• 10 Achievement points
  • Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy...?
  • Assist Leeroy Jenkins in recovering his Devout Shoulders in Upper Blackrock Spire on Heroic difficulty.
  • Title Reward: Jenkins

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy...? is a dungeon & raids achievement awarded for helping Leeroy Jenkins recover his Devout Shoulders in Upper Blackrock Spire.


Leeroy can be resurrected after Kyrak is killed. Once this happens, a 'Chicken Timer' will appear at the top of the screen, in which the party must clear all trash, complete the Commander Tharbek fight and finally kill the Son of the Beast within the time limit. During this time, Leeroy consumes a chicken meal, so his safety isn't imperative. After the time runs out, he then runs through the spire to the room where the core hound was slain, and recovers his shoulders, granting players the achievement and follower. Players may continue to progress throughout UBRS, as they are not required to be present in the room when he reaches it.

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