Alliance & HordeLegacy of the Ancients
Start  [Barkskin Tome]
End Alliance Justin Timberlord
Horde Lumber Lord Oktron
Level 10-40
Category Garrison Support
Rewards  [Treessassin's Guise]
61g 60s

Legacy of the Ancients is a garrison Lumber Mill quest. It can only be accessed once the Lumber Mill has been upgraded to Level 2 and the accompanying quest B [10-40] Sharper Blades, Bigger Timber has been completed.

To start it, you must find and kill a Petrified Ancient in one of the specified zones of Draenor to loot the  [Barkskin Tome].


Collect the Heart of Kuruk, the Trunk of Autuk, the Twig of Loruk, and the Roots of Hanuk.


Opening the ancient tome you see that it's not actually a tome at all, but a container. Inside are four empty slots.

Upon closer inspection each slot has next to it a carving of what appears to be a unique Draenor ancient, some glyphs and a receptacle used to hold a piece of the pictured ancient. There also appear to be directions to where these ancients may be found: medium timber -- Shadowmoon, Gorgrond, the Spires of Arak and Nagrand.

These are assassination instructions. From trees to kill trees.


You will receive: 61g 60s
Ability rogue disguise.png [Treessassin's Guise]


What have you got there, commander?


So what you're saying is that this here book is actually a container to hold the remains of targets on a hit list? And the assassination was being perpetrated by another... tree?

This world is crazy.

Now let's see what happens when we put all the pieces into place.


  • Just cut down medium timber until the quest mob spawns. It should be noted however that Loruk the Ancient only spawns in the northern part of Gorgrond, in the Everbloom Wilds.
  • Loruk the Ancient is apparently the hardest to find, followed by Hanuk the Ancient in Spires of Arak.
  • The quest mobs will spawn as the same level as your character.

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