Learning the Word (human)

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AllianceLearning the Word
Start Priestess Anetta
End Priestess Anetta
Level 3 (Requires 2)
Category Priest
Experience 250
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Rewards 50c (or 1s 50c at max level)
Previous  [Hallowed Letter]
Next A [3] Join the Battle!


Reach level 3 to learn Shadow Word: Pain, then use it 5 times on training dummies near Northshire Abbey.


One of your responsibilities as a priest is caring for the wounded. Another is to go out into the world and be more... proactive about defending them.

As you do so, you'll grow in power and learn all sorts of new things. Why don't you go out, get more experience, and then return to demonstrate what you've learned?


You will receive: 50c (or 1s 50c at max level)


You're a quick learner, <name>, and the wounded are fortunate to have your aid. Return to me as you grow stronger and I'll teach you other spells.


  1. A [3] Beating Them Back!
  2. A [3] Lions for Lambs
  3. A [3] Join the Battle!
  4. A [3] They Sent Assassins & A [3] Fear No Evil
  5. A [3] The Rear is Clear
  6. A [4] Blackrock Invasion & A [4] Extinguishing Hope
  7. A [5] Ending the Invasion!
  8. A [5] Report to Goldshire
    Side quest: A [5] Rest and Relaxation

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