to have been slaughtered by the naga in the area.

Their equipment is there, but the data crystal they were using is missing. Knowing that Mikolaas would want to salvage the data, you set about looking for it. After extracting some amount of vengeance upon the naga, you retrieve the data crystal from the body of the naga who had taken it.

Back at Blood Watch, Harbinger Mikolaas is grateful for your efforts, though saddened by the loss of yet more of his men.

Harbinger Mikolaas asks you to go out again, and collect another crystal sample. The blood elves in the Bladewood area have a number of crystals under their control, and the Harbinger wants you to take a sample from one of the ones they have not yet incorporated into their devices.

The Blood Elves protest most strenuously when they find you tampering with their crystal, but you persist. When you show the Harbinger the sample you collected, he notes that the elves have made some worrisome changes to the crystal.

Harbinger Mikolaas has but one more sample he wants to obtain before he sends the entire set off to the Exodar. This one, it turns out, is in the middle of the Axxarien satyr camp, well guarded by the satyrs there.

Harbinger Mikolaas accepts the crystal sample. While he is grateful for your assistance, he seems distracted by other matters more pressing than pure research.



  1. A [11] Learning from the Crystals
  2. A [14] The Missing Survey Team
  3. A [14] Salvaging the Data
  4. A [14] The Second Sample
  5. A [18] The Final Sample