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Legacy of Nar'anan

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NeutralLegacy of Nar'anan
Start Collector Kojo
End Collector Kojo
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Nazjatar
Experience 17,850
Reputation +75 Tortollan Seekers
Rewards 23g 40s
Next N [120] The Fate of Professor Elryna


Activate the Memory Pylons in Nar'anan and witness what happened.

  • Memories witnessed (3)


Hey there, <race>. Mind helping me out?

You see, I found these pylons here and it seems they contain memories from a notable Highborne who lived here long ago.

I can't get any closer to the rest of em' because of the snapdragons. Especially the terrormaws...

Can you go and activate the pylons for me? We Tortollans love old things, and this is a potential goldmine!

Oh, and be sure to write down what you see!


You will receive:


What did you learn?


Let me see what you got.

<Collector Kojo reads your notes... slowly>

I think we may have just found the origin of Snapdragons! Let's see what else we can learn.


On approach
Collector Kojo says: Come on... blasted thing.
Collector Kojo says: This one is on the fritz... I can't hear a thing. Stupid elven trinkets...
On accept of both
Collector Kojo says: I can't wait to hear about your findings!
Collector Kojo says: Some ancient records I found elsewhere seemed to point towards a wolf population here. I wonder what happened to them...
Collector Kojo says: No matter, they probably all drowned when the city went shell-down.
First pylon activated
A vision of Professor Elryna appears.
Professor Elryna says: Azshara has requested that I formulate new... creations.
Professor Elryna says: The wolves to the north may prove to be suitable hosts...
Professor Elryna says: Although, I worry about creations we cannot control.
Second pylon activated
A vision of Novice Magi and Professor Elryna appears.
Professor Elryna says: Students, round up as many of the local wolves as you can at once!
Professor Elryna says: Azshara's advisor will be visiting soon. Make haste or she will have our heads!
Third pylon activated
A vision of General Huxzar and Professor Elryna appears.
Professor Elryna says: Nice to meet you, General Huxzar.
General Huxzar says: Silence, mage! I am here for results... not pleasantries.
General Huxzar says: Now, I was told you had created something called a... snapdragon. Azshara has shown keen interest in this development. Show me at once!
Professor Elryna says: Erm... of course. Right this way...


  1. N [120] Legacy of Nar'anan & N [120] Snap Back
  2. N [120] The Fate of Professor Elryna

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